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In November 2004, scores of members of the MI6 Debriefing Room voted on the 25 greatest moments in the James Bond series. Some of the results were predictable, while some others came as complete shockers.

25. The First Bondian Ski Chase
  Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Featuring: George Lazenby, Telly Savalas and Yuri Borienko

This brilliantly edited and scored action sequence marked a bold change of direction for the series; later Bond movies would attempt to replicate this sequence, but few would do it with as much success. Amongst other things, it also features an early Bond appearance by future stunt co-ordinator Vic Armstrong as the unfortunate guard forced off the cliff by 007.

24. Honey Ryder's Introduction
  Movie: Dr. No
Featuring: Sean Connery and Ursula Andress

It's the moment that catapulted James Bond into the popular consciousness and has frequently topped movie polls of all kind- ironic considering Connery's Bond only contributes a rather goofy version of 'Underneath the Mango Tree' to the mix. Andress looks stunning, the impression heightened by an iconic white bikini and the beautiful Jamaican scenery.

23. Wint and Kidd's Introduction
  Movie: Diamonds Are Forever
Featuring: Bruce Glover, Putter Smith and Henry Rowland

Even before this point, there were signs that Diamonds Are Forever would be a depature from the previous Bond films, but this quirkily sadistic scene immediately tells the audience what they are in for, as well as introducing two characters who would go down in mythos as the most bizarre ever featured in this long-running franchise- the camply psychotic assassins Wint and Kidd.

22. The Little Nellie Sequence
  Movie: You Only Live Twice
Featuring: Sean Connery

In a movie full of outstanding moments, this is one of You Only Live Twice's best, and contains the key element that makes it such a great movie- a complete disregard for any form of reality, as a squadron of heftily armoured SPECTRE helicopters enter into aerial combat with Bond's tiny, but deceptive gyrocopter, Little Nellie. It may look a little dated today, but it still contains tremendous energy and features Connery at his super-cool best: "Little Nellie got a hot reception" indeed.

21. The Golden Girl
  Movie: Goldfinger
Featuring: Sean Connery and Shirley Eaton

A disorienting moment that spawned that world-eating urban myth...it's quite obvious Shirley Eaton survived, but the scene is so perfectly composed that you wouldn't know it. Connery's confusion compliments the scene equally as well- surely some of his best acting in the series?

20. Elektra's Death
  Movie: The World is Not Enough
Featuring: Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau

As a scene, it pins down Brosnan's Bond perfectly: he is a man who does his job with efficiency and ruthlessness, but underneath the surface lies a residual emotionality. It shall probably be remembered as one of his best scenes when the history books close on Bond #5's era- whenever that is.

19. The Goldfinger Pre-Title Sequence
  Movie: Goldfinger
Featuring: Sean Connery, Alf Joint and Nadja Regin

Director Guy Hamilton and writer Paul Dehn manage to pack as much into this brief sequence as is humanly possible, and in the process they created the Bond teaser as we know it in it's current form. Entirely detached from the movie itself, it is dazzlingly inventive and contains more memorable moments than some Bond movies fit in during 120 minutes.

18. The Lotus Esprit Takes a Dive
  Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Featuring: Roger Moore, Barbara Bach and Caroline Munro

Anyone who thought the Bond series had died with the poor reception of The Man with the Golden Gun was proven wrong with this fantastic scene. The build-up is a large part of it- Moore's Bond raises nothing more than an eyebrow as his Lotus Esprit hurtles down a pier, chased by an enemy helicopter- but it is the shot of the car sprouting propellors, fins and the like that confirms this as a great moment in Bond history. The Aston Martin might have been the first gadget-laden car, but it's nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to the 1977 replacement.

17. The Thunderball Teaser
  Movie: Thunderball
Featuring: Sean Connery, Rose Alba, Bob Simmons and Maryse Guy Mitsouko

Perhaps it's something of a surprise that this gained more votes than Goldfinger's teaser- nonetheless, this highly exciting sequence deserves greater appreciation. Terence Young was obviously trying to outdo Guy Hamilton and he achieves it marvellously. The glacial pace in which it begins is shattered by a ferocious fight scene between Bond and a crossdressing SPECTRE agent. 007 then makes his escape in a jetpack and after that, a water firing Aston Martin. Very little of it makes sense, but then the best Bond scenes rarely do.

