Living Like James Bond: The Perks Offered to High Rollers at Casinos

The lifestyle of James Bond is rich in luxuries like perfectly tailored tuxedos, drinks made with top-shelf liquor, and high-stakes poker. It all comes together to create an elite and wealthy lifestyle filled with movie magic rather than real-world experiences.

What may surprise you is that for high rollers outside of Bond’s fictional world, the perks and glamour can make you feel like you’ve stepped into this famous spy’s rich and luxurious world. Casinos will wine and dine high rollers to get them in their doors and keep them loyal to their games.

What are these perks and incentives that these rich players get to experience and enjoy? Here, we’ll dive into them and gain a new world perspective on a Bond-like lifestyle that transcends the fictional into reality.

Let’s get started.

What Is a High Roller?

Before we dive into the perks offered to a high roller, let’s first look at what a high roller is and what about them garners this luxurious lifestyle and elite treatment.

A high roller, also known as a whale, is a player with a lot of money they’re willing to bet on the game. (And, by a lot of money, we mean a lot—players of this calibre can blow a million dollars in a single night!) They gamble so much that casinos go above and beyond with perks and incentives to get these players in their doors and keep them loyal to their casinos.

High rollers aren’t just professional players with skills and strategies. They’re also people with deep pockets who play for the fun and experience of the game and casino. People who earn this title are regulars at their casino of choice and consistently place large bets.

And, yes, if you’re wondering, high rollers even see exclusive perks when it comes to playing at online casinos, like those at (but more on those perks later).

What Are the Perks of Being a High Roller?

The perks high rollers receive will vary from casino to casino and even casino type (i.e., brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos), but below, we’ve highlighted some of the over-the-top perks that they might get offered.

All-Expenses Paid Travel

To lure whales, it’s not uncommon for high-roller casinos to offer them free travel via the casino’s private jet, along with limousine service to pick them up from their homes and drop them off at the casino resort.

Of course, this doesn’t happen for just any high roller. A casino only offers this level of luxury if it will get the cost of travel in return when the player starts placing bets. (After all, private jets and luxury vehicles aren’t exactly cheap travel methods.)

Accommodations on the House

High rollers get all-expenses paid access to the nicest and most luxurious rooms at a casino resort. (As in the rooms that cost thousands of dollars to stay in each night.) Why do casinos offer this? Because whales will likely end up spending more than the room’s value while playing at the casino.

Spending Sprees

Whether shopping, dining out, or enjoying drinks, casinos will offer their high-roller players prepaid cards to use anywhere on the casino’s premises. Considering that casinos often provide everything you need and more on location, from high-end retail stores to fine dining options, this takes care of everything a high roller may want or need during their entire stay at a casino resort.

Casinos do this in an effort to keep players on their premises for the duration of their stay. This makes it more likely that these big spenders will return to the casino for more gameplay (and for the casino, ideally, sending more money to the house).

Exclusive Casino Events & Games

As you can see from this list of perks so far, casinos provide high rollers with the best of the best, and this can even include invites to concerts, movie premieres, and red-carpet events. It creates an elite world and lifestyle—not unlike Bond’s—that will make big spenders want to keep coming back for more.

Within casinos, these exclusive offers and invites can also include exclusive games in private rooms unavailable to the general public. This puts high rollers together at the table so that they can gamble and play with other experienced players willing to place similar amounts on a game.

Exclusive Offers & Bonuses

Whether online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, whales are given exclusive opportunities to play higher odds, bet more, and use a line of credit, all to get them to gamble more of their wealth and earn the casino more revenue.

For online casinos, specific offers and bonuses can include opportunities to be among the first players to play a new game. High rollers online are also offered higher betting limits, higher payout options, and more flexible deposit and withdrawal options. Online whales may even have a dedicated support person to handle all their needs and wants.

High Rollers Get a Taste of the Bond Experience

Bond’s world may be fictional, but the perks and incentives casinos offer high rollers create a real-world taste of what the world’s most famous spy lives and breathes in his written and cinematic world.

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