Which James Bond Movie Has Horse Racing In It?

When you think of James Bond, horse racing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Although his elegant style might suggest that he is going to some prestigious race like the Kentucky Derby.

However, when it comes to traveling, horses aren’t Bond’s primary choice. You’d imagine James Bond pulling in an Aston Martin or Rolls Royce. However, attending the races, a prestigious event where there is a lot of gambling involved is a scenario that Bond can be present at.

After all, we’ve seen him in a casino environment with “Casino Royale”, so why not at the races? They are prestigious events, with a lot of influential people attending them and a lot of money in circulation. This makes it the perfect environment for some Bond action.

Just because of the success of Casino Royale and Bond’s intersection with betting, we might see him in a horse race next. He might consider to bet the 2024 Belmont Stakes online in the next movie, who knows?

In fact, there is a movie where James Bond was at the races, but I bet you don’t know the James Bond movie we are talking about. If you are younger, there is also a chance that you haven’t seen this James Bond movie at all.

We are talking about “A View to a Kill” which is a James Bond movie released in 1985. Let’s take a ride in the Bond adventure and find out more about how the special agent ended up at a horse racing event.

A View to a Kill – Horse Racing Scene

Roger Moore’s last song as James Bond, A View to a Kill, incorporates horse racing into the villain’s sinister scheme.

The main character of the movie is Max Zorin, who is more than simply a dubious industrialist and is portrayed by the always captivating Christopher Walken. Zorin’s scheme to take over Silicon Valley and control the microchip industry is carried out through the employment of horses that have been given steroids in order to launder money.

The Horse Racing Scene

In the pivotal horse racing sequence, which takes place at Zorin’s castle and stables in France, Bond partners up with Patrick Macnee’s Sir Godfrey Tibbett, a horse trainer, while posing as James St. John Smythe. They look into Zorin’s plan during a high-class horse auction, which features an exciting steeplechase scene in which Bond barely avoids lethal traps placed along the way.

Quantum of Solace: Siena’s Palio Horse Race

A View to a Kill isn’t the only movie where we can see a glimpse of the horse racing industry. We also have Quantum of Solace, a more recent Bond movie released in 2008 with your favorite Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Bond movies have always featured the most incredible locations on the planet, and when it comes to horse racing, there is no better place than the historic Palio di Siena.

This is a race that takes place in Italy, but what’s so special about it?

Well, first of all, it is considered to be the oldest race in the world, dating back an estimated 800 years. This is a horse race that is still organized to this day, and it is held twice each year, on 2 July and 16 August.

The atmosphere at this race is unbelievable and the strange layout of the course allowing fans to stay in the center of the action makes it even more charming.

In Quantum of Solace (2008) perfectly captures the thrilling action of the Palio di Siena. The race ended in a dramatic finish, just as we expected, where one jockey fell off the horse and a close action to the finish line.

The Siena Sequence

The Palio is a bareback horse race that takes place twice a year in Piazza del Campo, Siena’s central square. During this sequence, Bond is chasing the double agent, Mitchell.

Just after the race, fans storm the racecourse and it is total chaos.

Chaos that the double agent Mitchell uses to escape from James Bond.

The chaos of the race provides a vibrant and tumultuous backdrop for Bond’s pursuit, highlighting the festival’s intense and frenetic energy​​.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • A View to a Kill: Roger Moore was 57 years old during the filming, making him the oldest actor to play James Bond. The film’s production also led to the destruction of several Aston Martins, a recurring casualty in Bond films​.
  • Quantum of Solace: The Siena chase scene was filmed in August 2007, and it captures the real-life Palio race, integrating actual footage with the film’s action sequences​​.

Horse Racing and James Bond

Why horse racing in Bond films? It’s simple. The world of high-stakes horse racing, with its mix of opulence, intrigue, and danger, is the perfect setting for a James Bond adventure. It provides a rich, visual spectacle and a sophisticated backdrop for espionage and action.

There might not be many James Bond movies that feature horse racing, but as the sport grows in popularity, we might see this change. Who knows, maybe the next James Bond movie will include a scene from the incredible Kentucky Derby.

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