The James Bond Movies


Released: June 6, 1983

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Maud Adams as Octopussy
  Louis Jourdan as Kamal Kahn
  Kristina Wayborn as Magda

Directed by: John Glen

Running Time: 131 minutes

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  • The pre-title sequence with the Acrostar plane was originally intended to be a Little Nelly type battle sequence in Moonraker and was to take place above the Angel Falls in Brazil. It had to be scrapped when the falls' riverbed dried up.

  • Octopussy's island was located in Udaipur, India. It was also known as the "City of Sunrise".

  • Magda was an animal trainer, a jockey, and even a race car driver, before she became an actress.

  • When Octopussy talks about Bond's background with her father Major Dexter Smythe, that story is actually the whole plot of the Ian Fleming short story, Octopussy.

  • The Faberge egg auction sequence was in the Ian Fleming short story, Property of a Lady. Interestingly, this story was commissioned by an art expert at Sotheby's and published in Sotheby's annual review, "Art At Auction."

    Another interesting link to Sotheby's is that the director of Sotheby's for many years, Peter Wilson was actually drafted into MI6 during World War Two and his code number there was 007, and his friend and colleague Ian Fleming partly used him as inspiration for the character. Octopussy is the first Bond film to provide evidence of the link to Sotheby's.

  • Sean Connery actually praised the action sequences in the film.

  • Roger Moore uses the Walther P-5 throughout much of the film. The P-5 is similar to the Walther P-38 used by the German Army in WWII. The main differences are the much shorter barrel and a different safety mechanism. Compared to the PPK it is slightly heavier and fires the 9mm Parabellum round.

  • Despite he's famous for being General Orlov in Octopussy, Steven Berkoff played a similar role as a Soviet officer in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

  • The name of Moneypenny's assistant, Penelope Smallbone, came from the real name of one of the dancers in the The Spy Who Loved Me title sequence.