The Austin Powers – James Bond Connection

The Austin Powers movies are, from start to finish, James Bond spoofs. The main characters of Austin and Dr. Evil are based directly on Bond and Blofeld as well as countless other references, nods and puns. If you come up with a Austin Powers/Bond reference that is not listed here, please e-mail me.

Thanks to Caroline G, Chris, Tony Mandley, Sally Brake, Kyle Vanover, Evan Symon, Josh McElreath, Eekilb and The FileFly for their contributions.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

General Bond References

  • Basil Exposition is based on M.
  • Austin Powers is a secret agent working for British Intelligence.
  • Dr. Evil loves sharks as many Bond villains do.
  • Towards the end of the film Scott Evil makes fun of Dr. Evil for not just shooting Powers with a gun when he has the chance. Instead, Dr. Evil tells Powers his plan for world domination then locks him up with one inept guard, just like every Bond villain tends to do.
  • Mr. Bigglesworth is based on Blofeld’s cat.
  • Austin Powers’ very hairy chest is a nod to Sean Connery’s.
  • Dr. Evil has a ring that looks a lot like the SPECTRE ring.
  • Both Dr. Evil and Blofeld are known for their Nehru jackets.
  • Dr. Evil’s obsession with sharks is just like many Bond villains’s similar obsession (Blofeld, Largo, Sanchez, etc.)

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery posterDr. No References

  • When Austin Powers is first dethawed there is a “urination scene” in which the set looks just like the set from the “decomanination scene” on Dr. No’s island.
  • In a deleted ending available on the DVD version, Austin and Vanessa find themselves in a raft with Vanessa wearing Honey Ryder’s bikini.
  • When the laser is being fired into the earth’s core, Dr. Evil wears a protective suit that looks just like Dr. No’s

From Russia With Love References

  • Frau Farbissina is based on Rosa Klebb.
  • When we first see Dr. Evil we do not see his face. Rather, we just see him stroking his white Persian cat. This is a spoof of the first time we see Blofeld.

Goldfinger References

  • Random Task is based on Oddjob. They look the same and while Oddjob throws his bowler hat, Random Task throws a shoe.
  • Alotta Fagina is based on Pussy Galore.
  • When Austin is held captive in Dr. Evil’s lair he asks, “Do you expect them to pay?” To which Dr. Evil responds, “No, I expect them to die!”

Thunderball References

  • Number 2 is based on Largo and they both have eye patches.
  • The casino scene between Austin and Number 2 is a take on the casino scene in where Bond and Largo first meet.
  • The entire plot of hijacking a nuclear weapon and holding the world hostage is based on Thunderball.
  • Dr. Evil has a device that controls the chairs of his subordinates in his lair, just like Blofeld does in Paris.
  • In the deleted “Raft Ending” that features Austin and Vanessa in a liferaft, Bond turns to Vanessa and says “this is how ALL my movies end, baby!”

You Only Live Twice References

  • Dr. Evil is based on the Donald Pleseance version of Blofeld
  • Alotta Fagina says, “In Japan, men come first. Women come second.” Tiger Tanaka says the same thing to Bond in the spa.

One-off Bond references in Austin Powers

  • The song “The Look of Love” appears in the movie, which was the theme song of the 1967 version of Casino Royale.
  • Austin and Vanessa ride On Her Majesty’s Las Vegas Bus Tour, which sounds suspiciously like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
  • Dr. Evil has a giant map of locations he owns with miniature versions of the property on the map. Blofeld has a similar map in his Whyte House office in Diamonds are Forever.
  • The “unnecessarily slow moving dipping mechanism” looks just like the one Mr. Big puts Bond and Solitaire on in Live and Let Die.
  • Austin Powers wears a white frilly shirt and blue top, just like Bond does in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • The scene where Austin and Alotta Fagina are in the hot tub is reminiscent of Bond and Pola Ivanova in A View to a Kill.
  • Austin receives a video transmission in his car, something that can be linked to You Only Live Twice or GoldenEye.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Dr. No References

  • Dr. Evil’s lair looks like Dr. No’s Crab Key lair.
  • On Dr. Evil’s island, both Austin and Felicity emerge from the water in Honey Ryder’s bikini from Dr. No.

Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me PosterYou Only Live Twice References

  • Dr. Evil’s hideout is a hollowed out volcano, just like Blofeld’s.
  • The entire opening sequence in space is a spoof on the opening sequence of You Only Live Twice.
  • Dr. Evil’s space ship’s front opens up just like Blofeld’s.
  • Austin escapes from a fight by jumping into a car driven by Felicity, just like Bond dove into Aki’s car when escaping from Oasto.

Moonraker References

  • The movie ends in outer space.
  • Dr. Evil has a spacestation.
  • Mini-Me is sucked into space at the end, just like Hugo Drax.

Single Bond Movie References

  • When Austin is dancing with Robin Spits Swallows he sees an approaching attacker in her eye and turns her around to stop him, just like in Goldfinger.
  • During the opening musical montage, there is a sign that says “Casino Royale.”
  • When Bond and Mini-Me fight with glass bottles, it can be seen as a reference to either Tracy and Grunther’s fight in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service or Bond and Nick Nack’s fight in The Man With the Golden Gun.
  • Mini-Me could be seen as a spoof of Nick-Nack from The Man With The Golden Gun.
  • The title is a spoof of The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • The corridors leading to Fat Bastard’s toilet look just like those in GoldenEye.

Austin Powers: Goldmember

Goldfinger References

  • The title Goldmember is a spoof of Goldfinger.
  • Nigel Powers is strapped to a table while a laser quickly approaches his crotch, just like Goldfinger did to Bond.
  • Goldmember loves gold, just like Goldfinger did.

You Only Live Twice References

  • The Japanese setting can be seen as being reminiscent of You Only Live Twice.
  • When Foxy Cleopatra sneaks Austin into Fat Bastard’s sumo lockeroom, she is dressed like Aki.

Austin Powers Goldmember PosterThe Spy Who Loved Me References

  • Austin uses a Union Jack parachute just like Bond does during the pre-title sequence.
  • Austin’s car turns into a submarine as did Bond’s Lotus Esprit.

Single Bond Movie References

  • Austin’s Shaguar has a bulletproof shield that rises from the back, just like Bond’s old Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger and Thunderball.
  • Goldmember’s golden gun could either be a nod to Goldfinger or Scaramanga, from Goldfinger or The Man With The Golden Gun, respectively.
  • Get a private motorhome from Goboony
  • The Japanese setting can be seen as being reminiscent of You Only Live Twice.
  • When Foxy Cleopatra sneaks Austin into Fat Bastard’s sumo lockerroom, she is dressed like Aki from You only Live Twice.
  • The title of the mini-movie during the pre-title sequence is Austinpussy, a take on Octopussy.
  • While in the streets of Japan, Austin his car gets stuck into a giant Godzilla statue and continues to drive with it on top of his car. In GoldenEye‘s tank scene, a horse statue becomes attached to the top of the tank while Bond continues to drive with it.
  • The twins Bond meets are reminiscent of the twins in The Man With The Golden Gun.
  • Austin Powers carries a Walther PPK; however, it is the chrome version.

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