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Released: 2002
Manufacturer: EA Games
Platforms: Playstation 2, GameCube, X-Box, GameBoy Advance, PC
Reviewd on: GameCube
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Building on the Agent Under Fire engine, EA Games released Nightfire to a Bond community that was growing tired of average to sub-par 007 games. However, the game did not disappoint, combining excellent graphics, game play, sound and a fun multiplayer mode.

The gameplay in Nightfire is astounding. Control, weapon and gadget toggle and game speed are perfect. Another key advance in this game are the different gameplay settings, ranging from Octopussy to the default Nightfire, which allow you to change the way your controller works. However, the missions tend to be a little boring and after a few failed attempts one becomes quite frustrated with the game. Still, it is a far upgrade from Agent Under Fire.

Guns and Gadgets:
UK The weapons are not bad at all, your default gun is a Wolfram PP7. Throughout the game, the various handguns range from a Kowloon Type 40 to Raptor Magnums in both .357 and .50. The only problem is, the PP7 out powers the Kowloon, which is not realistic at all. The machine guns include 2 versions of the SG5 Commando Assault Rifle, a Storm M32 and a Deutsche M9K. I recommend not using the Storm on a large amount of enemies, as it has no stopping power. The sniper rifles make Nightfire an excellent sniping game. You get your standard Sniper Rifle, a Tactical Rifle, a Covert Rifle and Delta Repeater Crossbow, which usually takes out an enemy in one hit. Probably the most fun weapon in the game is the AT-420 Sentinel. A guided missile launcher is just so fun! You also have the Militek Mark 6 grenade launcher, and the AT-600 Scorpion Heat-seeker. The other two weapons are the AIMS-20, a grenade launcher and machine gun in one, and the Samurai Laser Rifle. You have in addition
to those weapons, grenades and mines.

The gadgets and cars are also very fun in the game. Gadgets include your standard wristwatch with everything in it, a camera, sunglasses that switch from x-ray to night vision, a decryptor, a worm designed by Q called the Q Worm Credit Card, a shaver grenade and the Ronin suitcase. Basically, the Ronin is a folded up machine gun that is motion activated. The vehicles in the game aren't to shabby. First, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Players can obtain two of these, one with and without extra modifications. Besides the regular cars, you can drive in a snowmobile, an aeroplane, and a combat utility vehicle.

The plot is classic Bond. The villain, Drake, is supposidly a humanitarian who is cleaning up nuclear waste. In fact, he is stealing this waste and designing missiles in space to be launched at Earth. Naturally, Bond is sent in to stop this. Along the way he meets a selection of beautiful women who both help and hinder his mission.

XBOX The graphics and sound in Nightfire are outstanding. The visuals are interactive, beautiful and are almost always processed without any slow-down. However, this is not true for the driving missions, which the processor seemed to have trouble keeping up with. This lead to a little bit of slow-down, but nothing major.

In addition to the always-great Bond theme, Nightfire features some great background and mission music that really helps put the player into the game. The audio to lips syncronization is near-perfect. When a character talks, their lips move and it looks real. The quality is crystal clear
and realistic, especially during gun battles and car levels.

The multiplayer in Nightfire is truly a thing of beauty, To start with, there is a wide range of weapon sets, scenarios, difficulty levels, gadgets and characters. The amazing graphics and sound carry over into multiplayer, making it that much more enjoyable. What sets the multiplayer apart is the fact that it is exactly like the one-player game, but better because you are playing with friends! Playing multiplayer never gets old, even if it is the same level every time!

Overall, this is a truly great game. Graphics and sound make a experience like no other. The one-player mode is very fun and challenging, although it is easy to beat it in a day or less. The gadgets and vehicles give a new side to Bond games, but the multiplayer option takes the cake. So buy Nightfire, play it, beat it, play it again.


Screenshots supplied by Electronics Boutique
Review written by Max Lorn-Krause

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