The James Bond Movies


Released: June 27, 1979

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead
  Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax
  Richard Kiel as Jaws

Directed by: Lewis Gilbert

Running Time: 126 minutes

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  • Corrine Dufour was originally named Trudi Parker but was renamed for the actress who played her.

  • The glass museum battle was originally intended to be in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities in The Spy Who Loved Me.

  • The pre-credit parachute sequence took 5 weeks and 92 jumps to film. Each jump could only be filmed for one minute in free-fall before the stuntmen had to open their parachutes.

  • A public letter writing campaign brought back Richard Kiel as Jaws.

  • The door code to the bio-room in Venice is the theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  • The world premiere of Moonraker was supposed to be in Houston, Texas, but problems with the launch of the space shuttle Columbia proved to be insurmountable. Later, the world premiere was held at the Odeon in London, England.

  • Hugo Drax was modeled after Adolph Hitler, and one of Drax's agendas was a master race that will repopulate Earth after nerve-gassing the entire planet.

  • The waterfall that 007 hang-glides over is Iguazu Falls, located between the Brazil-Argentina border. However, in the Brazilian MI6 office, you can see Q pointing the river Tapirape, on a map at the wall. This river is actually 1,400 miles away from Iguazu Falls. They are distinct rivers, not affluents. The Iguazu River forms the border between both nations.

  • In Moonraker, When Jaws bites the cable when Bond and Dr. Goodhead are in the cable car, the cable that be actually bit was made of licorice.

  • For Your Eyes Only was actually supposed to follow The Spy Who Loved Me, but due to the popularity of Star Wars the producers adapted Moonraker into a space adventure Bond film.

  • The ending originally caused the film to be rated R, but after some work it was reduced to PG.

  • Jaws speaks his only four words in the series at the end of the film. He toasts Dolly and says, "well, here's to us."