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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: The Spy Who Loved Me
Released: July 7, 1977
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Budget: $13 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $185.4 Million
Running Time: 125 Minutes

Villain: Karl Stromberg
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Drowning all life on earth
Henchmen: Jaws, Naomi, Sandor
Girls: Ski Girl, Hosein's Girl, Anya Amasova
Allies: Gogol, Captain Carter, Hosein
Bond's Kill Count: 14
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For Sale
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The Gadgets:
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: XXX's Communications Box
Status: Unknown

Description: During the movie's pre-title sequence, Moscow uses this device to communicate instructions to Agent XXX while she is on holiday.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Bond's Watch
Status: In Storage

Description: M uses Bond's watch as a communications device to get in touch with 007 when he needs to report to headquarters during the pre-title sequence.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Skipole Flare Gun
Status: Lost

Description: Bond uses this ski pole flare gun to kill Sergei Barsov when he is being pursued during the pre-title sequence.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Atlantis
Status: Destroyed

Description: Stromberg's undersea city of the future, Atlantis is located off the coast of Sardinia. He plans to restart the human race in it after destroying it with nuclear missiles.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Microfiche
Status: In Storage

Description: The plans for the submarine tracking system are stored on this microfiche, which Max Kalba is trying to sell at the Mojaba club.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Microfiche Reader
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this miniture microfiche reader to examine the contents of Max Kalba's microfiche before XXX has the chance to examine it.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: XXX's Cigarette
Status: Used

Description: Filled with sleeping gas, Agent XXX uses this cigarette to knock Bond out on a ship in Egypt after they have recovered the microfiche.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Lotus Esprit
Status: In Storage

Description: Filled to the brim with Q Branch enhancements, Bond's first Lotus Esprit featured surface-to-air missiles, depth charges, underwater smoke screens and torpedoes. At first it seemed to be an ordinary car; however, when escaping from Naiomi, Bond drives the car into the water at which point it transforms into a fully operational submarine.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Attack Bike Missile
Status: Destroyed

Description: This side-car on a henchman's motorcycle is actually a missile on wheels.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Underwater Attack Crafts
Status: Unknown

Description: Much like Largo's devices in Thunderball, these underwater crafts are piloted by men and fire spear guns at their foe. Bond encounters them when he is underwater investigating Atlantis in the Lotus.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: The Liparus
Status: Destroyed

Description: The newest ship in Stromberg's fleet, The Liparus has a cargo bay large enough to house three stolen nuclear subs in addition to housing the command center for Stromberg's entire plot.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Nuclear Bomb Detonator
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond removes the detonator from a nuclear missile onboard the Liparus and uses it to break into the command center to complete his attack on the vessel and stop the nuclear annihilation of mankind.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Submarine Tracker
Status: Destroyed

Description: The final submarine tracking device, this console on The Liparus allows Stromberg to determine the location of every nuclear submarine in the water. Bond uses it to stop Stromberg's scheme by firing the missiles at the firing subs instead of their mainland targets.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Wet Nellie
Status: Lost

Description: Named after Little Nellie, Wet Nellie is a water motorcycle that Bond uses to get to Atlantis in order to save XXX during the film's finale.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Stromberg's Table Gun
Status: Destroyed

Description: This giant gun is hidden under Stromberg's dining table on Atlantis. Stromberg fires it at Bond who gets out of the way in time and subsequently fires through it back at Stromberg to kill him.
[TSWLM Gadget] Gadget: Escape Pod
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond and XXX use Stromberg's escape pod to flee from the sinking Atlantis at the end of the film. In typical Bond fashion, 007 and XXX are lying in bed together when the British Navy recovers the pod; at which point the major brass of England and Russia look in with chagrin.
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