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Aston Martin
Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

Thunderball AstonBrosnan's Aston Making it's first appearance in Goldfinger, the DB5 featured tons of goodies: rotating license plates (numbers LU 6789, BMT216A, and 4711-EA-62), two forward firing machine guns, rear firing water jets, smoke screen, radar, oil slick sprayer, an ejector seat, and a bulletproof shield in back. After a return in Thunderball, the DB5 was not seen again until GoldenEye where it was used for a motor race with Xenia. By far the most popular of all the Bond cars, the DB5 is synonymous with 007. Often referred to as "The Most Famous Car in the World", it has been in private collections for since the sixties until it was stolen in 1997. The suspect is still at large.

Lazenby's Aston

Aston Martin DBS

With On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the new Bond had a new car. The Aston Martin DBS was a six cylinder version of the Aston Martin that was released in 1969. The car was briefly seen in the beginning of the movie when Bond is chasing after Tracy, and then again after their wedding. Sadly, the car would be too painful for 007 to drive again; his dear wife Tracy lost her life in it.

Dalton's Aston

Aston Martin Volante

Once again a new actor brought in a new Aston Martin. This time the movie was The Living Daylights and the actor was Timothy Dalton. The car was the Aston Martin V8, also known as the Vantage. Q described the volante as "winterized", which means that it has spiked tires, side skis, rocket propulsion, forward facing missiles, lasers, and a self-destruct button. It was used to escape from the KGB and then was destroyed by Bond while he and Kara escaped in her Cello case.

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