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Ian Fleming's Vision for the Bond Films

Ian Fleming had a vision for the Bond films that was a far cry from the movies we see made today. In fact, when the films were first being made he gave Cubby Broccoli a memorandum with his ideas on what the movies should be like. Below are some highlights.

Ian Fleming "Atmosphere: To my mind, the greatest danger in this series is too much stage Englishness. There should, I think, be no monocles, moustaches, bowler hats or bobbies or other "Limey" gimmicks. There should be no blatant English slang, a minimum of public school ties and accents, and subsidiary characters should, generally speaking, speak with a Scots or Irish accent."

"The Secret Service should be presented as a tough, modern organization in which men may dress more casually than they do in the FBI. Above all they should not slap each other on the back or call each other "old boy."

"James Bond: James Bond is a blunt instrument wielded by a Government Department. He is quiet, hard, ruthless, sardonic, fatalistic. In his relationships with women he shows the same qualities as he does in his job, but he has a certain gentleness with them and if they get into trouble he is sometimes prepared to sacrifice his life to rescue them. But not always, and certainly not if it interferes with his job. He likes gambling, golf, and fast motor cars."

"Neither Bond nor his Chief, M, should initially endear themselves to the audience. They are tough, uncompromising men and so are the people who work for and with them."

Fleming writes: (regarding the building where the HQ of the British Secret Service is located)

"The list of other occupants of the building is innocuous: Universal Export, Central Radio Communications and so forth."

"Bonds' secretary, formerly of the WRNS, should be attractive, sexy, but extremely efficient and rather severe. She would obviously look much prettier away from the office. She is inclined to mother Bond - brushes his coat and so forth."

"They [Bond and his secretary] have a friendly, businesslike relationship with occasional sparks of flirtation from Bond. The relationship...is rather similar to that between Perry Mason and Della Street."

"Bond's office, looking out over a park, should contain a number of office gadgets, such as a twenty-four-hour clock, Phonodeck, oddments like a shell-base for an ashtray, a shrapnel fragment as a paper-weight, three telephones, two black and one white - the latter direct with M and his Chief of Staff."

Fleming also said that M should wear a dark blue bowtie with white spots.

Information taken from When the Snow Melts: An autobiography of Cubby Broccoli: With Donald Zec.

Thanks to Dr. Tynan of the MI6 Debriefing Room for the information

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