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007 Racing

007 Racing

Released: 2000
Manufacturer: EA Games
Platform: Playstation
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A video game, especially a James Bond game is supposed to be exciting right? Not in the case of 007 Racing. There where so many bad things about this game, that this review should just be a big NO! It is true there are some fun elements, but there are very few.

Gameplay and Story:
First off, game play and story. You are James Bond, but not with a gun. Instead, you have a car, a few of them in-fact. The basic idea behind the game is that you get instructions from your boss, not sure if it is M. These instructions range from finding 3 chips, or taking out 10 cars. The mission involves many little steps, which you must accomplish, or you don't pass the mission. That alone right there is enough for many to throw the game on the ground and jump on it. This goes for all 15 levels, and only one is fun. One more problem is the control; it's not good.

Graphics and Sound:
CD The graphics and sound are surprisingly not bad, but they aren't great either. The cars for the most part look like blocks, and the scenery isn't interactive in the least. Basically, it's walls, and pictures on those walls. The helicopters which you meet in one level look pretty realistic, but thats about as real as you get. The sounds was good, but could use some work. Voices sounded like characters, but car noises weren't to spectacular.

The multiplayer mode was pretty bad, like the whole game. The blocky cars and annoying controlling carry over so you are left with basically the game... and a friend.

I do not recommend this game to anyone. If you must play it, rent it. If you buy it, the day after you do, you will wish you hadn't.



Screenshots supplied by Electronics Boutique
Review written by Max Lorn-Krause

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