The James Bond Movies

Live and Let Die

Released: July 12, 1973

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Jane Seymour as Solitaire
  Yaphett Kotto as Mr. Big
  Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver

Directed by: Guy Hamilton

Running Time: 121 minutes

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  • In early drafts of the script Solitare was Haitian and Rosie Carver was Caucasian.

  • Jane Seymore was only 20 years old when filming began. She celebrated her 21st birthday on set.

  • One of the speed boat chase's jumps set a world record.

  • Part of Roger Moore's contract stated unlimited hand rolled cigars.

  • Before Roger Moore even got to say his first line as 007, he had to be rushed to the hospital due to a kidney stone attack.

  • Whenever something went wrong during filming, at least one crew member would call out, "Send for Sean" as a joke.

  • Quarrel Jr. is supposed to be the son of Quarrel from Dr. No.

  • Roger Moore uses a Smith and Wesson Model 29 when he is rescuing Solitaire near the end of the film. This is the same gun used by Dirty Harry. (.44 Magnum).

  • The first attempt at jumping the crocodiles had to be re-shot. Although they were all drugged, the last crocodile was a bit more alert than the rest and snapped at the stuntman and caught his shoe. After a couple of nerve wracking moments his shoe came loose, and he got away.

  • Kanaga is named after the real-life owner of the crocodile farm, who was also the stunt man who jumped along the crocodiles backs.

  • Ian Fleming's novel of Live and Let Die found Felix Leiter being maimed by sharks and Bond looking for revenge. This plot would be put on hold for 16 years until Licence to Kill was released.

  • Yaphet Kotto (Kananga) and Julius W. Harris (Tee Hee) would later reappear in the blaxploitation film Friday Foster (1975) with Pam Grier.