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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: A View to A Kill
Released: May 24, 1985
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $152.4 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Max Zorin
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The destruction of Silicon Valley
Henchmen: May Day, Dr. Mortner, Scarpine
Girls: May Day, Stacy Sutton, Pola Ivanova
Allies: Tibbett, Chuck Lee, Aubergine
Bond's Kill Count: 5
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Fan Reviews:
This is one of the best Bond films I have ever seen. Infact, it is my favourite. The pre-credits scene was great (It actually launced the intrest in Snowboarding!), The BEST song and score of the entire series, an okay plot (a bit the same as Goldfinger), an incredible Henchwoman (MayDay was totally original, well cast and the most memorable female henchwoman), the craziest villian Bond ever went up against and a beautiful leading lady. The locations were great (Paris,Chantilly and San Francisco) plus the BEST finale on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The characters (especailly MayDay) were great. I loved this film and I think every Bond fan should see it!
Simon Palamar
First time I rented AVTAK my friend told me don't, it sucks. Ha! He was wrong. Go Roger! I found myself enjoying the movie immensely. It is not the best in the series, but it does have alot of Bond elements going for it. The plot, though very similar to Goldfinger, I think is well adapted for the time. It's serious, with a very dangerous edge. Me, being a HUGE Moore fan (and Connery fan, Dalton, and, yes even Lazenby fan, gotta' love 'em all except for Brosnan) will admit Roger didn't look so hot, but he did eliminate his stuck up approach that people whine about. In AVTAK he's charming and light-hearted when he needs to be, and deadly serious at other times. Yeah, Tanya Roberts was sort of a ditzy bimbo, but quite a few Bond girls are. Personally I think Walken and Grace Jones were well cast. Christopher Walken could have put a bit more into the role and demonstrated that delightful insanity we see in Main Strike Mine, but too late now. I liked the character of Mayday it was original and a little menacing, but perfect for this movie. One of the best elements of this movie was the score. Mr. Barry does it again. In my opinion the best score since Live and Let Die. This movie has plenty of action, explosions, romance, danger, great stunts, humor, every thing we've come to expect from Bond movies. To all of Sean's fans who hate all other Bond actors. (No offense meant) You gotta' realise that life after Sean is equal and sometimes better. I give A View To A Kill 005 out of 007 stars.
Paul Todd
After watching this movie a few times I couldn't understand why some people did not like it. It has everything, action, romance, and a GREAT villian in Zorin. The scene where he was shooting all of the miners was very well acted. The movie was only brought down by the constant whinning of Stacy Sutton. She is the one Bond Girl I wouldn't have minded been shot. Other than that this is an exellent movie and even though Roger Moore is getting on in years he still did a great job. This is one of the best in the seris and I give it 006.5 our of 007.
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