The James Bond Movies

The Spy Who Loved Me

Released: July 7, 1977

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova
  Curt Jurgens as Carl Stromburg
  Richard Kiel as Jaws

Directed by: Lewis Gilbert

Running Time: 125 minutes

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The Spy Who Loved Me Ultimate Edition DVD

  • The idea for Atlantis came from a Japanese floating exhibit named Aquapolis used in Expo '75.

  • The submarine car was nicknamed Wet Nellie, an obvious reference to Little Nellie.

  • Richard Kiel could only wear the metal teeth for a few minutes at a time because they hurt so much.

  • This is Roger Moore's Favorite Bond film.

  • After the movie's release, requests for the white Lotus Esprit surged to the point that some people had to be put on 3 year waiting lists.

  • The villain in The Spy Who Loved Me was supposed to be Blofeld (along with SPECTRE), but legal wrangles with Kevin McClory (who was about to embark on the alternate Bond project Warhead, which later became Never Say Never Again) forced Christopher Wood, the screenwriter, to remove any reference to SPECTRE at the last moment. Stromberg's character was a direct result of the screenplay changes.

  • The title is the only part of the original Ian Fleming novel which was used in the film. When Ian Fleming sold the film rights, he only sold the right to the title and not the actual story. This is because the Fleming novel is principally about a female character with Bond only appearing in the final quarter of the novel. Fleming felt that as a result the story would not be appropriate for the film series.

  • Roger Moore was injured shooting the scene where Stromberg meets his end. If you look closely at the film, you'll see Roger Moore's backside/back catch light from where the explosives on his chair exploded prematurely.

  • There was a line that 007 should have said after shooting Stromberg in his private parts. The line was "Ballseye, Fishfinger", but was deemed too vulgar and obscene. If this line made it into the final script, an R rating would have been the end result.