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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: The Living Daylights
Released: June 30, 1987
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $191.2 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Brad Whitaker
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Drug and weapon trafficking
Henchmen: Georgi Koskov, Necros
Girls: Kara Milovy, Girl in Boat
Allies: Saunders, General Pushkin
Bond's Kill Count: 3
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[DAF Special Edition]
Universal Exports Summary and Review:
[DAF Movie Poster] Summary: After Bond helps Russian officer Georgi Koskov make a daring defection to the West, the intelligence community is shocked when Koskov is abducted from his remote hiding place. Bond leaps into action, following a trail that leads to the gorgeous Kara, who plays Bond as easily as she plays her Stradivari cello. As they unravel a complex weapons scheme with global implications, they are forced into hair-raising chases, a riveting jailbreak, and an epic battle in the Afghanistan desert with tanks, airplanes, and a legion of freedom fighters on horseback.

Review: This movie introduced Timothy Dalton as the new James Bond. Change is always welcome, even when it redefines the Bond character. Dalton's portrayal is a nice break from Moore's comical Bond. For the first time since Sean Connery played 007 I truly believe that Bond is a cold-blooded secret agent who could kill in a second. When he walks into a room, people would fear him, not laugh at his jokes. The movie itself was quite good. The plot, action, character development, villains, and allies were all top notch. I especially liked the locations. The Living Daylights had Bond go to so many different countries that almost every scene had a new background. Also, the idea of how to smuggle Koskov out of the country via the pipe was brilliant. Whitaker was a realistic villain who's motives can be understood. The teaser on top of Gibraltar was like a movie in itself and was very well done. All-in-all, it was a very good start for Dalton.

Universal Exports Rating: 006

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Firsts: Tidbits:
First appearance of Timothy Dalton as James Bond

First appearance of Joe Don Baker (would later play Jack Wade)

First time General Gogol is not for or against Bond (he merely makes a cameo at the end)

First time Bond is in a training mission

First fully topless woman on screen in a Bond movie

First time Bond drives an Audi

First time that Gibraltar was used as a site for a training mission

First time 007 poses as a organ donor

First time 007 goes to Vienna, Austria

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During the filming of the final scene, the Moroccan airfield (doubling as Afghanistan) was left open to civilian flights.

Maryam d'Abo got the part due to an audition she did with Pierce Brosnan.

The movie was originally written for Roger Moore and had to be changed to reflect the new Bond.

The character of Pushkin was created when Walter Gotell (Gogol) was unavailable for filming. There was just enough time to put in a cameo appearance at the end.

In the pre-title sequence, 002, and 004 may look familiar. One of them bore a resemblance to Roger Moore, the other to George Lazenby. The writers wanted to keep the audience guessing who the new 007 would be.

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