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[CR Poster] Case Name: Casino Royale
Year: 1967
Agent: David Niven
Villain: Dr. Noah
Organization: Self-Employed (SMERSH)
Scheme: The replacement of all world leaders with robots
Henchperson: Too many to count
Bond Girl: Vesper Lynd
Personal Rating: 002
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REVIEW: This movie was pretty stupid. The plot was VERY thin, and much of the movie was boring, not funny. Colombia could have done much better in terms of the script. The movie had almost nothing to do with Fleming's book. In fact, the only similarities were SMERSH, LeChiffre, Bond and all the MI6 people. Don't get me wrong, the movie had its good parts. The scene between LeChiffre and Bond was pretty well done. On a good note, the cast was incredible. Orson Wells, David Niven, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and Dr. No's very own, Ursula Andress. Still, not as funny as it could have been and a waste of one of Fleming's best works.

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Fan reviews:

Adam Young
Usually when I read reviews of the 1954 television show Casino Royale, it is given something like a ** of ****, or a 5 out of 10, or a 003.5 out of 007. What I am trying to say is, while usually condemned to a half-and-half review, I thought that Casino Royale was the best it could be- in one hour. Of course it would have been much better as a full-length MGM/UA 007 film (I drool at the thought since the book was my favorite Bond book), but still, it is not as average as many people describe it. Lets face it, even though Barry Nelson is American he did a fair job of portraying a real-life secret agent. Also Peter Lorre was very good at acting Le Chiffre, and probably was the best cast member in the film. I still think that Leiter should have been American and Bond British, but the character didn't turn out horrible. Valerie Mathis, I think, was the low point in the film. Linda Christian (or whoever played her) was pretty bad at the part.

Also, considering that Casino Royale was broadcast live, it was fairly good. The only mistake made, I think, was when Leiter missed a cue by a couple of seconds when he was on the phone.

I think that the best aspect of CR was that Bond acted like a secret agent. Screw sparing the villain's life even though he is unarmed and you've got a gun and therefore allowing him to escape, as soon as Bond get a pistol, BAM BAM, into Le Chiffre. Bond didn't waste any time finishing him off. The ending was abrupt, but that was due to the fact that the last minute or two of the show is missing.

I was pleasantly surprised by Casino Royale, and I suggest any Bond fan see it when they can!

Christy Gould
You can say it's not really Bond film (which it isn't). You can also say it makes a mockery of a very good book (which it does). But you can't just condem it on those facts- It's not bad. Not bad at all, I admit it isn't half up to the expectations you would have for a film with such an impressive cast, but the cast is still there. There a some great moments as well- The scene when Jimmy Bond uses an exploding ciggy to escape one fireing squad, only to jump over the wall right in front of another, is very funny by most standards. So don't pre-judge this- Just don't look at it as a Bond film. Makes perfect sense to me.

Eva af Trampe
1954: I was for a long time looking for this one until I found it.Sadly,it was not the collectors edition and therefore i couldn`t see it`s end.However,it was great.Nelson performs well,as does Lorre.I don`t like Christian,but she is OK,compared to other Bond-girls.
1967: One of the silliest,baddest and most outrageous films ever made.I laughed my way through it.Itīs so bad that it is good.Niven,Sellers,Welles and Allen all give great performances.Enjoy!
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