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The Characters (In order of appearance):
[Thunderball Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Sean Connery

Description: Sean Connery returns for his fourth film as James Bond is sent to the Bahamas to investigate the theft of two nuclear bombs from NATO. Despite the massive scale of the film, Connery manages to make Bond fit in perfectly.
[Thunderball Characters]

Madame LaPorte

Played by: Maryse Guy Mitsouko

Description: Maryse Guy Mitsouko portrays Bond's French contact during the teaser sequence. She is with him at Jacques Boitier's funeral and later helps him escape Boitier's mansion.
[Thunderball Characters]

Jacques Boitier

Played by: Rose Alba

Description: Jacques Boitier is an old foe of Bond's who fakes his own death. Bond realizes that it is a hoax, follows Boitier home and kills him. Interestingly, the actor who plays him, Bob Simmons, is a long time stuntman on the films and was the man in the gunbarrel opening through Goldfinger.
[Thunderball Characters]

Emilio Largo

Played by: Adolfo Celi

Description: Number 2 in command of SPECTRE, Largo is the man directly responsible for organizing the plan to steal nuclear weapons from NATO and then blackmail them.
[Thunderball Characters]

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: Anthony Dawson

Description: Blofeld is only seen during the SPECTRE meeting in France where he kills the agent who has been stealing from him.
[Thunderball Characters]

SPECTRE Agent #9

Played by: Clive Cazes

Description: In an act of ruthlessness, Blofeld kills this man who has been stealing from SPECTRE.
[Thunderball Characters]

Patricia Fearing

Played by: Molly Peters

Description: Bond's physical therapist at the Shrublands health clinic, Nurse Fearing winds up yet another victim of Bond's charm.
[Thunderball Characters]

Count Lippe

Played by: Guy Doleman

Description: Count Lippe is the SPECTRE agent tasked with getting a plastic surgery-aided double of Francois Derval onto a nuclear-equipped NATO bomber. He also engages in an unsuccessful game of cat and mouse with Bond at Shrublands.
[Thunderball Characters]

Fiona Volpe

Played by: Luciana Paluzzi

Description: Fiona is SPECTRE's beautiful redhead assassin and Largo's henchman. Over the course of the film she is responsible for killing Count Lippe, kidnapping Paula Caplan, deceiving Francois Derval and trying to capture Bond.
[Thunderball Characters]

Major Francois Derval

Played by: Paul Stassino

Description: Major Derval is Domino's brother, and an unwitting pawn in SPECTRE's scheme. He is killed and replaced by a double who then steals the Vulcan bomber with the two nuclear weapons onboard.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is a SPECTRE agent working at Shrublands. When Bond finds the dead Major Derval, he is attacked by this man.
[Thunderball Characters]

Ladislav Kutze

Played by: George Pravda

Description: Kutze is a Polish nuclear expert who is working for SPECTRE to maintain the stolen nuclear weapons and prepare them for possible use.
[Thunderball Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Moneypenny is first seen when Bond calls her to learn more about Count Lippe's Tong symbol tattoo. Later, when Bond returns to MI6, she has her usual scene with Bond in M's front office.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: In addition to the traditional scene in his office, M also is in charge of a debriefing of the entire 00-section.
[Thunderball Characters]

Home Secretary

Played by: Roland Culver

Description: Roland Culver plays the British Home Secretary during the 00-section debriefing and later when the heads of staff are deciding their next move.
[Thunderball Characters]

Air Vice Marshal

Played by: Edward Underdown

Description: Sir John, the Air Vice Marshall, is by M's side for the entire film. He is there both for the 00-section debriefing, Bond's private conference and all future decision making.
[Thunderball Characters]

Domino Derval

Played by: Claudine Auger

Description: Domino, Bond's primary love interest for the film, is the sister of Major Derval and Largo's mistress. After joining forces with Bond, it is Domino who eventually kills Largo.
[Thunderball Characters]

Paula Caplan

Played by: Martine Beswick

Description: Paula Caplan is one of Bond's assistants in Nassau. She first helps him make contact with Domino as well as throughout the first half of the film. Unfortunately, as is often the case with Bond's allies, she is killed in the line of duty.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Bill Cummings

Description: One of Largo's henchmen, Quist bumbles an assassination attempt on Bond in 007's hotel room in Nassau. Largo punishes him by feeding Quist to the sharks.
[Thunderball Characters]

Felix Leiter

Played by: Rik Van Nutter

Description: Felix Leiter once again comes to Bond's aid, especially with his investigation of the Disco Volante and the discovery of the hidden Vulcan bomber.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Philip Locke

Description: A lean, sullen SPECTRE assassin, Vargas is a passionless man who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and doesn't make love: just kill. Bond disposes of him on Love Beach with a well-aimed shot from his spear gun.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Earl Cameron

Description: Pinder is one of Bond's Nassau contacts who helps him in his investigation.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: For the first time, Q is seen out of the office when he equips Bond in the field in Nassau. He equips Bond with his usual assortment of gadgets and life-saving devices.
[Thunderball Characters]


Played by: Michael Brennan

Description: A tough SPECTRE henchman, Janni works closely with Vargas.
[Thunderball Characters]

Girl at Bar

Played by: Unknown

Description: Bond picks this woman to dance with at the Kiss Kiss Club when he is trying to escape from Fiona.
[Thunderball Characters]

Disco Volante Captain

Played by: Harold Sanderson

Description: Harold Sanderson plays the captain of the Disco Volante.