The James Bond Movies

You Only Live Twice

Released: June 13, 1967

  Sean Connery as James Bond
  Akiko Wakabayash as Aki
  Donald Pleasence as Blofeld
  Karin Dor as Helga Brandt

Directed by: Lewis Gilbert

Running Time: 116 minutes

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You Only Live Twice Ultimate Edition DVD

  • First time M and Moneypenny leave Universal Exports

  • First appearance of Charles Gray (Grey played Dikko Henderson here and would later play Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever)

  • First head of a secret service other than 'M' (Tanaka)

  • First time Bond becomes a Japanese man

  • First time Bond is forced to shave his chest

  • First appearance of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's face

  • First appearance of Donald Pleasance as Blofeld

  • First time a villain gets away at the end

  • First film with screenwriting attributed to one person

  • First time the book has nothing to do with the movie's plot

  • First time Bond takes vodka shots

  • First Bond movie in which Richard Maibaum was not involved in the screenwriting efforts

  • First appearance of a submarine in a Bond film

  • First time Bond wears a spacesuit

  • First time that Bond loses a chance to pilot a spacecraft

  • First time that piranha fish were used by the villain

  • First time that a volcano served as the secret headquarters for the villain's hideout

  • First time part of the movie is in space

  • First time Bond himself does not drive a car

  • First Bond movie to be filmed in Japan

  • First time Bond pilots a helecopter

  • First time Bond wears a Navy uniform

  • First time Bond does NOT wear a black tie

  • First time there is a two year break between Bond films

  • First time Bond drinks a martini stirred, not shaken

  • First time Bond calls Moneypenny "Penny"