The James Bond Movies

A View to a Kill

Released: May 24, 1985

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Tanya Roberts as Stacy Sutton
  Christopher Walken as Max Zorin
  Grace Jones as May Day

Directed by: John Glen

Running Time: 131 minutes

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  • Grace Jones was cast as May-Day for the sole reason of her popularity with the children at the time. This was a result of the producers wanting to bring in a whole new crowd for a Bond film.

  • Before filming began, the 007 studios at Pinewood burned down. Cubby Broccoli built a new one in four months.

  • Christopher Walken (Zorin) had been a Bond fan since he saw From Russia With Love at the age of 15.

  • Tanya Roberts was chosen due to her role in the cheesy movie, The Beastmaster.

  • In the scene where Mayday lifts up the two KGB agents, one of them may look slightly familiar - the one who goes for his gun is action star Dolph Lundgren, from Rocky IV and The Punisher. He got the role because he was Grace Jones' boyfriend at the time.

  • The film was supposed to be named From A View To A Kill. At the end of the movie Octopussy it says that James Bond will return in From A View To A Kill. They changed the title about 3 or 4 months before they started filming it.

  • In the scene in the mine, the original script called Stacy her to wear an actual miners overalls (loose, baggy, not flattering) but Tanya Roberts didn't like the way she looked in them and locked herself in her trailer until the director could get custom-tailored overalls. In the scene, Bond remarks "Lucky you could find one that fit," to which Tanya Roberts gives him an obviously dirty look. Roger Moore ad-libbed that line, and it only made it into the film because everyone on the set was fed up with her prima-donna attitude.

  • Maud Adams, who played Andrea Anders in The Man With the Golden Gun and Octopussy in Octopussy, made a cameo in this film. When she heard a Bond movie was being filmed in San Francisco she flew up there to visit and became a bystandard in one of the street sceens.