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GoldenEye Script

Typed up By: Em

From the movie

Our story begins with the classic 007 opening, except this time it?s Pierce Brosnan

wearing the tux.

1 - Ext. Top of Dam - Day

A plane does a fly-by over a dam as a security gate slides open. A man in combat black

runs across the top of the tall dam. He clips a rope to his ankle and the railing...and jumps

off the side. As he sails down, he pulls out a gun-type thing and shoots it. A wire follows

attaching in concrete and pulling the man down to....

?Archangel Chemical Weapons Facility, USSR?

Cut to a laser burning through a metal wall, being shot by the man with the gun-thing. We

see a blue eye, but we haven?t seen this guy?s face yet.....

2 - Int. Bathroom - Day

Inside the plant, we cut to the men?s room, where we see Russians walking around. Above

one of the stalls...

?Man in black?s? P.O.V. - a Soviet in uniform sitting on the can, reading a newspaper titled Pravda ("The Truth").

The man in black takes the steel grate out and we see a silhouette.

Soviet?s P.O.V. - The newspaper, printed in Russian, duh.

He pulls the paper back to reveal....

James Bond. Hanging upside down from a vent. He flashes a grin.

Bond: Beg your pardon, forgot to knock.

007 punches out the Soviet and slips down.

3 - Int. Hallway - Same time

Bond slips un-noticed through dim halls, wielding his Walther PPK with a silencer on it.

He spots a butcher loading meat onto a cart, and he walks up to an opening where he sees

soldiers eating. As he turns away...another dark shadow points a gun at him...and says


Shadow: (Russian) Where have you been? Where are your companions?

Bond: I?m alone.

Alec Travelyan, 006, steps into the light. He's around Bond's general age and built. Blond with cold eyes...

Alec: Aren?t we all? You?re late 007.

Bond: I had to stop in the bathroom.

Alec: Ready to save the world again?

Bond: After you, 006.

They remove another steel grate.

Alec: James, for England.

Bond: For England, Alec.

4 - Int. Hall - Day

Bond?s blue eyes spot someone in the hall. Waiting ?til the coast is clear, he jumps out of

the vent in the floor while Alec climbs out. Both men walk down the hall. Alec enters a

laboratory with a plate-glass window and shoots the guy inside. Meanwhile, Bond has a

device plugged into and ID card slot with a number pad under it. He waits for a click, and

the door unlocks. Both men walk inside....

5 - Int. Gas room - Day

...A room filled with nerve gas tanks.

Bond: It?s too easy.

Alec: Half of everything is luck, James.

Alec turns and plugs the device into the same panel, jamming the door.

Bond: And the other half?

Alec: Fate!

A red light sounds, signaling the alarm of the plant. The men run down the stairs.

Alec: Set timers to six minutes!

Bond: Six minutes, check.

A few Soviets burst through a door, 006 shoots them. Bond starts to arm a little explosive

timer. A digital clock pops up...6.00. James and Alec scurry around behind the gas tanks

planting the timers. An ugly-looking Soviet commander, Ourumov, stands behind a

plexi-glass window.

Ourumov: FIRE!

Soldiers fire their guns, breaking the window. 006 and 007 are still planting the timers.

Alec: Closing time, James! Last call!

Bond: Buy me a pint!

The Soviets pour through the opening. Travelyan fires at them.

Ourumov (O.S.): I am Colonel Ourumov. Come out with your hands above your heads!

While planting a timer...

Bond: How original.

More Soviets pour through a door.

Bond: Shut the door, Alec! There?s a draft!

No answer.

Bond: Alec?!

He looks for 006. Alec in kneeling under the gun of Ourumov. Thirty soldiers all have

their guns pointed at Bond.

Ourumov: Move out! Throw down your weapon and walk towards me. Slowly.

Alec: Finish the job, James! Blow them all to hell!

Ourumov: You have 10 seconds. 10...9...8...

Bond goes back to the detonator he just planted and sets it for 3.00.

Ourumov: ....7...6..5...4..

Bond throws his weapon on the floor, puts his hands behind his head and approaches


Ourumov: ...3......2....

Alec: For England, James!!

BOOM. Alec is silenced. He flops over. The Soviet soldiers fire their automatic rifles.

Bond retreats behind the tanks again.

Ourumov: Hold your fire! You?ll blow the gas tanks!

They do. Bond recovers his gun.

Ourumov: This is your last chance! Come out with your hands above your head....

Ourumov?s P.O.V. - a dark shadow moves behind a cart with tanks piled on it.

The soldiers raise their guns...

Ourumov: WAIT!

Bond moves slowly with the cart acting as a shield. Ourumov seems amused....one soldier

thinks he can get a shot off...and fires. Bond retreats farther behind the cart. Ourumov

turns and shoots the guy in the face...he warned him.

Ourumov: You can?t win.

Yeah, sure. Bond quickly hits the ?on? button to a conveyer belt leading outside. He

jumps on and fires the assault rifle. The Soviets fire back, but Bond hits the grate to a

storage area above their heads. More gas tanks pour out on the Soviets. And Bond

tumbles down the conveyer belt onto...

6 - Ext. Runway - Day

Bond sees a small plane....his ticket outta here. More soldiers burst through a hangar door

and what?s behind door number 2...even more pour out onto the runway. Bond crouches

behind some piping and fires, hitting a few. The gun runs out and he dashes through the

snow toward the plane. We hear Ourumov?s shouting in the backround.

Ourumov: Hold your fire!

Cut to 1000 yards out: the facility is on a mountain-top. Cliffs, very high up. Back to the

action...Bond runs down the plane and drags himself inside, fights with the pilot. Now

there?s soldiers chasing Bond on motorcycles. Both 007 and the pilot tumble out of the

plane. A motorcycle runs over the pilot, causing the bike to throw its rider. Bond jumps

on the bike and chases the runaway plane.

Ourumov: WAIT!!

The plane sails off the cliff, and so does the motorcycle with 007 still on it. He flies off the

bike and sails to the dive-bombing plane. He grabs the open door and pulls himself inside

and into the pilot?s seat. Uh-oh! The stick?s not working, not responding! Oh crap! We

see Bond?s blue eyes start to panic...then just in time the plane soars upward as the

chemical weapons facility explodes.

Fade up on...

Title Sequence

?GoldenEye? sung by Tina Turner

Oh goodie. Sorry guys, I?m not doin? this...

7 - Int. Car/Ext. Road - Day

We shoot onto an open road with the vrroom of an engine behind us. James? personal

choice of car, a silver Astor Martin DB5, license plate BMT 216A. The DB5 swerves

around a tight corner at 90 mph. Fade up title...

?Nine Years Later?

Bond, of course, is behind the wheel and a young woman sits beside him, visibly agitated.

Her name is Caroline, but it doesn?t come up in the text.

Caroline: James, is it really necessary to drive quite so fast?!

Bond: More often than you?d think.

A red Ferrari comes into view in the rear mirror.

Caroline: I enjoy a spirited ride as much as the next girl...

James flashes an intoxicating grin...as the Ferrari pulls up beside him. There?s a beautiful

brunette behind the wheel. James loves this...

Caroline: Who?s that?

Bond: The next girl.

