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Tomorrow Never Dies

Released: 1998
Manufacturer: EA Games
Platforms: Playstation
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After a game like GoldenEye, it is extremely hard to follow-up with a game worth your time. Well, Tomorrow Never Dies tried to do this and it didn't exactly work. The game, which was released for Playstation, has bad graphics, even worse gameplay and absolutely horrendous sound.

Tomorrow Never Dies features two distinct modes: Stealth and 007. Stealth Mode is boring and not worth playing. 007 mode isn't too bad, but it's not too great either. You get some guns, sniper rifles, handguns, machine guns...the usual. Most enemies can be taken out easily, but sometimes the game glitches and the aimer goes off and you end up shooting a gas tank right next to you and you waste bullets. Another thing I have a problem with is the sniper scope view. Could it be any worse!? It takes about 5 minutes to find someone, and then the aimer goes all over, so you have to do it again! The game lacks basic things like good control
and good weapons.

It has some elements of the movie in it, but it veers off into the game. The basic story: a submarine is blown up and English sailors are murdered. China is being framed by Elliot Carver, a media mogul. Bond is sent to stop Carver from sparking war between China and Britain.

Weapons and Gadgets:
You have your basic PK7, which you always have. An assault rifle and a sniper rifle join your inventory along with a automatic 9mm handgun, a SMG 45 sub-machine gun and a GL-40 that has a 12 round ammunition drum letting you shoot off grenades at a fast rate. Your sniper rifle also has an infrared scope, but that does nothing. Your gadgets aren't that bad. They consist of a laser designator, explosive cuff links, a satellite link camera, a fingerprint scanner, a STK mine detector and medical kits. The gadgets are sometimes hard to use, so read the directions carefully.

Graphics and Sound:
The graphics in Tomorrow Never Dies are choppy, blocky, and not interactive in the least. Like 007 Racing, there are walls and pictures on those walls. Sudden movements cause extreme slowdown which adds on to the slowness of the game that is already there. The sound was probably the best thing in the game, but it wasn't too spectacular. The music wasn't bad, and the theme was used at just the right times. However, it was used too much. Other music blended with the game nicely.'

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with Tomorrow Never Dies is the lack of a multiplayer mode, which greatly decreases the game's replay value.

Tomorrow Never Dies proves one thing: GoldenEye was better. The game is slow, boring, graphically challenged, and horrible with control. To buy or rent? Neither- but rent it if you want. Take 5 hours or less out of your day and beat it. Ladies and gentlemen, i must say: Tomorrow Never Came.



Screenshots supplied by Electronics Boutique
Review written by Max Lorn-Krause

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