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Tomorrow Never Dies At-a-Glance

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Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack (Written in 1997)

Overall Impressions:
This album is by far the best score for the past twenty years. John Barry lovers beware. You may find yourself loving a new composer. The score and the songs really show emotion through instrument, pace, and intensity choice. There is plenty of big brass and huge sounds. A more specific breakdown is as follows...

Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack Cover Sheryl Crow's "Tomorrow Never Dies" Theme:
My initial reaction to Sheryl Crow's theme song was one of dislike. However, after listening to it too many times to count, it has grown on me. While the lyrics are way too incomprehensible, the tune is not bad. I especially like the intro riff that can also be heard on the coming attraction. While the song may not be as good as Goldfinger or one of the earlier themes, it is better than the many of the title songs of the 80's (not A View To a Kill). While it may lag at some points, it is upbeat enough to pass in the Bond world. My only complaint is that certain parts sound like a TV show theme. Nuvs suggested that it was like Perry Mason. I agree and add that it sounds like most 60's themes; which has its ups and downs.

David Arnold's Theme Music:
As soon as Sheryl Crow's song ended, my ears were in for a real treat. After the horror that was the GoldenEye soundtrack, I was a bit fearful for what this one would be. I must say I was thrilled from the start. In the first track, 'White Knight", Arnold mixes many sounds from previous John Barry scored movies. It sounds like a classic 60's Bond soundtrack with a 90's edge, beat, and pace. Although it reminded me a lot of the soundtrack to Independence Day, another Arnold score, it was still catchy. As for the rest of the pieces by Arnold, they are all just as good if not better. While Serra ruined the of score GoldenEye by making it sound like the soundtrack for Mortal Kombat, Arnold blends the classic Bond theme in beautifully with his new style of music. The final result is a mix of eras of music that alone has me rooting for Bond.

k.d. lang's "Surrender":
Track List:

Track 1 –Sheryl Crow Tomorrow
                 Never Dies
Track 2 - White Knight
Track 3 –The Sinking of the Devonshire
Track 4 –Company Car
Track 5 –Station Break
Track 6 – Paris and Bond
Track 7 –The Last Goodbye
Track 8 –Hamburg Break In
Track 9 –Hamburg Break Out
Track 10 – Doctor Kaufman
Track 11 - *-3-Send
Track 12 - Underwater Discovery
Track 13 - Backseat Driver
Track 14 - k.d. lang "Surrender
Track 15 - Moby James Bond Theme

This song, in my opinion, should have been the theme. I LOVE IT! It is the perfect Bond song for the nineties because it sounds like it was written in the 60's. It has hints of the Bond theme in it, the words are easy to understand, it has the long drawn out lyrics that were so common in the Bond themes of yesterday, and it just sounds more Bond than Crow's song. I can only imagine that they heard the song after they signed Crow. Oh well, at least it is in the movie.

Moby's "James Bond Theme:
The Bond Theme in tecno is the best way I can think of to summarize this song. While many people have tried to bring the theme into the 90's by putting it in another style, Moby succeeds with flying colors. The song is a catchy, head-bobbing number that successfully incorporates the classic theme into a song that is worthy of any dance club. Also mixed into the song are classic lines from all eras of Bond films. In the beginning Pierce Brosnan introduces himself as Bond, James Bond. Later, the classic "do you expect me to talk" scene from Goldfinger can be heard. Finally, the song ends with Pierce saying the Bond line again. My only complaint is that it sound a lot like the soundtrack to GoldenEye 64 for the Nintendo 64. I can only wish that that was my complaint for all music.

How it works with the movie:
The score goes along perfectly with the movie. Big brass in all the right places and great use of the theme to increase the effect of the action scenes make it a great companion. There is no scene in the film that the music doesn't help to compliment. Sadly, the soundtrack is incomplete in terms of the score. Not since Thunderball has a Bond album been so incomplete. Due to the fact that the soundtrack had to be in the stores long before the movie was ready, the music from the second half is missing.

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Purchase the soundtrack

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