The Ferrari passes him and plays a little road rash...nearly crashing into an oncoming

tractor, spinning out of the way. James is loving every minute. Caroline is now really

pissed off...

Caroline: James, stop this! Stop it! I know what you?re doing...

Bond: Really? What?s that, dear?

Caroline: You?re just trying to show off the size of your...your...

Bond: Engine?

Caroline: Ego.

Bond: Here we are having a pleasant drive in the country and you?ve got to bring

psychology into it.

Caroline: Well, I was just sent out here to evaluate you.

Bond: Let?s try and put that behind us, shall we?

The DB5 and Ferrari are still doin? 90 around a corner when a pack of cyclists are

pedaling up a hill. 007 let?s the car pass him...

Bond: Ladies first.

Caroline seems to be praying. The red Ferrari brushes past the first biker, knocking him

down and the rest fall over in succession. Caroline?s had enough.

Caroline: James, I want you to stop this car!

Bond: Really?


James pulls the brake and the car screeches to a halt. He puts his arm around her.

Bond: As you can see, I have no problem with female authority.

She flips open a box with two glasses and a bottle of Bollinger champagne in it. She looks

pleased for once.

Caroline: James, you?re incorrigible. What am I going to do with you?

He moves in closer....

Bond: Let?s toast your evaluation, shall we?

They kiss...

Bond: A very...throurogh...evaluation.

She giggles, they kiss and we pan up on the skyline of Monte Carlo.

8 - Ext. Posh party - Night

The Astor Martin DB5 drives up to a elegant-looking hotel, with a parking valet.

Valet: (French) Good evening Mr. Bond. Nice to see you tonight.

Bond: (French) Good evening, Pierre. How are things?

Valet: (French) Very good, and you?

Bond steps out of the DB5, looking dashing as usual in a tailored tuxedo, his black hair

combed back. He spots the red Ferrari, parked. He enters the casino.

8 - Int. Hotel/Casino - Night

Bond enters a ritzy lobby and nears a baccarat table. The dealer and a couple of people sit

around playing. Reminded that I don?t play baccarat so bear with me...Black Jack is my game.

Dealer: Sept ?a banque. Ma?dam wins.

We pan up on the driver of the expensive Italian sports car in the parking lot, in a black

dress. Her name is Xenia Onatopp.

Dealer: Mademoiselle? Monsieurs. Ladies and Gentlemen? Players.

Bond sits down at the table as Xenia is lighting up a cigar.

Bond: Banko.

They proceed to play the game.

Bond: It appears we share the same passions. Well, three anyway.

Xenia: I count two. Motoring and...uh...baccarat.

She shows he cards

Dealer: Huit ?a banque.

Bond shows his cards.

Dealer: Seven. Ma?dam wins.

Xenia: I hope the third is where your real talent lies.

Bond: One rises to meet a challenge.

They place their bets.

Xenia: Doubler.

Bond: Suivi.

The dealer nods his head and passes cards. Bond looks at them.

Bond: Carte.

Xenia shows her cards.

Dealer: Ma?dam stands with five.

Bond shows his cards.

Dealer: Six. Ma?dam loses.

Xenia is obviously mad.

Xenia: (Russian)Dammit! (English) Enjoy it. While it lasts.

Bond: The very words I live by.

She gets up from the table. James follows.

Bond: And what words do you live by?

Xenia: The trick is to quit while you?re still ahead.

Bond: That?s one trick I never learned.

He signals for a waiter to come over.

Bond: Perhaps you?ll show me how it?s done.

The waiter approaches them. Here we go folks....

Bond: Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred. And for you?

Xenia: The same.

Bond is entranced..

Bond: How do you take it?

Xenia: Straight up. With a twist.

The waiter scurries away. Xenia fingers her cigar. So, she likes to play...

Xenia: Thank you, Mr....

Bond: The name?s Bond. James Bond.

Xenia: Xenia Zargeneva Onatopp.

We know what Bond?s thinkin?...yet another classic name.

Bond: Onatopp?

Xenia: Onatopp.

Bond: Your accent, Georgian?

Xenia: Very good Mr. Bond. You?ve been to Russia?

Bond: Not recently, I used to drop in occasionally. Shoot in and out.

Xenia: It?s very different now. The land of opportunity.

Bond: With a new Ferrari in every garage?

Xenia: No, not quite. That belongs to a friend.

Bond: A tip for your friend: the French registration plates for this year?s models start with

the letter ?L?. Even the counterfeit ones.

Xenia is startled.

Xenia: Oh, and what rank do you hold with the Motor Vehicles Department, Mr. Bond?

Bond: Commander.

Now a man steps up to Xenia. He?s a bald dude with a red beard. Looks like a Canadian


Admiral: Should we go?

Xenia: This one is an Admiral.

Bond: I like a woman who enjoys pulling rank.

Xenia: Nice to meet you, Mr. Bond.

She sounds really annoyed, and she storms away with the Canadian. Bond watches her.

Bond: The pleasure, I?m sure, was all mine.

9 - Ext. Amphitheater - Night

People are gathered on stone benches in an open amphitheater watching two ladies

perform an act. One woman hands a rose to another girl dressed as a porcelain doll. The

lady proceeds to control the ?doll? as she walks like a puppet over to a man in the

audience. He takes it and the audience claps.

Meanwhile, Bond is walking up the stone stairs to the top of the theater, overlooking


Bond?s P.O.V. - the Ferrari pulls up, and Xenia and the Admiral get out.

Bond takes out a camera-thing from his pocket. We all know it?s more than JUST a little

camera. Zooming in, he takes a picture of Xenia boarding a motorboat to take her and the

Canadian over to a yacht. Bond takes a picture of the name of the boat - ?Manticore?- and

walks back to his DB5.

10 - Ext. DB5 / Int. DB5 - Night

Before Bond gets into his car, he notices a very sophisticated, stealthy helicopter perched

on top of a battleship. He gets in the car and pushes a button on the stereo. A piece of

paper with the info of the pictures he just took. A voice starts...it?s Moneypenny. Bond

looks at the pictures.

Moneypenny: (V.O.) Transmission begins from Monypenny. Identification confirmed.

Onatopp, Xenia. Ex-Soviet fighter pilot. Current suspected links to the Janis crime

syndicate, St. Petersburg. Yacht Manticore is leased to a known Janis corporate front. M

authorizes you to observe Miss Onatopp but stipulates no...contact...without prior

approval. End transmission, Moneypenny. Good night, James. I trust you?ll stay...onatopp

of things.

Bond smirks. He knows exactly what she means. So do we....

11 - Int. Yacht Manticore - Night

Xenia literally JUMPS on the Admiral. She?s in some black lingerie. They kiss ferociously,

she bites him. Then she whispers something, flips him over and crushes his rib cage with

her legs. The Admiral?s in a lot of PAIN.

Admiral: Xenia! I can?t BREATHE!!!

Xenia grins and squeezes harder. A hand reaches into the Admiral?s coat, which is draped

over a chair, and pulls out his Department of Defense ID card.

12 - Ext. Bay - Day

A motorboat speeds through the water.

13 - Ext. Yacht Manticore - Day

Bond waits for a man in a striped shirt to pass before he jumps up on to the deck on the

yacht. He walks toward a sliding glass door, opens it and enters.

