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Mission: A View to A Kill
Released: May 24, 1985
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $152.4 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Max Zorin
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The destruction of Silicon Valley
Henchmen: May Day, Dr. Mortner, Scarpine
Girls: May Day, Stacy Sutton, Pola Ivanova
Allies: Tibbett, Chuck Lee, Aubergine
Bond's Kill Count: 5
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[AVTAK Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[AVTAK Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: A View to A Kill marked the final appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond, and not a moment too soon. Moore looked far too old to be a believable 007 and the movie suffers because of it. Still, by this point he has the character down perfectly and if his age had not caught up with him he could have continued in the role.
[AVTAK Characters]

Dead Agent

Played by: Unknown

Description: Bond's mission during the pretitle sequence is to recover a stolen microchip from this dead agent in Iceland.
[AVTAK Characters]

Helicopter Pilot 1

Played by: Seva Novgorodtsev

Description: This man is one of two helicopter pilots who is trying to kill Bond during the pretitle sequence.
[AVTAK Characters]

Helicopter Pilot 2

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is the other of two helicopter pilots who is trying to kill Bond during the pretitle sequence.
[AVTAK Characters]

Kimberly Jones

Played by: Mary Stavin

Description: Kimberly Jones is the pilot of the undercover submarine that picks up Bond in Iceland. She helps Bond "pass the time" until they get back to the mainland.
[AVTAK Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Much like Roger Moore, Lois Maxwell really looks her age in her last turn as Miss Moneypenny. She gets the opportunity to take in a horse race with the rest of the MI6 head staff and Bond.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: Q first appears in M's office along with his Q Dog gadget. He later goes with the staff to the horse races and finishes out the film locating Bond and Stacey in her shower with his Q Dog.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Robert Brown

Description: In addition to giving Bond his orders, M and the rest of the MI6 gang go to the racetrack to see Max Zorin in person.
[AVTAK Characters]

Sir Godfrey Tibbett

Played by: Patrick Macnee

Description: Tibbett is a British Secret Service agent, tasked with posing as Bond's chauffeur when they infiltrate Zorin's estate. After finding the truth about Zorin's horses, Tibbett is killed by May Day in a nearby car wash.
[AVTAK Characters]

Minister of Defense

Played by: Geoffrey Keen

Description: The Minister of Defense is in M's office when Bond arrives for his debriefing. He also joins the MI6 field trip to the horse races.
[AVTAK Characters]

Max Zorin

Played by: Christopher Walken

Description: Max Zorin is a billionaire industrialist and horse breeder who intends to monopolize the world's supply of microchips by destroying Silicon Valley. He was born in Germany as a Nazi experiment conducted by Karl Mortner.
[AVTAK Characters]

May Day

Played by: Grace Jones

Description: May Day is Max Zorin's lover and henchman. While she is completely supportive and in love with Zorin, after he betrays her she converts to the side of good and sacrifices herself to stop Zorin's bomb.

Grace Jones Fan Page
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Jean Rougerie

Description: Aubergine is the detective hired by the French Jockey Club to look into the possibility that Max Zorin may be involved in a horse-fixing scheme. He is killed by a poisonous-barb-carrying butterfly during a show at the Eiffel Tower.
[AVTAK Characters]

Butterfly Act Compere

Played by: Dominique Risbourg

Description: This woman is putting on the butterfly show that kills Aubergine at the Eiffel Tower. She is, however, an unwitting assailant in the murder.
[AVTAK Characters]

Paris Taxi Driver

Played by: Lucien Jerome

Description: When Bond is pursuing May Day outside the Eiffel Tower, he steals a taxi that is being driven by this man.
[AVTAK Characters]

Newlywed Couple

Played by: Unknown

Description: At the end of his chase of May Day, Bond crashes into a boat in Paris that is being used for the wedding reception of these two newlyweds.
[AVTAK Characters]

Pan Ho

Played by: Papillon Soo

Description: This woman greets Bond and Tibbett when they arrive at Max Zorin's estate.
[AVTAK Characters]

Jenny Flex

Played by: Alison Doody

Description: Jenny Flex is one of Max Zorin's beautiful but dangerous assistants who Bond meets at the Zorin estate. She is later double crossed, along with May Day and Zorin's men, in the mine at the end of the film.
[AVTAK Characters]

Zorin's Audio Technician

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is in charge of bugging all the rooms at Zorin's estate as well as being present at Zorin's oil well when the KGB are bugging it.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Patrick Bauchau

Description: Scarpine is Zorin's head of security. He monitors the sale of Zorin's horses at his estate and later joins his boss in machine-gunning the mine workers to death.
[AVTAK Characters]

