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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: The Man With The Golden Gun
Released: December 19, 1974
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $97.6 Million
Running Time: 125 Minutes

Villain: Francisco Scaramanga
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The theft and misuse of a Solex Agitator
Henchmen: Nick Nack
Girls: Mary Goodnight, Andrea Anders
Allies: Hip, JW Pepper
Bond's Kill Count: 1
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For Sale
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Universal Exports Summary and Review:
[LLD Movie Poster] Summary: Bond must find the missing Solex Agitator, a device that will harness the sun's radiation and give awesome power to whomever possesses it. But, also vying for the prize is Francisco Scaramanga, a world-class assassin who brandishes a distinctive golden gun. When 007 discovers he is to be Scaramanga's next target, he is hurled into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, continuing the search as he evades the killer on his trail. Bond must also contend with Scaramanga's exotic lover Andrea Anders, and Nick Nack, whose small size belies his lethal abilities. Even as 007 enlists the aid of sensuous Mary Goodnight, he must overcome ferocious odds to survive an explosive showdown on Scaramanga's remote island.

Review: Terrible! One of the worst of the series. The movie had the potential to be classic Bond, but failed. Moore continues with his lighter-than-life portrayal of Bond while M and Q take a turn for the worse. The bickering between them can easily be considered one of the low points of the series. Even if M was frustrated with the situation he would never tell Q to shut up. And judging by the character the Q has developed over the course of the series he wouldn't let M do so and not make a return quip. The broken bridge jump could have been a highlight of the movie but it is ruined by the stupid camp sound effect of the twirling whistle. And Herve Villechaize was just a joke. Although the idea of a midget sidekick is interesting, he is no match for Bond and just comes off as another blunder by the producers. The Nick-Nack character isn't even bad, just poor casting. This movie is to be watched only when no other Bond movies are available. The best part is the theme song.

Universal Exports Rating: 003

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Firsts: Tidbits:
First appearance of Maud Adams (she would return as Octopussy)

First time M barks at Q to shut-up

First time that Bond goes to Bangkok, Thailand

First mention of the energy crisis

First time that a midget is the villain's henchman

First flying car

First time a relative of Ian Fleming is cast in a Bond film (Christopher Lee)

more firsts
Britt Ekland was pregnant during the shooting.

Felix Leiter is a main character in the book version, yet he does not make an appearance in the film version.

When Bond finds Andrea Anders in the shower, the reflection of a crew member can be seen in the mirror's reflection.

Scaramanga's name came from a man Fleming knew named Pandia Scaramanga. Fleming actually asked permission to use the name, letting him know that he would be a villain. Mr. Scaramanga, being a superstitious man, replied: "I certainly do not mind your using my name but please do not to kill me."

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