14 - Int. Yacht Manticore - Day

Furnished with leather furniture, Bond makes his way to a window where he sees the

motorboat speeding to the battleship with the chopper on the deck. Somethin?s goin? on

over there....

He looks down into a brass doorknob and sees the reflection of the guy in the striped shirt

coming at him. Bond spins around with a towel and knocks him down, then throws him

down the stairs by wrapping the towel around his head. 007 wipes his face with the towel.

15 - Ext. Battleship - Day

Across the bay, cars let off Naval, Army and Air Force Officers of different countries, as

well as their escorts. A gloved hand shows the Admiral?s ID card for the Department of

National Defense. We?re pretty sure it isn?t the Admiral....

A band plays, officers mill around. The Captain salutes the ?Admiral?.

Captain: My respects, Admiral.

The officer kisses the hand of Xenia, who is standing beside the ?Admiral?.

Captain: Delighted to have you aboard, mademoiselle.

An emcee starts to talk.

M.C.: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats on the upper deck for the

demonstration of the aircraft.

16 - Int. Yacht - Day

Bond is still looking around the boat, this time with the Walther drawn. He bursts through

a door, looks in a cabinet. He?s in a bedroom now. James opens the closet door and...

The dead body of Admiral Chuck Farrel falls stiffly to the floor, naked. Bond is a little


17 - Ext. Yacht - Day

Bond hops into a motorboat docked beside the yacht. He starts it up and drives toward the


18 - Ext. Battleship - Day

We see the chopper up close now...jeez! air-to-air missiles, heat-seekers, guns up the

wazoo...the whole nine yards.

M.C.: What you are about to see in operation is Europe?s answer to the electronic

battlefield. The first working prototype of the Tiger helicopter. Uniquely maneuverable,

the Tiger not only uses stealth technology, it is the only helicopter to be hardened against

all forms of electronic interference, radio jamming and electro-magnetic radiation.

19 - Int. Hall - Day

Two pilots in blue flight suits, clutching helmets make their way outside to the chopper.

They are stopped by Xenia, wearing a revealing dress. She whistles to get their attention.

The pilots turn. She speaks seductively...

Xenia: Shh. I have a small surprise from your friends back at the barracks.

One pilot turns to the other and grins.

Pilot: I think I?ve gone to Heaven!

Xenia: Not yet.

She whips out a pistol and shoots both of them. Xenia is shown next wearing one of the

blue flight suits and the helmet with the visor down.

20 - Ext. Landing Pad - Day

M.C. (O.S.): Now let?s welcome the pilots...Lt. Commander Bernard Jobert and Lt. Francois Bruse.

The ?pilots? wave and board the helicopter. Bond is now on the warship RUNNING

toward the Tiger, but he is pushed against the wall by 2 burly guards. They all watch the

Tiger take off.

Fade out....

21 - Ext. Northern Russia - Evening

A dog team runs through the snow near...Fade up title...

?Space Weapons Control Centre, Severnaya, Russia?

A desolate area, wind blowing snow around a building with a HUGE satellite dish on top

of it. Becha we can get free Pay-Per-View on that sucker...

22 - Int. Weapons Centre - Evening

A bunch of monitors, computers, electronic map of the world occupy the area. We hear a


Woman (O.S.): Select MIR. Autographic projection.

We pan to the right to reveal Natalia Siminova, a beautiful computer programmer, seated

at a computer with postcards of a tropical beach taped to the side.

Natalia: Compute possible intercept with second stage geo-set two.

Whatever that means. We show the monitor. Up pops a window ?Enter Password? along

with a graphic of a woman in a bikini. Natalia sighs and looks at a guy in a chair, playing

with a pen like an idiot. Leather jacket, greasy hair, wire-rim glasses. This program was

obviously designed by this dude. Natalia looks to the woman behind her.

Natalia: Anna.

Anna looks up from her monitor and is obviously disgusted.

Anna: He wouldn?t know a woman if one came up and sat on his head!

Natalia laughs.

Natalia: Bor-ris!

Boris is still playing with the pen.

Natalia: BORIS!

Boris: What?

She signals to her monitor.

Boris: I thought I?d post it on the Internet, no?

Natalia: What?s the password?

Boris: I made it easy this time. Even you should be able to break it, borsht-for-brains.

Alright, alright, I?ll give you a hint. They?re right in front of you, and can open very large


She types in ?Knockers?.

Natalia: You?re such a geek.

We hear an alarm. They turn to Boris? computer.

Boris: Yes! I?m in!

He rolls over to his P.C. and grins.

Natalia: You?ve hacked into the U.S. Department on Justice. You know what will happen

if they trace it here?

Boris: The Chief of Computers will call me a genius, move me to Moscow, and give me a

million bucks hard currency. I think not. Besides the Americans are slugheads, they?ll

never detect me.

Up pops a window ?Unauthorized Access Detected?.

Natalia: You?re saying, slughead.

Boris: Nobody screws with Boris Grishenko.

He types something and up pops a window ?Send Spike?.

Boris: Spiked them!

Natalia: Come on, Boris...

Boris: No way! I spiked them!

?Initiate Search Program. Enter Password?.

Natalia: Alright, what?s the password?

Boris: I?m not going to tell you.

Natalia: OK, let me guess. It?s not in front of me?

Boris shakes his head.

Boris: You sit on it, but you can?t take it with you.

Boris types in 5 characters. A map pops up on-screen. A red line connects cities.

Boris: My program seizes the phone line of whoever?s tracing me and jams their modem

so they get hung up. Now the hunted becomes the hunter.

An F.B.I. screen pops up.

Boris: Whoo!

He types....

Boris: ?Better luck next time, Slugheads!? BAM! GONE! I am invincible!!

Boris leaps up triumphantly with his arms in the air. Other technicians just look at him. He

turns to Natalia.

Boris: Was it good for you, too?

She?s annoyed with him.

Natalia: I?m getting some coffee.

She walks away.

Boris: I?m going for a cigarette.

23 - Ext. Facility - Evening

A sliding door opens and Boris outside with a parka on. Buurrr! Cold! He bites a beat-up

cigarette and lights a zippo. The lighter blows out, and Boris looks up and sees...

The Tiger helicopter fighting the wind, landing in the snow. The cockpit opens, Xenia and

Ourumov jump out.

24 - Int. Severnaya Kitchen - Evening

Natalia is getting a cup of coffee.

25 - Int. Hallway - Evening

Xenia and Ourumov walk down a hallway and stop at a little box on the wall: a

voice-identification system.

Ourumov: General Akadi Gregorovich Ourumov, head of Space Division.

A door opens. Xenia and Ourumov enter...

26 - Int. Severnaya Control Room - Evening

A soldier hurries to address the General. He salutes.

Major: General, if I?d known...

Ourumov: You?d have been ready. This is an unscheduled test of the Severnaya facility,

Major. War simulation. We are going to test via GoldenEye. Report the status.

Major: Two operational satellites, Sir. Petya and Mischa. Both in 90 minute Earth orbit at

100 kilometers.

Ourumov: Good.

He takes out an authority card.

Ourumov: Here is the authorization code. Now the GoldenEye and today?s access

numbers for satellite Petya, please.

