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  • In Ian Fleming's novel, Honey Ryder was named Honeychile Ryder and she came out of the ocean wearing only a belt and no bikini.
  • Dr. No was filmed for just under a million dollars.
  • The close-up shots of Sean Connery with the spider on him were filmed with a glass plate under the spider.

  • Knowing that they were taking a risk by filming such a potential flop, Saltzman and Broccoli named their production company to fit the situation at hand. Eon Productions, Ltd. is an acronym for "everything or nothing."
  • M's character is based on a similar character in Alfred Hitchcock's film Secret Agent, made in the 1930's.
  • Honey Ryder's voice was not that of Ursula Andress; rather, was dubbed by Monica Van der Syl.
  • Ursula Andress was offered the role after the producers saw a picture of her in a wet tee-shirt contest.

  • It is actually action-arranger Bob Simmons who appears in the gun-barrel openings of Dr. No through Goldfinger.
  • The scene in which Dr. No's men fire at Bond and his gang had to be shot twice. The first time, a detachment of US Navy officers who were on leave ran over to the bay where filming was taking place to investigate the gunfire.
  • In the begining of the movie, Bond had his Beretta taken away by M and was given the Walther PPL 7.65mm (32 caliber). However, if you look very closely, when Bond actually pulls it out in Jamaica, the gun is a Walther PP. The primary difference between the PP and the PPK is the barrel length (the PP's barrel is 5/8" longer).
  • Felix Leiter does not appear in the book.

  • The incident mentioned when Bond first gets the Walther PPK involving him being in a hospital for 6 months was based on events at the end of the book From Russia, With Love.
  • Strangways and Quarrel were first introduced in the book Live And Let Die.
  • When 007 enters Dr. No's dining room he stops to take a second look at a painting. The painting is Goya's picture of the Duke of Wellington, which was stolen in real life week or two before filming began.
  • Jack Lord, who played Felix Leiter, was more professional than the other Felixes in other Bond movies. The professionalism was also a part of Steve McGarrett in the Hawaii Five-O TV series, which was Lord's best portrayal of a charismatic character on screen.
  • In the first draft, Dr. No was a monkey.

  • The first gun Bond uses other than the Walther PPK is the Browning 1922 that (the producers I assume) try to pass off as a silenced Walther PPK. You can tell by the "FN" marking on the grip - not to mention the shape of the gun in the scene where he baits the professor into the girl's room and kills him after the professor pumps 7 shots into the mattress.
  • Bond incorrectly identifies Professor Dent's weapon as a Smith and Wesson when it is, in fact, an M-1911A1 Colt.
  • On Crab Key, Bond uses a M-1911A1 against the Dragon in one scene, and then a Walther PPK in the other sequence of scenes.
  • To put to rest an age old theory, Ursula Andress DID have on a bathing suit when she was going through the decontaminator in Dr No's headquarters.

  • Originally, the producer's were going to use the novel Thunderball as the first Bond movie, but when Kevin Mclory sued over the right's of the novel, the producer's decided to go for Dr. No.
  • Ian Fleming originally wanted Roger Moore to play Bond in Dr. No after Cary Grant said he would only play Bond once.
  • David Niven was considered for the role of James Bond, a role that he would later play in the 1967 spoof, Casino Royale.


Dr. No

UnivEx Rating:

October 7, 1962

Bond Actor:
Sean Connery

Terence Young


$1.1 Million

U.S. Boxoffice:
$16 Million

Worldwide Boxoffice:
$59.6 Million

Running Time:
111 Minutes

Bond’s Kill Count:

Bond’s Conquest Count:


Dr. No


The interruption of space ship launches

Anthony Dent, 3 Blind Mice

Bond Girls:
Sylvia Trench, Ms. Taro, Honey Ryder

Felix Leiter, Quarrel, Pussfella


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