How to Craft an Essay on James Bond Movies

James Bond movies are classics of cinema that fans appreciate worldwide. On average, directors make one film based on Ian Lancaster Fleming’s books every two years. That is why you can use the James Bond movies as the basis for your essay. But what should you write about first and which topic should you choose? That’s where you should start to count on the high grades.


Check the List of James Bond Films

First of all, you should visit Wikipedia or any other source to find a complete list of films. The point is that Dr. No, the first Bond movie, came out in 1962, and you can start with this masterpiece. However, the list is quite large to choose something else. Therefore, your task is to analyze the overall concept of the entire series and focus on those aspects that are most interesting to you.


Analyze the Main Character

The main character is a spy, a British agent, and a masculine man with adventurous tendencies. You can focus on how this man performs secret missions and what character traits help him achieve his desired goal. It is worth noting that students can analyze the image as a whole or concentrate on one of the actors who played the role of James Bond.

The problem is that many first-year students may have trouble writing an essay like this. However, Ian Fleming’s legacy is very large, and it can take a long time to watch movies. That is why you can choose an alternative path and find a reliable writing service. Just use the “pay for essay” option, and you won’t have to spend weeks watching all the movies.

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Focus On the Motivation of the Protagonist

Bond is a British hero and a professional spy who is not afraid of even the most difficult missions. But what is this man’s motivation, and why does he take risks on every mission? You can take such a question as a basis while writing your essay. The creators of the franchise have changed the motivation of James Bond from film to film. In the mid-60s, the hero of Great Britain looked like a gigolo who easily copes with the tasks set.

When Timothy Dalton took over in 1987, Bond became more serious, and his actions can be regarded as logically sound. At the same time, the Daniel Craig era is regarded by franchise fans as a golden period. The fact is that this actor brought new character traits that made 007 something like a hitman who knows the goal and is ready to complete the mission by any means. In addition, the modern image of James Bond has certain tragic features. For example, the protagonist is tired of constant fights and keeps tragic memories of people dear to him.
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Focus On the Motivation of the Antagonists

Since 1962, all of James Bond’s enemies have been comical. These are only evil characters, so you can hardly understand their motives. Some antagonists want to destroy people, countries, or even the world. Thankfully, the franchise has continued to evolve, and many plot flaws have disappeared since 2006. This year, Daniel Craig played the role of James Bond for the first time and showed the audience what real action is.

Another change was the antagonists and their teams. Now the enemies of Bond are tactically advanced people who pursue pragmatic goals and are ready for any step to get a benefit. All new films created since 2006 have a lot in common with brutal action movies. But a happy ending is a sine qua non of every scenario.

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Focus On the Evolution of Violence in Bond Movies

And here is another great idea that will allow you to start writing your essay. In the 60s, cinema was at the stage of forming new genres and was not aimed at realism. That is why many hand-to-hand fights, shootouts, and car chases look ridiculous. That is why you can concentrate on how the image of Bond and his battles with antagonists have changed.

In general, the period from 1962 to 1981 can be described as a retro classic without excessive violence. However, from 1983 to 2003, Bond began to act more aggressively and professionally. Since Casino Royale in 2006, all films in the franchise have become more realistic. Thanks to Daniel Craig, fans were able to see a real spy who used all possible methods to achieve his goal.
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Final Words

As you can see, James Bond movies are a good source of ideas for your essay. You can focus on the characters, motivations, and whatever aspects you find most meaningful. The main advantage of the franchise lies in its versatility. That is why it will not be difficult for you to take any fact, feature, or directorial tricks as a basis. Surely your professor will not mind even if you describe your emotions and feelings while watching Bond films.

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