He looks at his watch.

Ourumov: I am timing you.

The Major scurries away, slides the card through a slot and presses his hand on an ID pad.

The metal wall opens...revealing a square disk with a large golden crystal in the center:

The GoldenEye. The Major takes the GoldenEye and two keys from its safe and hands

them to the General.

Ourumov: Good. Thank you, Major.

Natalia notices something is going on from her position in the kitchen. Xenia cocks an

automatic rifle and shoots every technician in the room. She is visibly enjoying herself.

Natalia is still in the kitchen, scared to death. Bodies of her co-workers lay everywhere.

Ourumov walks toward a large control panel and slides the GoldenEye in a slot, and hands

a key to Xenia. They slide the keys in...

Ourumov: On my count...3...2...1!

They turn the keys at the same time. It activates the electronic map on the wall.

Ourumov: Set target. Severnaya.

Xenia types in something. Russia lights up in red.

Ourumov: Arm the weapon.

She types once again. Ourumov flips a plastic cover and twists the red dial inside.

27 - Space

A satellite in orbit breaks off its protective cover. CCCP is printed on the side.

28 - Int. Control Room - Evening

Xenia types in a firing code.

29 - Space

The satellite spreads its thrusters.

30 - Int. Control Room - Evening

An alarm sounds ?Weapon Armed?. They hear a noise, and Natalia runs back into the


Ourumov: Check it.

Xenia grabs her gun and runs down to a person who managed to send a distress signal.

She shoots him again.

31 - Int. Kitchen - Evening

Natalia notices a vent in the ceiling. Maybe she can escape that way....

32 - Int. Control Room - Evening

Ourumov: Their best response time is 19 minutes. They?ll be late.

33 - Ext. Russian Air Base - Evening

Three pilots sprint to their aircrafts while an alarm sounds.

34 - Int. Control Room - Evening

Xenia decides to check the kitchen. She notices some spilled coffee. She bends down and

touches it, still hot. She spots the opened vent in the ceiling and fires at it.

Meanwhile, Ourumov secures the GoldenEye and keys inside a briefcase. Both walk out.

Xenia: It?s clean. I had to ventilate someone.

We see a digital timer counting down.

35 - Space

The satellite moves into position.

36 - Ext. Facility - Evening

Xenia and the General load into the chopper and take off.

37 - Ext. Air base - Evening

The three MiGs take off.

38 - Ext. MI6 building - Night

We see the MI6 building as a double-decker bus passes.

39 - Int. Moneypenny?s office - Night

Bond makes his way to Miss Moneypenny?s office. She?s inside wearing an elegant black

dress. James loves this.

Bond: Good evening, Moneypenny.

She looks up and sees James standing in the doorway.

Moneypenny: Good evening, James. M will meet you in the situation room. I?m to take

you straight in.

She walks past him. He watches.

Bond: I?ve never seen you after hours, Moneypenny, lovely.

Moneypenny: Thank you, James.

Bond: Out on some professional assignment? Dressing to kill?

They start to walk down a hall.

Moneypenny: I know you?ll find this crushing, 007, but I don?t sit at home every night

praying for some international incident so I can run down here all dressed up to impress

James Bond. I was on a date, if you must know, with a gentleman. We went to the theater


She presses a few buttons.

Bond: Moneypenny, I?m devastated. What would I ever do without you?

Moneypenny: As far as I can remember, James, you?ve never had me.

The elevator stops and they step out. Bond moves in closer.

Bond: Hope, spring is eternal.

Moneypenny: You know, this sort of behavior could qualify as sexual harassment.

Bond: Really, what?s the penalty for that?

Moneypenny: Someday you have to make good on your innuendoes.

Another door slides open. James keeps staring at her.

Bond: After you, Moneypenny.

Moneypenny: No, I insist. You first.

Bond walks through the door into...

40 - Int. Situation room - Night

Common ?Situation Room?. Satellite photo on the wall, computers, monitors everywhere.

Bill Tanner approaches Bond.

Tanner: Good Evening, Mr. Bond.

Bond: Tanner, What?s up?

Tanner: Sixteen minutes ago, we intercepted a distress call from a supposedly abandoned

radar station at Severnaya. Look what the satellite picked up.

We see a satellite photo on a computer monitor. Pictured is what looks like a

bird?s-eye-view of a helicopter. They zoom in on the image.

Tanner (O.S.): We found a match. Your missing Tiger.

The computer does a scan of the aircraft.

Bond (O.S.): In the middle of northern Russia.

Tanner: Seems like your hunch was right, 007. Too bad the evil queen of numbers won?t

let you play it.

Bond clears his throat, signaling that she?s right behind him. Tanner cringes, and turns

around...slowly. There?s M. A woman with short gray hair, face as hard as stone and a

disposition to match.

M: You were saying?

Tanner: No, I was just...uh...

M: Good, because if I want sarcasm, Mr. Tanner, I?ll talk to my children, thank you very

much. (Pause) Good evening, 007.

Bond: Good evening, M.

M: The Prime Minister?s waiting for an update. Proceed with your briefing, Mr. Tanner.

Tanner: Thank you. After the distress signal, your helicopter took off, and the Russians

scrambled these three MiGs here to intercept it.

He walks to the satellite photo on the wall.

Bond (O.S.): What do you think the Russians were using the base for?

Tanner: Well at one point, we suspected that Severnaya might be the ground station for a

secret space-based weapon system called GoldenEye, but...

M: Our statistical analysis saw they had neither the finance or technology to implement it.

Bond: Numbers were never my strong suite.

M just stares at him.

Bond: Are these pictures live?

Tanner starts to say something when...

M: Unlike the American government, we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN.

41 - Ext. Russian sky - Night

The three MiGs soar through the sky at Mach 2.

42 - Int. Severnaya kitchen - Night

We see a cabinet door open, a pair of eyes peek out. Natalia crawls out.

43 - Ext. Russian sky - Night

The MiGs do a fly-by of the Severnaya facility.

MiG Pilot: Negative, so far. Everything seems normal.

44 - Int. Severnaya - Night

Natalia stands among the bodies of her late co-workers. An alarm sounds. ?Time to

target...3...2...1!? Oh crap.

45 - Space

The satellite gives off a blinding light and a pulse surges.

46 - Ext. Severnaya - Night

A surge ripples though the ground and the dish begins to short circuit.

47 - Int. Severnaya - Night

Electrical explosions fill the room, and Natalia runs and dives under a metal staircase.

48 - Int. MI6 Situation Room - Night

The satellite picture on the wall fizzles out. Nothing but static.

Tanner: What the bloody hell was that?

M is in deep thought.

49 - Ext. Russian sky - Night

The MiGs start to short circuit, all the controls go haywire, the pilot screams. The jet goes

down, two explode in mid-air. The third is still careening toward the dish. It crashes into it

and explodes.

50 - Int. Severnaya -Night

A pipe breaks right next to Natalia?s head. She leaps up from her hiding place, screaming.

She trips on a body and falls. Above her, the rig holding up a bunch of TV monitors

comes crashing down, and stops just before crushing her.

51 - Ext. Severnaya - Night

The dish is still exploding....

