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An Interview with Jeremy Bulloch

Universal Exports caught up with Jeremy Bulloch, who’s best known in Bond circles for his role as Smithers in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy. Jeremy also played the part of an ‘HMS Ranger Crewman’, in Roger Moore’s third Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me. The Bond star has also had roles in Doctor Who, Star Wars (as Boba Fett) and a role in Robin of Sherwood, amongst many others. In this interview we discuss some of these past experiences.

Jeremy Bulloch speaks at Marscon 2005

1. Welcome to Universal Jeremy, thanks for taking some time to chat with us.

It’s a pleasure.

2. First up, how did you become involved with the Bond series and consequently hired for both Bond role? 

It was such a small part, but my agent said there was a couple of days on a Bond film and I didn’t have to audition for it so it was a bit of luck on my part.

3. Was your character of Smithers intended to take over from Desmond Llewelyn’s Q character, in the case of his retirement?

No, not at all. I think it was going to be a running gag having me as Q’s assistant and whenever Bond arrives in the laboratory the new deadly explosion would take place.

4. In your time as Smithers, you were able to work with Desmond Llewelyn, much loved in Bond fandom for his role as Q. Did you spend most of your time with Desmond off set, preparing for the role? How would you describe Desmond?

Desmond was a charming man and had the most difficult dialogue especially when he tells Bond about the gadgets he would take with him on his travels.

5. Were you ever offered any other roles in the Bond series?

No unfortunately not but I was hoping that I could continue as Smithers in every film but that would mean keeping myself available for one day a year.

6. How many takes were filmed for the fake cast bashing the dummy’s head in For Your Eyes Only?

I think about three takes.

Jeremy Bulloch in For Your Eyes Only(image courtesy of
Jeremy Bulloch in For Your Eyes Only(image courtesy of

7. Hypothetically, would you be interested in appearing in another Bond film?

Oh yes of course I would, I think every actor would love to be cast as the new villain.

8. What do you remember most about working on the Bond films?

I remember the great fun we all had being in a Bond film. It was work but you felt like a little boy having the time of your life. Sometimes filming can be long days without much happening but the Bond films were long days with an awful lot happening.

9. Working on a Bond film, the scale of The Spy Who Loved Me, how long were you required for during filming?

Just a week.

10. Did you have much contact with Roger Moore during the filming of your Bond films? 

Most of the scenes I had in the Bond films were with Roger Moore.

11. What are your thoughts on Roger’s portrayal of James Bond?

I thought he was a very good Bond because he has a great twinkle in his eyes and has a wonderful sense of humour.

Jeremy poses with an unmasked Boba Fett doll

12. Off Bond for a moment, would you be interested in returning to the role of Captain Colton from Revenge of the Sith, if he was featured on the upcoming Star Wars TV series?

Oh yes, of course I would like to be involved again. We will have to wait and see.

13. Putting aside the fact this is a James Bond fansite, which of the many series’ that you’ve been involved in is your favourite? From Doctor Who, to Bond, to Star Wars and so on.

Has to be Star Wars, but only by a whisker, Bond and Dr Who come a close second and third.

14. In terms of acting, who is your favourite director to work with and why?

Irvin Kershner and Peter Yates. Both Irvin and Peter were very easy to work with. One other director comes to mind – Leslie Norman. I did a film with him called Spare the Rod, and he taught me the discipline of never being late, and thanks to him I never have been.

15. What was it like working with Sir Cliff Richard? Do you have favourite moment, whilst working on Summer Holiday?

Cliff was a joy to work with and my favourite moment was when he hired a boat when we were in Greece and surprised everyone by taking the whole crew and cast to one of the Islands.

16. One last question: are you a Bond fan?

Yes I am and when the films are shown on TV I never get tired of them.

Short Bytes

Short Bytes:Who is your favorite James Bond?
Sean Connery

Who is favourite villain?
Auric Goldfinger

What is your favorite Bond Girl?
Maud Adams

Which is your favorite Bond movie?
Dr. No

A word from the interviewer: Adam Farrington-Williams 

As usual, I’d like to thank the interviewee, Jeremy. Thank you for answering the questions so quickly and making yourself available for an interview.

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