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The Gadgets:
Gadget: Goldfinger's Radio
Status: Lost

Description: Jill Masterson uses this radio to communicate with Goldfinger when he is cheating at cards in Miami.
Gadget: Aston Martin DB5
Status: Bond's Private Car

Description: The original Bond gadget car, the DB5 was custom designed by Q Branch. In addition to the car's basic power, it was equipped with revolving license plates, bulletproof front-and-rear wind screens, homer tracking screen, machine guns, smoke screen, oil slick, tire shredders and a passenger ejector seat.
Gadget: Homer Transmitter
Status: Destroyed

Description: This gadget is actually 2 pieces. The larger homer is magnetic and Bond attaches it to Goldfinger's Rolls Royce. The smaller one fits in his shoe and Bond activates it in Goldfinger's Jet.
Gadget: Goldfinger's Rolls Royce
Status: Destroyed

Description: Auric Goldfinger's Rolls Royce, in addition to being a beautiful car, is a method for smuggling gold.
Gadget: Goldfinger's Laser
Status: Destroyed

Description: The first laser ever used in a film, Goldfinger almost cut Bond in half with this one. He then took it mobile and used it to break into Fort Knox.
Gadget: Auric Spectrometer
Status: Destroyed

Description: Goldfinger uses this device to determine when the Delta-9 nerve gas has dissipated from the air at Fort Knox.
Gadget: Nuclear Bomb
Status: Disarmed

Description: The "nuclear device" as Goldfinger puts it, is set to explode inside Fort Knox making the entire gold supply radioactive for 58 years.