52 - Int. Severnaya - Night

Natalia covers up Anna with a cloth. She?s crying now as she walks to the little voice ID

box in the hallway.

Natalia: Natalia Fiodorovna Simonova.

The bars don?t move, duh, the box is obviously busted.


She hears a c r e a k above her. She looks up and walks away. The dish comes

CRASHING down, through the roof! Natalia?s really scared now...but...

53 - Ext. Severnaya - Night

Natalia climbs out the newly revealed exit. From afar we see her, surrounded by fire.

Natalia: Boris!? Boris!?

54 - Int. MI6 Situation Room - Night

Tanner?s on the phone.

Tanner: Thanks.

He hangs up.

Tanner: Our satellite?s knocked out. So are two of the Americans?. We have another

coming into range...now.

The satellite picture on the wall comes back on.

Tanner: Good God. Two of the MiGs are down...

They look at a monitor.

M: And it looks like the third went into the dish.

M turns to Bond, who is still studying the wall.

M: What do you think?

Bond: No lights. Not one single electric light on a thirty-mile radius. (Pause) EMP?

Tanner: Would account for the MiGs and the satellite.

Bond: And the blackout.

Tanner turns to M.

Tanner: Electro-Magnetic Pulse. First strike satellite weapon developed by the...uh..

M: The Americans and Soviets during the Cold War. I read the brief. Discovered after

Hiroshima. Set off a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere, creates a pulse; a radiation

surge that destroys everything with an electronic circuit.

Tanner: The idea being to knock out the enemy?s communication before he, she or they

could retaliate.

M: So, GoldenEye exists.

Bond: Yes.

M: Could this be an accident?

Bond: No. The helicopter. If you wanted to steal the GoldenEye it?s the perfect getaway

vehicle. Setting off the blast was the ideal way to wipe out any trace of the crime.

M: The Janis Group?

Bond: They may have been involved with the helicopter.

He moves to a computer.

Bond: I know the Russian fail-safe systems. You just can?t walk in and ask for the keys to

the bomb. You need the access codes.

On the computer, James zooms in on a small white object, moving. It appears to be a

person. (It?s Natalia)

Bond (O.S.): There had to be an insider.

He looks closer at the monitor.

Bond: And at least one person probably knows who it is.

55 - Ext. Severnaya - Night

Natalia falls into the snow. She hears sled dogs, she runs toward them. We see a dog


56 - Int. M?s Office - Night

M is on the phone.

M: Very well, Sir. Thank you, good night.

She hangs up and turns to Bond.

M: The Prime Minister?s talked to Moscow. They?re saying it was an accident during a

routine training exercise.

007 is seated in a chair, hands folded neatly

Bond: Governments change. The lies stay the same.

M walks around from behind her desk.

M: What else do we know about the Janis Syndicate?

Bond: Top-flight arms dealers headquartered in St. Petersburg. First outfit to reach north

the Iraqis during the Gulf War. Their head man in unreliably described, no photographs.

The woman, Onatopp, is our only confirmed contact.

M: Would you care for a drink?

Bond: Um...thank you. Your predecessor kept some Cognac in the top drawer..

M: I prefer Bourbon.

She pours the drinks.

M: Ice?

Bond: Yes.

She hands a glass to him.

M: We pulled the files on anyone who might had access or authority at Severnaya. Top

name on our list is a friend of yours, I understand...

She sits at her desk and presses a button. A screen in back of her appears with Ourumov?s

ugly face on it.

Bond: Ourumov. They made him a general.

M: He sees himself as the next ?I? man if Russia. Which is why our political analysts rule

him out. He doesn?t fit the profile of a traitor.

Bond is a little annoyed...

Bond: Are these the same analysts who said GoldenEye couldn?t exist, who said the

helicopter posed no immediate threat, and wasn?t worth following?!

M: You don?t like me, Bond. You don?t like my methods. You think I?m an accountant, a

bean counter, more interested in my members than your instincts.

Bond: The thought had occurred to me.

M: Good, because I think you?re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War,

whose boyish charms though wasted on me obviously appeal to the young woman I sent

out to evaluate you.

Bond takes a sip of his drink.

Bond: Point taken.

M: Not quite, 007.

She?s got his attention.

M: If you think for one moment I don?t have the balls to send a man out to die, your

instincts are dead wrong. I have no compunction about sending you to your death. But I

won?t do it on a whim. Even with your cavalier attitude toward life.

She leans forward on her desk...

M: I want you to find GoldenEye, find who took it, what they plan to do with it and stop

it. And if you should come across Ourumov, guilty or not, I don?t want you running off on

some kind of vendetta. Avenging Alec Travelyan will not bring him back.

Bond: You didn?t get him killed.

M: Neither did you. Don?t make it personal.

Bond: (mumbles) Never.

He finishes his drink and gets up. He?s had enough of this...

M (O.S.): Bond.

James turns. M smirks.

M: Come back alive.

57 - Ext. St. Petersburg square - Day

A band plays in a square outside The Winter Palace, the residence of  the Russian Czar until 1918.

58 - Int. Building - Day

Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin watches the band marching from a window. A

serious-looking dude with a gotee. He glances at his watch, then retreats back to a table

with a board of councilors seated. There?s a knock at the door. Gen. Ourumov enters and

removes his hat.

Mishkin: Good morning, General Ourumov.

Ourumov: Defense Minister Mishkin, Gentlemen.

Mishkin: Please, deliver your report.

Ourumov: As this council is aware, 72 hours ago, a secret weapons program codename

GoldenEye was detonated over Severnaya. As head of Space Division, I personally

undertook the investigation. I have concluded this crime was committed by Siberian

separatists, seeking to create political unrest. Incredibly the peaceful work and much

needed hard currency earnings of Severnaya have been set back by several years.

Therefore, I tender my resignation.

The council makes some noise, shaking their heads "Niet" "No".

Mishkin: It seems the council does not want your head, Akadi Gregorovich, merely

your loyal assurance that there are no other GoldenEye satellites.

Ourumov: I can?t give you that assurance, Defense Minister.

Mishkin: And what of the two missing Severnaya technicians?

Ourumov freezes. Two?! Where did two come from?!

Ourumov: I was aware only of the one. Boris Grishenko.

Mishkin glances at a paper...

Mishkin: There was a girl, also, whose body was not among the dead. Natalia Fivoriva

Siminova, a level-two programmer.

Ourumov: I will investigate immediately, Defense Minister.

Mishkin: It would seem presumptuous, General, to blame this incident on Siberian

separatists before the whereabouts of your own people are determined.

The Council looks like a bunch of statues.

Mishkin: Do you agree?

Ourumov: YES, Defense Minister. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Mishkin: That will be all.

The General snaps to attention and puts his hat back on, then exits.

59 - Int. Q Branch - Day, I think...

Bond makes his way to Q?s test lab. The room is full of technicians working on all sorts of

gadgets. Q himself wheels up in a wheelchair with a cast on his left leg.

Bond: Morning, Q. Sorry about the leg. Skiing?

A rocket fires from the cast, exploding in a bright flash.

Q: Hunting!

Across the room a parachute discharges from a BMW. Q and 007 walk toward the car.

Q: Right! Now pay attention, 007. First, your new car. BMW. Agile five-forward gears,

all points radar. Self-destruct system, and naturally, all the usual refinements.

