Universal Exports is proud to offer visitors free downloads of Pontus Forslund's fantastic fan magazine, The Goodnight Gazette.

According to Pontus, "What you are reading is a brand new publication whose content is solely dedicated to the magnificent world of James Bond, but with a slightly different angle. We penetrate details, linger around rumours, address far-fetched themes, review mishaps, provide lists and treat 007 far more seriously than it was ever intended. All with a personal touch."

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The Goodnight Gazette

The current issue's - a Quantum of Solace special - includes:

  • Just what was that horse race
  • Mr. White almost died
  • They actually filmed "Bond. James Bond."
  • A whole lot of continuity with the series
  • No, it's not a Bourne movie!
  • Wrong end of the barrel sequence
  • The best of the movie
  • Where's Michael G. Wilson? There he is!
  • Don't mess with Bill Tanner!
  • Strawberry Fields Forever

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Issue 2 of Goodnight Gazette

Issue 2

  • Ian Fleming's Quantum of Solace
  • Fatal Sounds of Broken Dreams
  • Mistakes Should be Remedied
  • The Man With the Stolen Gun
  • The Goodnight Top 5 Best Lines in Die Another Day
  • Missing Art
  • Bond Goes Symphonic
  • Missing Miss Norway
  • Enough With the Spoilers


Issue 1 of Goodnight Gazette

Issue 1

  • Roald Dhal's is the Spy Who Loved Plenty
  • Madonna's role in Die Another Day
  • Rik van Nutter's Felix Leiter
  • What does Quantum of Solace mean?
  • Michael Pate passes away
  • The top 5 best non-Bond fights of the series
  • Get Smart...the latest Bond spoof
  • Vesper Lynd's perfume
  • The Beatles and Bond


Some words from the creator:
I had the idea for the Gazette on a sunbed on a beach in Rhodos. I've been a Bond fan since I was little and try to find new ways to put my hobby and interest into practice (I've had a Bond Web site and have been trying to write a book), so I wanted to do something that nobody else has done.

I like to write with a personal touch and for Bond fans who already have got a great deal of knowledge. I wanted to find a way to highlight certain elements of production, certain people from the series and to take a deeper look into references and details that have always interested me.

So, I was reading Silverfin at that sunbed and it had all this stuff about Bond's origin, his upbringing and so on, and I started thinking and just felt really inspired looking over the Mediterranean when I decided on the format...and so Goodnight Gazette was born.

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