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Daniel Wroughton Craig

Birth Date: March 2, 1968
Birth Place: Chester, Cheshire, England

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Like fellow Bond star, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig was brought up reasonably modestly, however in neighbouring country, England, rather more precisely, Prescot, near Liverpool. The son of a steel erector and an art teacher, Craig soon became known for his acting ability, after playing Rugby as boy attending Hilbre High School. This talent came to fruition once young Daniel had moved from Calday Grange Grammar School to London, as a 16 year old. His move to join the National Youth Theatre resulted in him consequently winning a position at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Craig's break came with the BBC2 production of 'Our Friends in the North' in 1996. With his performance gaining critical acclaim. Following his performance there Craig received a number of varying roles in film, which showcased his tremendous talent for playing differing characters. From Craig's role as a thief and homosexual lover of British painter Francis Bacon in the film 'Love is the Devil: Study for a portrait of Francis Bacon' (which won him a Best British Performance award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival), in 1998 to his role as both love interest and villain in Lara Croft's Tomb Raider in 2001, Craig has shown his wide ability to play any role.

Daniel Craig promo shot

His reputation increased an extra notch when Craig starred alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Tom Hanks in Sam Mendes' 2002 film 'Road To Perdition'. The film in which he plays a mob bosses bitter son. His performance in the film lead to an even bigger role in Layer Cake, two years later, where he plays the main character, a drug dealer with an unknown name.

Although, Layer Cake was most probably Craig's biggest break he has worked alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names. To name a few: Tom Hanks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Angelina Jolie and Ewan McGregor. We are yet to see if the role of Bond typecasts Daniel Craig, however with such a variety of strings to his bow Craig may very well escape this net and continue to prosper outside of Bond.

In October 2005 Craig was finally named James Bond number six, ending months of speculation regarding who would fill the role and don that famed tux. Eventually, the producers settled on Craig, even though there are rumours that he was selected as early as a year beforehand. Regardless, Craig was chosen Bond, however to mixed emotions. The press immediately labelled him James Blond and were down on him from the very first moment. Some fans also disapproved, while others rejoiced. Casino Royale, Craig's first film, is seen as 'Bond Begins' and soon we'll known if the Bond films can still cut it with the rest of the action movie genre, even if it does it without perpetual explosive, fire-infested action sequences.

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Daniel Craig Daniel Craig Daniel Craig Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig Daniel Craig Daniel Craig Daniel Craig

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