16. For England, James?
  Movie: GoldenEye
Featuring: Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean

GoldenEye was the movie that put Bond back on the pop culture map. How was this achieved? Not through explosions, car chases and gun battles, but in having an involving script that balanced the personal struggles of the characters with a typically Bondian world domination yarn. This is exemplified in one of the final scenes. As the GoldenEye HQ falls into chaos, the treacherous Alec Trevelyan asks "For England, James?". The reply- "No, for me." ensures this scene is a strong coda to the teaser and confirms to the audience that Brosnan is the finest Bond since Connery.

15. Scaramanga and Bond Duel
  Movie: The Man With the Golden Gun
Featuring: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee and Herve Villechaize

The Man with the Golden Gun is hardly one of the most conventional films in the Bond series. Therefore, it is fitting that the climax to the movie begins not with a massive battle sequence, but an old fashioned, gentlemanly 'duel between titans'. In a situation like this, it seems Bond has met his match- but the anti-climax creates even more tension.

14. Tracy's Death
  Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Featuring: George Lazenby and Diana Rigg

By sticking so closely to the source novel, Peter Hunt created a movie less obviously commercial than those surrounding it, but one which fans return to constantly and cite as the greatest in the series. The genius of On Her Majesty's Secret Service is cemented in this downbeat finale. The audience has perhaps realised that things wouldn't end happily, but when it comes, the scene is shocking. We have never seen James Bond so emotionally exposed before. It has to be said that it's also a brilliantly directed scene, especially the stark final shot of the dead Tracy, her face trickling with blood. Unforgettable.

13. The Fight on the Orient Express
  Movie: From Russia With Love
Featuring: Sean Connery and Robert Shaw

The first proper fight in the Bond series, this was arguably never bettered, not even when Connery went over similar territory in Diamonds Are Forever. It works for so many reasons; great editing, great concept, great actors and great choreography. In fact, you probably know why this is a great sequence- if not, go and watch it now.

12. You Have a Nasty Habit, of Surviving
  Movie: Octopussy
Featuring: Roger Moore, Louis Jourdan and Maud Adams

Perhaps a slightly left of field entry from Octopussy, although it is rather excellent all the same. Jourdan isn't exactly the most memorable of villains, but he knows how to deliver a line, and this is a particularly brilliant one. Even the brief pauses he uses for emphasis are genius. It's simply spot-on.

11. The AMC Hornet Barrel Roll
  Movie: The Man With the Golden Gun
Featuring: Roger Moore and Clifton James

If you look at the rest of "Golden Gun," you'll see it's not exactly action packed. OK, so there's that sequence where Bond and co are chased by kung fu students, but it's played for laughs and ends up as a cheesy retread of the boat chase from LaLD. But even though one of the most terrifyingly awful sound effects is added over the top, the Matador barrel rolling over the water is a jaw dropping, stunningly achieved moment- calculated by computers, but performed by real stunt men in just one take. If nothing else, it makes up for the sparsity of action scenes in the rest of the movie.

10. Goldfinger Demonstrates His Laser
  Movie: Goldfinger
Featuring: Sean Connery and Gert Frobe

An enduring Bond moment, this- parodied left right and centre, and you can see why. It's perfect Bond- 007 is put in some sort of implausible peril (this time, he's strapped to a slab of gold as a laser cuts through it), and in an attempt to escape, he trades witty lines with the villain (although in this instance, Goldfinger is the one who utters the classic one liner...). Not just brilliant in acting terms, though; the lighting, effects, music and sound are dead right too.

9. The Tank Chase
  Movie: GoldenEye
Featuring: Pierce Brosnan, Izabella Scorupco and Gottfried Johns

GoldenEye needed to be a hit. It was; this sequence goes some way to explaining why. Utterly bombastic in a way that the best of the earlier movies were, but with a sheen of modern day technical ability that elevates it to this top rank of classic moments. Forget Aston Martins- from the results of this poll, it seems your favourite Bond vehicle is a ridiculously powerful army tank.

8. Oddjob's Demonstration
  Movie: Goldfinger
Featuring: Sean Connery, Gert Frobe and Harold Sakata

This scene is quintessential Bond, in that it combines high class (St Andrews golf course) with low violence. Again, the two leads act the part, but this time it is Harold Sakata as Oddjob who takes centre stage, as the first of the more outlandish henchpeople. A deadly bowler hat might not seem all that threatening, but it bloody well is, as demonstrated here. The fact that the statue's arm appears to spring back into place, rather than fall off, is an integral part of this scene's charm.

