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Goldfinger is the most overrated Bond movie

Over the years, Goldfinger has become known as the gold standard for Bond movies — so much so that the “Bond formula” is essentially based around this movie.

But is really that good? Or, is everyone just too afraid to say otherwise.

To answer this impossible question, let’s explore the elements that make Goldfinger so good … and allow ourselves to reexamine them with a discerning eye.

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Bond at his Best

It all starts with the pre-title sequence, which was a mini-movie in itself. Bond quickly disrobes his wetsuit to reveal a perfectly-pressed white tuxedo underneath, quickly establishing his as a debonair and suave secret agent. He even gets his first pun in before the title sequence with “shocking, positively shocking.”

The quintessential Bond movie, of course, had the quintessential Bond theme. For 3 glorious minutes, Shirley Bassey belts out what is, arguably, the most recognizable theme song in the entire series … except of course for the Bond tune itself…but that doesn’t count.

As the movie continues, Bond continues to be on his A-game both in terms of the ladies and in regards to action.

He battles an iconic henchman, nearly has his manhood lasered off, drives an Aston Martin DB5, and saves Fort Knox from an entire army onslaught. 

The Invincible Oddjob

Without saying a word, Oddjob is both menacing and evil. He could send a shiver down the spine with a mere look. Plus, before we even see his face, he’s already knocked Bond out with his bare hand. That said, he also ruins the movie in some ways …

Odjobb’s invincibility to nearly everything takes away from his character (and the movie) being believable.

For example, there’s no way Bond could punch his face with a solid gold bar and not have Oddjob feel anything.

Oddjob's shadowy introduction

Goldfinger’s scheme is absurd!

“Noooo, Mr Bond. I expect you to die.”

Thanks largely in part to that line, Auric Goldfinger is one of the most memorable villains of the series. Yet, does he deserve to be? Let’s take a look at his scheme:

“Detonating a nuclear bomb in Fort Knox so the balance of gold will shift in favor of Red China.”


At least his hideout was incredibly designed by the late-great Ken Adams. His den with rotating pool table and metal window shades truly accentuated Goldfinger’s villainy.

My name is Pussy Galore

“I must be dreaming”

It’s great that Pussy Galore can hold her own up against Bond. She’s a strong and formidable ally. Plus, she has by far the most iconic name of the series.

Pussy Galore also has the distinction of being the first of the “girls who are somehow connected to the villain” who would sleep with Bond and all of a sudden convert to the side of good. (attn: Rosie Carver, Holly Goodhead, Octopussy …) 

This brings up another disturbing point about Goldfinger …

Bond forces himself on Pussy Galore despite her pleas for him to stop.

Additionally, though not directly related to the movie, in the Ian Fleming novel, Pussy Galore was a lesbian and he one night with Bond magically “turned her straight.” I’ll leave that one right there.

Jill “The Golden Girl” Masterson

Perhaps the most iconic death in the Bond series, 007 found Jill Masterson laying naked, face down, dead and covered with gold paint: an image so sensational that it landed her on the cover of Life magazine.

What About Dink?

In 1964, the scene between Bond and Dink was considered the epitomy of masculinity and cool. Today, it’s a glimpse into another era of sexism. The type of behavior that one day leads M to call 007, “a sexist, misogynist dinosaur … a relic of the Cold War.”

Bond slapping Dink on the ass and telling her to go away because of “man talk” may be the most sexist moment in the series.


I never joke about my work, 007

You can debate which introduction was more iconic to the Bond series.

    1. The introduction of Desmond Llewelyn as Q — the Gadget Man of MI6.
    2. Q giving Bond his Aston Martin DB5

Goldfinger also gave us our first look at Q’s lab — complete with gadgets Bond would destroy complete and background gags. This scene is perfect in every way.

Sean Connery.

On his third dry, Connery has perfected the Bond character. To be fair, he is aided by an outstanding script, stellar supporting cast, an iconic score, and a toupee you can’t notice. Still, regardless of whether Goldfinger is overrated or not, I’ll firmly state: this is the best performance of Connery’s 007 career.

Sean Connery and his Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger

Is Goldfinger Overrated?

Yes … but it’s still awesome!

If I had to choose the main negative point about the movie, it’s that Goldfinger is an unbelievable movie. The plot is far-fetched and was the starting point for the absurdity that would follow.

I’m looking at you, Moonraker and A View to a Kill — both of which were basically Goldfinger clones.

As the film that all Bond movies seem to be judged on, it would have been nice to see it more rooted in reality like From Russia With Love (my personal favorite).

Still, the movie is classic Bond and not a bad choice for the gold standard of the series.


First use of the bulletproof vest anywhere. Featured in Q’s lab, this invention was years ahead of its time and long before police officers used them.

Bond’s first visit to America

First use of the Aston Martin DB5

First Bond film to be nominated for an Oscar

Tilly Masterson is the first person to drive a Ford Mustang in ANY movie, not just Bond

First time Bond visits Q Branch

First time a Bond girl is killed

First Bond movie not to deal with SPECTRE


The “golden girl” idea was based on a real Swiss fashion model who painted herself and died of asphyxiation.

Pussy Galore was named after Ian Fleming’s pet octopus.

The producers got hundreds of letters wondering why they could film in Fort Knox while the president wasn’t even allowed in.

Over 75 percent of all moviegoers worldwide have seen Goldfinger at least once.

Already pushing the lines of decency with Pussy Galore’s name, Bond’s original introduction to her was: Pussy: “I’m Pussy Galore.” Bond: “I know, but what’s your name?” However, the scene was later changed to bond’s current response of “I must be dreaming!”



UnivEx Rating:

September 20, 1964

Bond Actor:
Sean Connery

Guy Hamilton


$3.5 Million

Worldwide Boxoffice:
$124.9 Million

Running Time:
111 Minutes

Bond’s Kill Count:

Bond’s Conquest Count:


Auric Goldfinger

Self-Employed (hired by Red China)

The detonation of a nuclear device inside Fort Knox


Jill Masterson, Tilly Masterson, Pussy Galore

Felix Leiter, M, Moneypenny