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Mission: Dr. No
Released: October 7, 1962
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Terence Young
Budget: $1.1 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $16 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $59.6 Million
Running Time: 111 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Dr. Julius No
Organization: SPECTRE
Scheme: The interruption of space ship launches
Henchmen: Professor Anthony Dent
Girls: Sylvia Trench, Ms. Taro, Honey Ryder
Allies: Felix Leiter, Quarrel, Pussfella
Bond's Kill Count: 5
Bond's Conquest Count: 3
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Fan Reviews:
Scott Powell
In this, the first film of the series, Sean Connery portrays James Bond, Agent 007 for Her Majesty's Secret Service; A role originally offered to Roger Moore. In this Adventure, Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of a British operative, named Strangways. Along the way he meets up with Honey Rider, (Ursella Andress) and with the help of Quarrell, a local fisherman/guide and Felix Lighter CIA, they uncover a plot involving the destruction of US Missiles and the death of Strangways devised by the infamous Dr.No (Joseph Wiseman).

This film is one of my favorites and, like "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" it depicts the Fleming novel quite well despite the ending. This movie is an appealing one because it has good performances all around, especially from Connery and Wiseman. Also great is Honey Rider, one of the greatest Bond Girls, and most importantly, it introduces S.P.E.C.T.R.E. to the James Bond character. Dr.No was the basis for all of the other S.P.E.C.T.R.E. related movies in the series.

Connery's performance was good, but not as good as it was in 1967's "You Only Live Twice". (Granted, one could not expect it to be seeing how it was the first Bond film ever created.) All in all, a fun film, with all the trimmings which did a great job creating the atmosphere for the 17 films following suite.

**** out of *****

What can one say. Remains one of the series' best. Wiseman is probably my favorite villan, and his lack of screen time is obscene. Ursula Andress did a good job, but had little to work with, as Honey Rider was a very weak and dull woman. Connery was not yet in top form, but not a bad effort for a first try. Better is Jack Lord's Felix Leiter and John Kitzmiller as the first "sacrificial lamb," Quarrel. Anthony Dawson is also skilled as the first henchman, Dent.

And the plot is great, and if by Goldeneye or TND standards it is low-key, it is an excellent fantasy film for the mediocre 1 million dollar budget.

As a film: 9.25 out of 10

On the Bond-scale: My 5th favorite; better than Live and Let Die, not as good as Tommorow Never Dies

Cliff Blake
This movie started everything. The plot, although nothing to scream off your head, was good for 1962. Dr. No seeks revenge from the american government beacause they never accepted him on experiments. So he tries to drive-off balance the shuttle that are being trown into space. I have seen 12 James Bond films. This one is 6th from 12.

SEAN CONNERY (James Bond): His first movie. It set the model of 007. A cold blooded agent, but very suave. He delivers his parts great on this movie. He really looked like a Cold War agent.

Jack Lord (Felix Leiter): One of the things I have always disliked about the character of Felix Leiter is that there is a different actor playing Felix in every movie. If the producers would have chosen Jack Lord( the best Felix Leiter)for the next five movies it would have been great. But, Lord acts real good on this movie although on some parts, it looked too obvious that he was acting.

Joseph Wiseman ( Doctor No); I really did not like his acting. It seems he had problems delivering the lines.

Bernard Lee (M): One of his best performences has M. He really looked like the person who knows how to deal with 007.
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