The James Bond Movies


Released: September 20, 1964

  Sean Connery as James Bond
  Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore
  Harold Sakata as Oddjob
  Gert Frobe as Goldfinger

Directed by: Guy Hamilton

Running Time: 111 minutes

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Goldfinger Ultimate Edition DVD

  • Bond's first visit to America

  • First Bond movie not to deal with SPECTRE

  • First appearance of Red China

  • First time Bond goes to the physical lab known as Q Branch

  • First use of the Aston Martin DB5

  • First mention of another Double-O agent (008)

  • First sexually suggestive female name (Pussy Galore)

  • First time a henchperson defected (Pussy Galore)

  • First time a villain's voice was dubbed over in the American release (Goldfinger's was the first and Largo's would be the second in Thunderball)

  • First extravagant ending fight sequence with hundreds of actors fighting

  • First "formula Bond" format movie

  • Tilly Masterson is the first person to drive a Ford Mustang in ANY movie, not just Bond.

  • First mention of Newfoundland

  • First Bond film to be nominated for an Oscar

  • First use of the bulletproof vest anywhere. Featured in Q's lab, this invention was years ahead of its time and long before police officers used them.

  • First time a laser is used in any movie

  • First time the Bond girl was a lesbian (Bond turned Pussy Galore straight when he "appealed to her maternal instinct)

  • First time that Ford Motor Company provided vehicles for use in a Bond film

  • First time Bond does not use a PPK. Bond uses a Walther P-38 that he took off of Goldfinger's thugs after he stops the Aston-Martin. This is in the same sequence that Tilly Masterson is killed.

  • First time Bond mentions The Beatles

  • First time a villain uses a golden gun (Scaramanga was the second)

  • First time a Bond girl is killed

  • First henchman that was a former Olympian (Harold Sakata)

  • First henchman with a psychological disability (Oddjob was mute)

  • First time that 007 is taken into police custody (M mentions this in his office after 007 was taken into custody of the Miami Beach P.D)

  • First time 007 plays golf

  • First time a Bond film was filmed at Stoke Poges Golf Course (the location was also used during the filming of Tomorrow Never Dies, but was based in the hotel complex)

  • First mention of British United Airways

  • The golf game is the first action sequence set in Great Britain (previously only set-up scenes were in England)

  • First time a former member of the cast of The Avengers appears in a Bond film. Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore) had appeared as Kathy Cale on the Avengers.

  • First theme song sung by Shirley Bassey, who would later sing Diamonds are Forever and Moonraker.

  • First time Michael G Wilson makes a cameo

  • First time the film was changed between the theatrical release and the home video release (the timer that stops on 007 seconds stopped on 003 seconds in the theatrical version)