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The Gadgets:
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Bell Textron Jet Pack
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this jet pack to escape from the mansion in the opening sequence of Thunderball. He strapped it on, flew over the wall, and tossed it in the trunk saying "No well dressed man should be without one."
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: SPECTRE Door Opener
Status: Unknown

Description: When Largo goes to the SPECTRE meeting at 'Centre International d'Assistance Aux Personnes Deplacees' he uses this remote to open the secret door in the back.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Vulcan Jet
Status: Abandoned in the Bahamas

Description: The stolen nuclear missiles are being transported on the Vulcan Jet when the man posing as Major Derval steals it for SPECTRE.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Poison Gas Releaser
Status: Used

Description: Major Derval uses the gas in this canister to kill the soldiers aboard the Vulcan before he hijacks it.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Underwater Attackers
Status: Abandoned

Description: Emilio Largo uses these underwater crafts to transport the stolen nuclear weapons as well as to fight the marines during the film's climactic finale.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Aston Martin DB5
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's Aston Martin DB5 returns in Thunderball with rear waterjet streams and a bulletproof shield. It most likely has all the other Q Branch refinements, but they are not seen on-screen.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Tape Player
Status: In Storage

Description: The staff of MI6 use this tape player to listen to Blofeld's ransom demands.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Disco Volante
Status: Destroyed

Description: Emilio Largo's personal boat, the Disco Volante is equipped with numerous weapons, a smoke screen and can jettison into a smaller, faster boat.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Watch
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's watch has a built in Geiger counter which he uses to determine if the bombs are at Palmyra.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Waterjet
Status: In Storage

Description: This powerful waterjet propels Bond through the water at high speeds during the final showdown with Largo and his men.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Rebreather
Status: In Storage

Description: In the event of a rebreather not being available, this gadget was to be used for short times only: say five minutes. Bond used it twice: once to escape from the shark tank, then again to finish the final underwater battle.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Camera/Geiger Counter
Status: Destroyed

Description: This camera can take pictures in the dark, underwater using an infared lense. Additionally, it has a geiger counter built in which Bond gives to Domino to take aboard the Disco Volante.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Book Recorder
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this hidden tape recorder to determine that Quist is hiding in his hotel shower.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Homer Pill
Status: Used

Description: When Bond swallows this small pill it lets of a signal that can be picked up using a specific receiver.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Homer Locater
Status: In Storage

Description: Felix Leiter uses this device to find Bond after he has swallowed the homer pill.
[Thunderball Gadget] Gadget: Flare
Status: Used

Description: Q gives Bond this flare gun in a handy, pocketsized cannister.