Dr. Karl Mortner

Played by: Willoughby Gray

Description: Dr. Mortner is a renegade Nazi scientist, hired by Max Zorin as a horse-breeding consultant. In actuality, he is involved in the development of steroids as well as experimenting with steroid-children during World World II. One of those children was Max Zorin.
[AVTAK Characters]

Bob Conley

Played by: Manning Redwood

Description: Bob Conley is an irresponsible oil executive who is in charge of Max Zorin's oil reclamation project in the San Francisco Bay. Conley is actually pumping seawater into the Hayward Fault, an activity that can lead to a major earthquake in the region.
[AVTAK Characters]

Bob Conley's Girlfriend

Played by: Unknown

Description: This girl is Bob Conley's girlfriend who is with him at Max Zorin's estate.
[AVTAK Characters]

Stacey Sutton

Played by: Tanya Roberts

Description: Stacey Sutton is the Bond girl of the film. She is a geologist and oil heiress who's grandfather started Sutton Oil, the same company whose facilities are being used to pump seawater into the Hayward Fault. Zorin offers to buy out Stacey's share of the company, an offer which she refuses. This leads to Zorin trying to kill Stacey as well as Bond.
[AVTAK Characters]

Zorin's Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man tries to stop Bond and Tibbett when they are investigating Zorin's steroid lab underneath his estate.
[AVTAK Characters]

General Anatol Gogol

Played by: Walter Gotell

Description: General Gogol makes a brief appearance when he tries to convince Zorin to return to the KGB. Zorin laughs in his face before May Day incapacitates Gogol's guards.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Dolph Lundgren

Description: Venz is one of General Gogol's guards who comes with him to meet Max Zorin. Lundgren got the part because he was dating Grace Jones at the time.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Bogdan Kominowski

Description: Klotkoff is one of General Gogol's guards when he meets Max Zorin at the racetrack. He later aids Pola Ivanova when she is eavesdropping on Zorin's oil well and is killed for his efforts.
[AVTAK Characters]

Taiwanese Tycoon

Played by: Anthony Chinn

Description: This tycoon is one of the men Zorin presents his "Operation Main Strike" to aboard his blimp. The tycoon refuses to be involved, and is killed for his refusal.
[AVTAK Characters]

Blimp Pilot 1

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is one of the two pilots of Max Zorin's blimp.
[AVTAK Characters]

Blimp Pilot 2

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is the other of two pilots of Max Zorin's blimp.
[AVTAK Characters]

Woman in Streetcar

Played by: Maud Adams

Description: When Maud Adams (The Man With the Golden Gun and Octopussy) heard that a Bond movie was being filmed in San Francisco, she flew down to visit the set. While there, she acted as an extra in a street car scene. She is only seen for a few seconds, but she is there none-the-less.

Click here for the full scene
[AVTAK Characters]

Chuck Lee

Played by: David Yip

Description: Chuck Lee is Bond's CIA contact in San Francisco who briefs 007 on Zorin's local activities, including his oil-pumping operations. Lee meets his end after being strangled by May Day at Stacey Sutton's house.
[AVTAK Characters]


Played by: Bill Ackridge

Description: O'Rourke is one of Chuck Lee's contacts in the San Francisco wharf. He tells Bond about Zorin's activities at the oil well.
[AVTAK Characters]

Mine Foreman

Played by: Tony Sibbald

Description: This man is in charge of the mine Zorin intends to blow up to drown Silicon Valley. He and his men are completely loyal to Zorin, who in turn betrays them and kills the Mine Foreman and his men.
[AVTAK Characters]

Pola Ivanova

Played by: Fiona Fullerton

Description: Pola Ivonova is a Soviet KGB agent and ex-ballerina who is sent to San Francisco to investigate Max Zorin. She and Bond share a memorable hot tub scene in which 007 outsmarts her and retrieves an audio tape-recording of Zorin's plan.
[AVTAK Characters]

W.G. Howe

Played by: Daniel Benzali

Description: W.G. Howe is a corrupt California bureaucrat with the Division of Oil and Mines who is on Zorin's payroll. Howe is betrayed by Zorin in an attempt to frame and murder Bond and Stacey.
[AVTAK Characters]

Zorin Thug

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man attacks Bond and Stacey at her house in California. He should be dead, save the fact that Stacey's shotgun was filled with rock salt.
[AVTAK Characters]

San Francisco Police Captain

Played by: Joe Flood

Description: Following the lead of JW Pepper, this man is a bumbling American police officer who tries to stop Bond.
[AVTAK Characters]

San Francisco Bridge Operator

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is in charge of the bridge in San Francisco that Bond and Stacey jump over in their fire truck.
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