As Q talks, James opens the car door. Jeez, this car is sweet! Blue BMW Z3 Roadster

convertible. Ouch! James proceeds to bug the technician working on the car. He is, of

course, not listening to Q.

Q: Now this, I?m particularly proud of: behind the headlights - Stinger missiles.

Bond is now listening...

Bond: Excellent! Just the thing for unwinding after a rough day at the office.

Q: Need I remind you, 007, that you have a license to kill - NOT to break the traffic laws.

Bond: I wouldn?t think of it.

Q: Good! Right, let?s get on to more practical methods.

They walk to a table. Bond disappears off-screen. Q picks up a belt.

Q: A typical leather belt. Male size 34, buckle - notch.

We see Bond now, he?s playing with a laptop, not listening as usual.

Q: Are you finished?

James quickly closes the laptop, pauses...

Bond: Yes.

Q: Good! A typical leather belt...

Bond: Q! I?m familiar with that device.

Q: Not one with a 75-foot repelling cord built into the buckle. Fire, and out shoots a

petong followed by a high tensile wire designed to support your weight.

Bond: I see. And what if I need additional support?

Q: It?s tested for one, 007.

Behind them, a guy in a white lab coat enters a fake phone booth. An air-bag thing

inflates, trapping the guy inside.

Bond and Q could care less. Q picks up an envelope Bond has been carrying with him. An

x-ray of the envelope appears on a monitor. Looks like a plane ticket. British Airways.

Q: Flight 878 to St. Petersburg.

Q taps a mirrored table.

Q: X-ray document scanner.

He takes out a ?clickey pen? (ya know the kind you have to click to use).

Q: A pen. This is a class-4 grenade. Three clicks arms the four second fuse, another three

disarms it.

As he talks, Q demonstrates the clicks. Bond grabs the pen and clicks it three times.

Bond: How long did you say the fuse was?

Q grabs it back, and disarms it.

Q: Oh, grow up 007.

Bond: Who said the pen was mightier than the sword?

Q: Thanks to me, they were right!

Q walks toward a test dummy while the man stuck in the telephone booth is being wheeled


Q: Look, let?s ask Fred here to demonstrate for us.

He clips the pen in ?Fred?s? pocket as the guy trapped in the phone booth is wheeled


Q: Here we are. Sorry about this Fred...

Q clicks the pen three times.

Q: 1...2...3!

He cowers with his hands over his ears while James looks on. Fred explodes - of course -

his top half scattered around the room.

Q: Don?t say it!

Bond: The writing?s on the wall?

Q: Along with the rest of him.

Bond smirks. Never a dull moment.

Q: Now, 007 do try and...

Q is interrupted by a technician being launched across the room by a blast of air. Nothing

interesting to these guys. Bond picks up a sub sandwich and begins to inspect it, looking

for knives to shoot from it or something.

Q: Do try and return some of this equipment in pristine order...

Q notices what James is doing.

Q: Don?t touch that!

Q grabs the sub.

Q: That?s my lunch!

60 - Ext. Runway - Day

A British Airways jet touches down on the runway in St. Petersburg, Russia.

61 - Ext. Airport Exit - Day

Bond walks from the terminal and spots the guy he?s looking for. Big dude with a stupid

fur hat and a trench coat. Name?s Jack Wade, 007?s CIA counterpart. Bond approaches

him and ventures at casual conversation, otherwise known as code to establish alliance.

Bond: In London, April?s a spring month.

Wade: Aw yeah? And who are you, the weatherman? And fer cryin? out loud! Another

stiff-ass Brit! Yer secret codes and yer passwords. One of these days you guys?re gonna

learn to drop it. Come on, my car?s over there.

Bond is a little annoyed. This guy?s got a chip on his shoulder the size of a two-by-four.

They cross the street to a little blue...um...car - box thing. Bond opens a door.

Bond: After you.

Wade: Thank you.

James whips out his Walther, jamming it into Wade?s chest.

Bond: Like you said...Drop it!

Wade: Alright, in London April?s a spring month, where?s in St. Petersburg we?re freezin?

our butts off. Now is that close enough for government work?!

Bond: No! Show me the rose.

Wade: Please, no.

Bond slams the gun harder.

Wade: Alright! Alright! Alright!

Wade partially drops his pants showing a tattoo of a rose with the word ?Muffy? above it.

Bond looks at it. Ok, he?ll ask...

Bond: Muffy?

Wade: Third wife. Jack Wade. CIA.

Bond: James Bond. Stiff-ass Brit.

Wade: That?s a nice move...

Bond: Nice car.

Wade: Well, she hasn?t let me down yet. She?s like a little bitch, but she gets ya there.

(pause) Hey Bond. Ya do any gardening?

62 - Ext. Train Station - Day

Natalia appears getting off a train, and looks behind her back like she?s being followed.

She only sees two Russian soldiers.

63 - Ext. Plaza - Day

The little blue box that Wade calls a car is sitting in the middle of a square with smoke

coming from the engine (in the trunk, ya know like old VW Beetles). Wade?s trying to fix

it. We move in closer...

Wade: Can ya hand me that wrench, Jimmy?

James picks up a wrench and hands it to Wade.

Bond: So what do you know about Janis?

Wade: Zilch. No one?s ever seen him. But the man?s connected up the gazoo. KGB,

military. Screwdriver.

James picks up a screwdriver from the pile of tools.

Wade: Rumor has it, he lives on one of those old Soviet missile trains. That armored stuff

they used to run around the country so we couldn?t target?em.

Wade stands up.

Wade: Ya wanna hand me that hammer, Jimbo?

Bond picks up a hammer. Wait... ?Jimbo??!

Wade: No, the bigger one. The sledge.

Bond picks up a sledge hammer.

Wade: Anyways, to tell the truth, you don?t find this guy, he finds you.

Wade proceeds to hammer the screwdriver gently into the engine.

Wade: Hell, it?s all Russian Mafia...The best I can do is point you in the direction of his


Wade whacks the engine HARD with the sledge hammer, and roars to life. Bond smirks.

Bond: Who is the competition?

Wade: An ex-KGB guy. Tough mother. Got a limp on his right leg, name?s Zukovsky.

Bond: Valentin Dimitrovich Zukovsky?

Wade: Yeah! You know him?

Bond: I gave him the limp.

64 - Ext. IBM Building - Day

Natalia walks up to a building with the familiar IBM logo on it. She enters.

65 - Int. IBM Building - Day

She walks inside and locates the manager in a room marked "No Access" carrying a CPU. She

knocks on a door to get the guy?s attention. He puts the CPU down.

Manager: Yes?

Natalia: Are these all you have?

She looks around the room at about 10 to 15 computers.

Manager: How many do you want?

She reads from a paper...

Natalia: Twenty-four for the American school, eleven for the Swedish, IBM compatible

with 500 MHz drives and 34 modems.

Yikes. The clerk is surprized.

Manager: You pay dollars?

Natalia: Of course.

Manager: If ma?dam would require a demonstration...

Natalia: Ma?dam requires a demonstration modem and a quiet place to test it.

The manager shows her into a back room.

66 - Int. Boris? computer lab - ?