7. The Final Confrontation Between Bond and Sanchez
  Movie: Licence to Kill
Featuring: Timothy Dalton and Robert Davi

Licence to Kill is quite probably the most divisive movie in the Bond canon. This scene is unlikely to unite the two sides of the argument. In the past, Bond has done away with his enemies in witty, high camp fashion. This time, however, there are no one liners- it's just two desperate men and a extra-powerful cigarette lighter. Bond's weary, grimy figure more than anything throws into sharp relief just how different Licence to Kill is.

6. Bond Skis Off a Cliff
  Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Featuring: Roger Moore

Not a simple concept- it works on too many different levels for it to be just that. The vivid yellow ski suit- well, that reminds us how over the top the Bond movies are. The magnitude of the stunt- nothing as brilliant as that features in any non-Bond movie. The Union Jack parachute- even if you're not British, it's classic stuff. And then there's the theme music kicking in after a long silence. And Roger's nervous expression. If anyone of these elements was removed then it just wouldn't work- it's as simple as that.

5. The Moonraker Pre-Title Sequence
  Movie: Moonraker
Featuring: Roger Moore and Richard Kiel

Moonraker - definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But it can't be denied that this is a stunning achievement. Aside from the daredevil stunt work, it has to be pointed out that John Barry's work is magnificent. He captures the mood of the sequence with a brilliant, exhilirating piece of music. Yet another fine Bond stunt sequence.

4. Bond Chases the Russian Killer
  Movie: The Living Daylights
Featuring: Timothy Dalton

His reign in the part wasn't exactly happy, but it does contain some sadly under-rated stuff - although it's probably not quite so under-rated now. There's no time for contemplation, as Timothy Dalton races straight into the action in one of the most thrilling chase scenes ever filmed. It's strikingly shot and acted - the new Bond conveys more in looks and movement than other actors struggle to convey in a whole film, and what's more, it sets up, with minimal exposition, the sheer sense of danger running through the rest of the film.

3. The Name's Bond. James Bond
  Movie: Dr. No
Featuring: Sean Connery and Eunice Grayson

The best movie introduction ever? A seemingly simple line- "Bond, James Bond." is rendered iconic thanks to Connery's suave delivery. His nonchalant expression, and the line of cigarette smoke, are equally as memorable, thanks mainly to Terence Young's superior direction and understanding of mood, exhibited in all his Bond movies. Yes, it probably is the best movie introduction ever, even after forty-two years.

2. Bond and Blofeld Meet For the First Time
  Movie: You Only Live Twice
Featuring: Sean Connery and Donald Pleasence

Some people could argue that all of You Only Live Twice is an elaborate build-up towards this moment, when Connery's Bond meets the shadowy figure who has been pulling the strings in three of the previous movies. It would certainly be a convincing argument, because no matter how many action sequences they are, they all pale in comparison with this electrifying piece of cinema. Everything else falls away as Bond and Blofeld size each other up. Not only that, but Blofeld is one of the most horrific-looking characters in movie history, once compared to a 'cracked egg'. Pleasence is hypnotic. This is a more than worthy runner up.

1. Bond and Necros Fight
  Movie: The Living Daylights
Featuring: Timothy Dalton and Andreas Wisniewski

Surprised? I must say, I was, but the way things are going in Bond fandom, Timothy Dalton is set to be a new generation's favourite 007. What better scene is there than this, in which he fights the enigmatic, murderous Necros while clinging for dear life onto a cargo net. Aerial stunts were already slightly old hat after only three movies, but this breathes new life into one of the peculiar conventions of 80s Bond with simplicity and focus. At heart, it returns to what made the earlier fight scenes so great- it's just two men, desperately fighting for their lives in an arena full of pitfalls. And it affects the viewer because, unlike in movies since, we know that two men really did hang on to a cargo net and act this whole thing out. Will this outcome cause controversy? Maybe. But it's a great moment all the same, and deserves adulation.

A few words from Allan Johnstone, who ran the voting and compiled the results.

You've read the list. Doubtless you have thoughts about it - feel free to discuss them at the MI6 Debriefing Room

Connery is the most heavily featured on the list, although only 4 of his 12 moments are in the top 10, and only 2 are in the top 5 - tying with Dalton and one more than Moore.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed/voted to the 25 Greatest Moments.

I'd also like to thank Adam and Pat, who both provided some of the moments you voted for, and Pat for supporting the polling threads during the SlugFest tournament.

I have enjoyed this a lot and hope to hear your thoughts on the outcome - I hope the results will cause a bit of heated discussion.

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