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The Gadgets:
[Radio Transmitter] Gadget: Radio Transmitter
Status: Switched off indefinitely

Description: Every day, Strangways would leave his card game place a call to MI6. After Strangways and his secretary were murdered, this radio transmitter was switched off indefinitely.
[Geiger Counter] Gadget: Geiger Counter
Status: Left in Jamaica

Description: When determining the radioactivity of the rocks Strangways brought back from Crab Key, Bond used this geiger counter. The readings proved that Professor Dent was lying.
[Dr. No Dragon] Gadget: Dr. No's Dragon
Status: Destroyed

Description: Dr. No uses local superstition and a mechanical "dragon that runs on diesel engines" to scare people away from Crab Key. With a flame shooter for a mouth and Dr. No's henchmen as drivers, this dragon kills Quarrel and is responsible for Bond and Honey's capture.