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The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough

Released: 2000
Manufacturer: EA Games
Platforms: Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, GameBoy Advance
Reviewd on: Nintendo 64
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The World is Not Enough was released to fans of GoldenEye, after EA games obtained the license for the Bond games, which they still hold today. The game, which is good for the most part, tried to mirror GoldenEye on many different levels. The World is Not Enough is very good at sticking to the movie plot, and the elements of Bond, but the action and missions gets boring after a while.

Game play is much like GoldenEye. The World is Not Enough consists of sneaking around, going through rooms with no weapon, freeing hostages, and taking others identities. The controls fair well for the most part, but the biggest problem I ever had was the auto-aiming. It can be very useful at times, but other times it winds up getting you killed. When it goes off, you most always have to go up to an enemy to kill them, which is very unlike Bond.

PS1 The weapons are quite good, with new guns such as a Raptor Magnum handgun, which proves very useful on the caviar docks. Your primary weapon is the Wolfram P2K ( renamed from PPK.) The grenade launcher (GL 40) is good, but can sometimes misfire, and you end up killing yourself. You also have machine guns, and sniper rifles. These prove disappointing if you hit an enemy in the torso, because it usually takes more than 4 or 5 rounds to bring them down. Any head shot will bring down an enemy immediately. The best machine gun would have to be the KA-57 (renamed from AK-47). With it's rate of fire and stopping power, it makes the Deutsche M45 look like a baby. The sniper rifles are not bad, all though the Suisse SSR 4000 is blot-action, making it slow to reload. The enemies, however, are not that smart. They never run for cover or change their shooting paths. Every time you play a level, expect the same guy in the same place, each time.

So you move away from the weapons, and what are you left with? Gadgets, which are pretty disappointing. Like GoldenEye, you always have your watch, which gives you access to a laser, stunner, dart shooter, and grappling line. All these, especially the stunner, help you out if you go a little bullet crazy. The rest of the gadgets are standard, like the watch. Night vision goggles, bombs, and a safecracker help you for some missions. A phone tap, x-ray glasses, and a keypad decryptor pretty much round out your inventory.

The missions first begin with the bank scene from the film. A short intro film plays, and than you go right into action. You have to go through an office, and not get the secretary killed. More enemies go after you, and you must make it out of the bank. The game then follows Bond back to MI6 where Robert King is leaving M's office. After a short film.... well if you've seen the film, you know what happens. The missions extend the scenes form the film, and are for the most part, quite fun, although some can be extremely tedious.

PS1 The graphics round out the game. More rounded and detailed than ever before, it makes you feel like you are in the actual mission. Granted, they are still below-par when compared to today's games, but it makes the most out of the Nintendo 64 hardware.

The sound on the game is superb. We hear the talking, as well as it being typed out, which is a big improvement and you will benefit because your eyes will relax a little more. We also hear all the stuff
we should. Silencer "PHWTs", footsteps, and doors closing.

The multiplayer on The World is Not Enough is not too good, but it gets by. The skins are refreshing and help make it a little exciting. The scenarios are standard: Capture the briefcase, uplink, and king of the hill are just some of them. The weapons are not too bad, because you can use any weapon, and close combat fighting with your best friend is just always fun!

While it may have some shortcomings, The World is Not Enough is better than any Playstation 1 entry into the Bond video game franchise. There is no load time and the gameplay is fast and furious, two facts that alone make it worth playing. The reviewer gave this game a 7/10.


Screenshots supplied by Electronics Boutique
Review written by Max Lorn-Krause

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