The James Bond Movies

From Russia With Love

Released: October 13, 1963

  Sean Connery as James Bond
  Daniella Bianchi as Tatiana
  Robert Shaw as Red Grant
  Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb

Directed by: Terence Young

Running Time: 118 minutes

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  • The underground escape sequence was filmed with over 200 live rats, some of which escaped and ran amok on the streets of Madrid.

  • The helicopter sequence was filmed in Scotland and Sean Connery dodged a real helicopter.

  • Unknown to cast and crew, Pedro Armendariz (Ali Karim Bey) was dying of cancer. When his conditions was revealed, he nonetheless finished his scenes and a party was thrown in his honor. Days later, in the hospital, he committed suicide.

  • In both the British and American trailers, the name of every major cast member is mentioned, except one: Sean Connery.

  • One of the fighting gypsy girls, Martine Beswick, was identified as "Martin Beswick" in the main title sequence.

  • Martine Beswick is an ex-Miss Jamaica.

  • Daniella Bianchi was an ex-Miss Italy.

  • From Russia With Love was the last movie US President John F. Kennedy saw before his assassination

  • Principal photography for the film ended 2 days before a revolution in Istanbul.

  • This is Sean Connery's favorite Bond film.

  • Just after Bond and Tatiana jump off the Orient Express, Ian Fleming can be seen standing next to a car.

  • Blofeld was played by Anthony Dawson (Dent in Dr. No) and his voice was dubbed by Eric Phollman.

  • When Pedro Armendariz was too weak with cancer to act out his scenes, director Terrance Young filled in for him.

  • Daniella Bianchi's voice was dubbed by Barbara Jefford

  • Bond's hotel receptionist is played by Monica van der Syl who also dubbed Ursula Andress' voice in Dr. No.