In an unknown location, we see a screen with Boris? program. ?Incoming E-mail?. Boris

turns around wearing a sweater with the peace sign on it. Funky. He sees who the mail?s


Boris: Natalia!

Types: ?I thought you were dead.?

67 - Int. IBM back room - Day

Natalia is seated at a PC. She types, evidently in an e-mail. ?Ourumov killed everyone,

fired ?Petya?, took GoldenEye?

The manager bursts in the room, scaring the crap out of Natalia.

Manager: Is everything satisfactory?

Natalia: Everything except the interruption.

He leaves.

68 - Int. Boris? computer lab - ?

Boris types: ?You aren?t safe. Trust no-one. Meet me at Our Lady of Smolensk in one


69 - Int. IBM back room - Day

Natalia gets the message, smiles.

70 - Ext. Bridge - Day

The little blue box Wade calls a car drives across a bridge.

Wade (V.O.): Lemme get this straight Jimmy...you shot him in the leg, you stole his car,

you took his girl, now you want Valentin Zukovsky to set you up with Janis?

71 - Ext. Valentin?s club - Day

The car pulls up...

Bond (V.O): Yes.

Wade (V.O.): Well, what are ya gonna do, appeal to his heart?

Bond (V.O.): No, his wallet.

Wade (V.O.): Oh, now that might work...OK, showtime!

The car stops and we see Wade and Bond both stuffed inside. They see two Russians by a


Wade: Valentin operates out of Building 23, there. You sure you wanna do this? The last

guy who dropped in uninvited went home Air Freight. In very small boxes.

Bond: Make sure they send me home First Class.

Bond gets out of the car.

72 - Ext. Church - Day

Natalia walks up to ?Our Lady of Smolnesk?, a church.

73 - Int. Church - Day

She walks inside. Quiet. Very quiet. Extremely Romanesque, like in any other large church

Orthodox church. Natalia looks up at a suspended cross. She waits, looks for Boris. She spots a

suspicious-looking figure in a black cloak, praying. The heavy doors suddenly close by

themselves, almost blowing out some candles. Natalia runs, totally freaked out, back down

the aisle. The figure looks at her, it?s just an old woman. Around the corner she runs into

Boris, she screams.

Boris: Natalia! It?s me! It?s Boris, it?s Boris! Hello! Shhh...

Xenia walks up from behind Natalia...

74 - Int. Valentin?s club - Day

Valentin, a big guy with a limp, walks across his nightclub, zips up a woman?s dress. He talks to


Valentin: Another morning shut the hell(?). The free market economy, I swear it will be the


Suddenly a gun in cocked by his head. We see it?s Bond?s Walther.

Valentin: Walther PPK, 7.65 mm, only three men I know use such a gun...I believe I?ve

killed two of them...

We pan to the right. Yep. Bond.

Bond: Lucky me.

Another gun presses against James? head.

Valentin: I think not.

On a stage, a few girls attempt to sing ?Stand By Your Man?. Really badly. It sounds like

someone set a CD player on fire. But a few men in the audience stay interested, mainly

because of the skimpy costumes.

Bond is being ?escorted? by two henchmen. They throw him on a couch. Valentin sits on a

chair in front of him.

Valentin: James Bond. Charming, sophisticated, secret agent. Shaken, but not stirred...

The Russians laugh...

Bond: I see you haven?t lost your delicate sense of humor, Valentin. Or your need for an

audience. Who?s strangling the cat?

I couldn?t have put it better myself. Valentin looks quizzically where Bond is gazing.

Valentin: Strangling a cat?!

We see the lead singer practically howling ?Stand by your man!!?. Valentin whips out a

gun and shoots the couch right between James? legs...

Valentin: It?s Irina. My mistress.

Bond looks like he just swallowed his words.

Bond: Very talented girl...

Valentin yells to ?his mistress?.

Valentin: Irina!! Take a hike!!!

Irina shuts up and does the ?censored? version of the finger...Hey, this movie?s only rated


Valentin: So, Mr. Bond; what is it that brings you to my neighborhood? Still working for

MI6, or have you decided to join the 21st century? I hear the new M is a lady...

Bond: I want you to do me a favor.

The big Russian laughs.

Valentin: He wants me to do HIM a favor!! My knee aches every single day, twice as bad

when it is cold. Do you have any idea how long the winter lasts in this country? Tell him


Dimitri (O.S.): Well, it depends...

Valentin: Silence!!!!

Bond: For an ex-KGB agent, you surprise me Valentin. Surely someone of your stature

must have realized the skill was not to hit your knee, but to...uh...miss the rest of you.

Valentin: So why did you not kill me?

Bond: Call it professional courtesy.

Valentin reaches for his gun again.

Valentin: Then I should extend you the same courtesy...

Valentin shoots to Bond?s right leg, miss. Left leg, miss again. Valentin aims in

between...that?s a little too close for comfort for James...

Bond: Kerov?s Funeral Parlor, 4 o?clock this afternoon!

He?s got his attention...

75 - Int. Valentin?s office - Day

Bond is seated, Valentin?s getting a drink.

Bond: Two hundred pounds of C4 explosives hidden in a casket. Your man drives the

hearse in. The money?s exchanged. Their man drives the hearse out. Their man will be

arrested with the explosives. Your man will make a miraculous escape with the money.

Your money.

Valentin sits at his desk.

Valentin: And what do I owe for this accommodation?

Bond: I want you to set me up. With Janis.

Valentin: And what has he done to deserve you?

Bond: Stole a helicopter.

Valentin: I have six..

Bond: Three. None that fly.

Valentin: Who?s counting?

Bond: These aren?t criminals Valentin, they?re traitors. They used the chopper to steal a

nuclear weapon, killed a lot of innocent Russians doing it.

Valentin: What do you expect from a Cossack?

Bond: Who?

Valentin: This Janis. I?ve never met the man, but I know he?s a Lienz Cossack.

Bond: (?) Grouped the work for the Nazis against the Russians, second World War.

Valentin: You know your history, Mr. Bond. At the end of the war, the Lienz Cossacks

surrendered to the British in Austria, believing they would join your government and wage

war against the Communists. But the British betrayed them. Sent them back to Stalin who

promptly had them all shot. Women, children, families.

Bond: Not exactly our finest hour.

Valentin: Still, ruthless people. They got what they deserved.

Bond: I want you to set me up with Janis. Tell him I?m asking about the chopper and

meet me tonight at the Grand Hotel Europe.

Valentin: Then you and I are even and he owes me one.

Bond: Precisely.

76 - Ext. Grand Hotel Europe - Night

Bond?s elegant hotel...

77 - Int. Pool Area - Night

We see a shadow moving through the pool water. James surfaces right in front of the

camera, then pushes off the side of the cement pool floating on his back. Nice pool,

circular, with huge pillars surrounding it...we see a door open and someone walks in,

circling the pool. James is still floating peacefully with his blue eyes closed when he

notices someone?s watching him. Wait! Isn?t that...?! He climbs out of the pool. He grabs

a towel and dabs his face. Then he grabs his Walther. James pulls the person by the arm,

pulling them into a steam room. He aims the gun at...Xenia. Wearing only a loose-fitting

robe. James is a little interested. His chiseled body is still soaked, hair slicked

back...looking sexy...

