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Mission: A View to A Kill
Released: May 24, 1985
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $152.4 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Max Zorin
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The destruction of Silicon Valley
Henchmen: May Day, Dr. Mortner, Scarpine
Girls: May Day, Stacey Sutton, Pola Ivanova
Allies: Tibbett, Chuck Lee, Aubergine
Bond's Kill Count: 5
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For Sale
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[AVTAK Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Microchip Finder
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this device in Iceland to locate the Zorin microchip on a dead agent.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Skidoo
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond steals one of Zorin's henchmen's skidoos to escape in Iceland.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Zorin Microchip
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's pretitle mission requires him to travel to Iceland to retrieve this microchip.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Climbing Hook
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses these climbing tools to make his way around Iceland. He later uses them to destroy a henchman's skidoo.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Zorin Helicopter
Status: Destroyed

Description: Zorin's henchmen use this helicopter to try and kill Bond during the pretitle sequence. Bond turns the tables by shooting a flare into the helicopter, destroying the craft.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Snowboard
Status: Lost

Description: After a skidoo is destroyed, it leaves behind this makeshift snowboard, which Bond uses to escape from his attackers.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Flare
Status: Used

Description: Bond uses this flare to destroy Zorin's helicopter during the pretitle sequence.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Iceburg Sub
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond escapes from Iceland in this submarine that doubles as an iceburg.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Q Dog
Status: In Storage

Description: Q's latest invention is a remote controlled dog that has full spying abilities. It is first seen in M's office and later it is used to discern Bond's whereabouts at the end of the film.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: MI6 TV
Status: In Storage

Description: Q uses this TV to show that the microchip Bond recovered in Iceland is identical to ones stolen from Silicon Valley.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Parachute
Status: Lost

Description: May Day uses this parachute to escape from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: French Taxi
Status: Destroyed

Description: While chasing May Day in Paris, Bond steals this taxi, which he eventually destroys en-route to his goal.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Rolls Royce
Status: Destroyed

Description: When infultrating Max Zorin's estate, Bond and Tibbett arrive in this stylish Rolls Royce. Unfortunatly, it winds up at the bottom of a lake along with a dead Tibbett.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Razor Bug-Finder
Status: Lost

Description: Bond and Tibbett use this bug-finder that is disguised as an electric razor to locate bugs in Bond's room at Zorin's estate.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Tape Recorder
Status: Lost

Description: Bond and Tibbett record hours of banter on this tape recorder to make Zorin's henchmen think that the two of them are still in their room, instead of searching around the estate.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Bug
Status: Unknown

Description: Bond and Tibbett locate this bug hidden in a lamp in their room at Zorin's estate.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Sunglasses
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses these less-than-stylish sunglasses to see past the glare into a room where Zorin is writing Stacey Sutton a check.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Check Copier
Status: In Storage

Description: After sneaking into Zorin's office, Bond uses this device to make a copy of the check that Zorin wrote to Stacey Sutton.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Ring Camera
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this ring camera to take photos of suspicious individuals at Zorin's estate.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Horse Steroids
Status: Lost

Description: Zorin and Karl Mortner are using these steroids to turn average horses into race winners.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Zorin Wall Camera
Status: Unknown

Description: Zorin uses this hidden camera to photograph Bond in order to identify him.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Zorin Computer
Status: Unknown

Description: After using his wall camera to photograph Bond, 007's true identity comes through on this computer at Zorin's desk.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Tape Recorder
Status: Destroyed

Description: Pola Ivanova and Klotkoff use this tape recorder to tape a conversation occuring at one of Zorin's oil wells.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Mine
Status: Destroyed

Description: Pola Ivanova and Klotkoff attempt to place this mine on Zorin's oil well to stop his plot. However, they are discovered, the agent killed and the mine destroyed.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Sharper Image Credit Card
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this Sharper Image credit card to unlock a window and gain enterance to Stacey Sutton's house.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Molotov Cocktail
Status: Destroyed

Description: Zorin throws this molotov cocktail in the elevator shaft where he has trapped Bond and Stacey trapped.
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Detonator
Status: Lost

Description: Zorin uses this detonator to set the timer on the explosives he is using to destroy Silicon Valley
[AVTAK Gadget] Gadget: Bomb
Status: Destroyed

Description: Zorin uses this Bond to try and destroy Silicon Valley. However, after he betrays May Day, she sacrifices her life to stop his plot.
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