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James Bond 007

Released: 1998
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Gameboy
Reviewd on: Nintendo Gameboy
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Hey! I have an idea for a Bond game - wanna hear it? Basically, it has no plot, except running around looking for things, spending your time in Asia and the UK, a recycled Bond character in a giant metal suit, and graphics that would make the original Mario look like an Xbox game. Wait a sec - this game already exists - its James Bond 007 for Gameboy!

The controls ( A, B, and a keypad) help you do three things basically - run, jump, and pick up things. I emphasizer run, because the game should be called James Bond in Marathon. Besides all that, the controls are simple, but they lag when running. They are responsive - but that is like that for almost every Gameboy game.

The game starts with you finding 008 in Turkey. It progresses and takes you to China and all over. You must stop old baddies such as Jaws, Oddjob, and General Gogol (he's the one in the giant metal suit - and an enemy for some reason!) The story is basically worse than Pink Flamingoes- and that is saying a lot.

007 Weapons and Gadgets:
None. Yes, none, in a James Bond game - this is getting serious. The only thing that qualifies is your brain (I was right- brains and Bond- wow.) You have to think about some things in order to beat levels. One of those is getting a note to go to a prison ward, or looking under a bed for health. One thing I must stress though- YOU NEVER PICK UP A GUN. And this does make the game a little more interesting, but just a little.

Graphics and Sound:
Just like any other Gameboy game. The graphics are clean, and you can tell what everything is. Some things do look weird, but they are only plants. The sound is pretty bad. The MIDI tracks aren't great, except for the theme, which is done very well, and almost makes up for the lack of good music.

The multiplayer on The World is Not Enough is not too good, but it gets by. The skins are refreshing and help make it a little exciting. The scenarios are standard: Capture the briefcase, uplink, and king of the hill are just some of them. The weapons are not too bad, because you can use any weapon, and close combat fighting with your best friend is just always fun!

Eh. Like 007 Racing, this game really isn't exciting, worth playing again and again, or worth buying. Yes it is fun to make fun of how bad it is- but it does fill up a day pretty well. Rent it or buy it, either way, don't expect it to be GoldenEye.

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