Your mission . . . rank all 25 Bond movies

As Bond fans, it’s easy to say, “XYZ is the best Bond movie.” But why? It’s completely subjective – and I’ve even found that when you actually rank a Bond movie on it’s individual parts, the answers may surprise you.

So, to settle the debate for once and for all, I’ve broken down a Bond movie into 5 core elements: Action, Story, Villain, Girls, Bond. Rank them on a scale of 1-5, and let’s just see if Goldfinger, OHMSS, or Casino Royale wins … or maybe Moonraker is the best. Only time will tell!

Once you take the survey, you’ll instantly see what everyone else has ranked. Then, when we hit critical mass, I’ll tally it all up and post the results on the UnivEx Facebook page.

Have fun! (and please do try to answer all of the questions)

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