The James Bond Movies

From Russia With Love

Released: October 13, 1963

  Sean Connery as James Bond
  Daniella Bianchi as Tatiana
  Robert Shaw as Red Grant
  Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb

Directed by: Terence Young

Running Time: 118 minutes

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From Russia With Love Ultimate Edition DVD

  • First pre-title action sequence

  • First hit theme song

  • First appearance of the back of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's head

  • First appearance of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's white Persian cat

  • First mention of SMERSH

  • First relationship of any kind with the Russians

  • First time Bond has a love affair with a Russian

  • First appearance of Desmond Llewelyn as Q

  • First Q gadget (The briefcase)

  • First villain with a gadget (Grant's watch)

  • First Bond boat chase

  • First appearance of Walter Gotell (Later played General Gogol)

  • Bond's first unofficial marriage (Mr. and Mrs. Sommerset)

  • First returning Bond girl (Sylvia Trench)

  • First time Bond uses any kind of wireless communication device (the beeper)

  • First time Bond is being chased by a helicopter

  • First fight on a train

  • First appearance of Bond's Bentley

  • First time the alternate 007 theme is used (the one during the boat chase)

  • First time Bond is in a Mediterranean country.

  • First defection (even though it organized by SPECTRE)

  • First appearance of a car phone

  • First time 007 drives a pickup truck (1960 Chevrolet C30 flatbed)

  • First time a wristwatch contained gadgetry

  • First time 007 goes to Venice, Italy

  • First time the villain avenges a colleague's death (Blofeld wants revenge for Dr. No's death)

  • First time another Cubby Broccoli/Saltzman production appears in a Bond film (the poster for the film Call Me Bwana)

  • First time there is nudity in a Bond movie (Tatiana is naked in Bond's hotel)

  • First time a Bond girl kills a villain (Tatiana kills Klebb)

  • First time a character is a lesbian

  • First time Bond quotes Shakespeare, telling Moneypenny "Once more unto the breach..." from Henry V

  • First female military figure