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[Ian Fleming's Doctor No]
section break "M called this case a soft option. Bond can't quite agree. The tropical island is luxurious, the seductive Honey Rider is beautiful and willing, but they are both part of the empire of Dr. No...The doctor is a worthy adversary, with a mind as hard and cold as his solid steel hands. Dr. No's obsession is power. His only gifts are strictly pain-shaped."
-From the 2002 Penguin Edition

So it was that in 1957 Ian Fleming wrote his sixth novel of the Bond series that just so happened to be the first one brought to the screen. Dr.No like it's predecessors is a high octane book with nothing but the best of Ian Fleming's creative abilities. The simple and staight-forward plot he presents to the reader in Dr.No is really a remarkable accomplishment in that he gives a comprehendable series of events and mixes with it just the right amount of action and drama to keep us entertained and wanting more. It is by far one of the best!

When Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder of a British operative, Strangways, he not only uncovers the mystery of his death and also the mystery of his killer, but he also enters the dangerous world of the highly suspected Dr.No. Dr.No, like all of the other evil masterminds in Fleming's novels, has a plan of destruction and deception, but there is something about Dr.No that sets him apart from the rest. Maybe one grows to like his character because of how closely he resembles the performance Joseph Wiseman did of him in the film version, but nonetheless, there is a different element of mystery and emotion that is related to Fleming's Dr.No. Read the Book and you'll see what I mean. Bond meets up with Quarrell and Honey Rider, the Bond girl who unfortunately wasn't as impressive as some previous girls in the novel series like LALD's Solitaire for example. However, that is the only real problem with the novel, if you can actually find time away from enjoying the story so much as to even consider it a problem.

Contained in the story are some very memorable scenes of drama and description like the relationship development between Honey and Bond, emphasised during the night on the beach. But above all else, what makes this novel so entertaining is it's mixture of action and suspense. The one scene that comes to mind is the obstacle course towards the end including giant tarantulas and "the killing ground", without saying too much. Although the film version of Dr.No follows suit with the book quite well despite the ending, Fleming's story is hands down better. A must read for ANY Bond fan!

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Dr. No

March 31, 1958
Author: Ian Fleming

Villain: Dr. Julius No
Organization: USSR
Bond Girl: Honeychile Rider
Allies: Quarrel; Pleydell-Smith




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