Xenia: You don?t need the gun, Commander.

Bond: That depends on your definition of safe sex.

She comes at him, really close. His only weakness...

Bond: That?s close enough.

Xenia: Not for what I have in mind.

They kiss. James tosses the gun on a massage table. Sigh...never learns...She pulls away,

with his lower lip clenched in her teeth. Ouch! Bond flinches and pushes her to the wall.

He touches his lip, a little blood, but enough to get him pissed off. He goes for the

gun...Xenia kicks him to the ground before he can get it. She jumps on top of him, he rolls

on top of her...yada yada yada. Here we go again...only weakness.

Xenia: You think you can hurt me?

James gets off of her, and goes for the gun again. Xenia pushes him onto the massage

table, and jumps on him. Normally, Bond would love this - but she?s crushing his rib cage.

He gasps, and tries to pry her legs off his torso. He gets up, with Xenia still hanging on

with her legs, and slams her against the wall.

Xenia: You think you can break me?

They kiss again wildly, hasn?t he learned his lesson yet?...She squeezes harder, Bond?s

eyes pop open and he runs slamming Xenia into another wall. Now she?s screaming...he

sits her on the steam grate. Another guy has heard the screaming and Bond swiftly knocks

him out. He flips Xenia over his shoulder, finally off of him. Now he gets the gun and aims

it at her.

Bond: No, no, no. No more foreplay.

He cocks the gun.

Bond: Take me to Janis.

Xenia: (Russian) Bastard!!

78 - Ext. Statue Junk yard - Night

A gray Mercedes pulls up at a junk yard littered not with garbage, but with hundreds of

old stone statues. From before the fall of the Iron Curtain. VERY eerie.

79 - Int. Mercedes - Night

Xenia?s at the wheel, Bond is in back covered in shadow pointing a gun at Xenia.

Bond: This is it?

Xenia: Yes.

He leans forward, puts the gun away.

Bond: Well, I must say, I?ve had a lovely evening. You?

Xenia: Once again, the pleasure was all yours.

Bond: You?ll understand if I don?t call...

Xenia: I won?t loose sleep over it.

He suddenly whacks her in the back of the head, knocking her out.

Bond: Sweet dreams.

80 - Ext. Junk yard - Night

007 steps out of the car, and spots the Tiger helicopter. He draws his gun. This place in

very freaky, folks. Plus it?s dark, and Bond?s eyes start to play tricks on him.

He aims the gun at someone...no. A statue.

Voice (O.S.): Hello, James.

Bond whips the gun around at the voice. Sounds familiar...A dark shadow walks out from

what?s left of a building. Is that who we think it is...? 006 steps into the light. His face is

badly scarred on the right side. Bond stands there, frozen in place...

Bond: (Softly) Alec...?

Alec: Back from the dead. No longer than just an anonymous star on the memorial wall at


Bond is still frozen, his blue eyes wide.

Alec: What?s the matter, James? No glib remark? No pithy comeback?

Bond: (Softly) Why...?

Alec laughs.

Alec: Hilarious question. Particularly from you. Would you ever ask why? Why we

toppled all those dictators, undermined all those regimes? Only to come home ?Well done!

Good job, but sorry ol? boy! Everything you?ve risked your life and limb for has changed!?

Bond: It was the job we were chosen for.

Alec: Of course you?d say that. James Bond, Her Majesty?s loyal terrier. ?Defender of the

so-called Faith?.

007?s had enough, he raises his gun.

Alec: Oh, please James. Put it away. It?s insulting to think I haven?t anticipated your every


Bond relaxes his arm.

Bond: Yes...I trusted you, Alec.

Alec: Trust. What a quaint idea.

Bond: How did the MI6 screening miss that your parents were Lienz Cossacks?

Alec: Once again your faith was misplaced. They knew. We?re both orphans, James.

While your parents had the luxury of dying in a climbing accident, mine survived the

British betrayal and Stalin?s execution squads. But my father couldn?t let himself or my

mother live with the shame of it. MI6 figured I was too young to remember. And one of

life?s little ironies, their son goes to work for the government who caused a father to kill

himself and his wife.

Bond: Hence, Janis. Two-faced Roman god come to life

Alec: It wasn?t God who gave me this face...It was you! Setting the timers to three

minutes instead of six.

Bond: Am I suppose to feel sorry for you?

Alec: No. You were suppose to die for me. And by the way, I did think of asking you to

join my little scheme, but somehow I knew 007?s loyalty was always to the mission, never

to his friend. (Pause) Closing time, James. Last call!

Bond goes to raise his gun, but a quick shot is fired. A tranquilizer hits his neck, and Bond

collapses. We see a sniper in the background reveal his position. Alec stands over James.

Alec: For England, James.

81 - Int. Tiger Cockpit - Night

James wakes up and finds himself inside the cockpit of the helicopter. There?s someone

behind him...it?s Natalia SCREECHING...


Bond is totally awake now. Gee.

Bond: I?m here, I?M HERE!!

Natalia (O.S.): Hurry! Hurry up! Pull yourself together, or we?re gonna die!

There?s a screen in front of him ?Time to Launch?. Oh great. Bond attempts to free

himself, but his hands are tied to tightly.

Natalia: Do something! You?ve got to get us out of here!!

Bond is still struggling...

Bond: I?m...a little...tied up! Nevermind...

?Time to Launch :19? He tries to hit the controls with his head, it?s not gonna work. The

rotor is starting to turn now...?Launch :00? Bond eyes the chopper?s heat-seekers deploy.

Oh, crap. Two of them fire and trail back at them. Bond looks for the EJECT

button...there it is! He tries to hit it with his head. Once...twice...third time?s a charm! The

rotors fly off and the entire cockpit ejects in the nick of time. The helicopter explodes, the

parachute discharges, and they land safely on the ground. Bond finally gets the ropes

untied, and he hops out of the cockpit.

Bond: The things we do for frequent-flyer mileage...

He opens the canopy for Natalia.

Bond: Here, let me help you...that?s it...mind your head...

He helps her out. She kicks him in the shin. Ouch! She starts to run away, but 007 grabs

arm and tries to calm her down as headlights shine on them. Soldiers pop out of the trucks

aiming their weapons. Natalia finally stops struggling.

82 - Ext. Square - Night/early morning

James and Natalia are escorted to a building which could be anything from a jail to a

government office.

83 - Int. Interrogation Room - Early morning

James and Natalia walk into a interrogation room handcuffed together. The sun is just

starting to come up. Not much in here, just a barren brick room. A guard removes the

cuffs and exits, the large metal door slamming behind him. Bond looks to Natalia, who

backs away to the wall.

Bond: Who are you?

No answer. He walks toward her.

Bond: Listen, I?m on your side. I?m here to help.

Natalia: I don?t know anything.

Bond: I don?t believe you.

Natalia: I don?t care what you believe...

Bond: Look, they might be back for us any minute. You either take your chances with me

or your fellow countrymen who killed everyone at Severnaya.

Bond is in her face, being a tough guy. Natalia pulls away from him.

Natalia: I?ve never been to Severnaya.

Bond grabs her arm and looks at her watch.

Bond: Your watch has. Frozen by the GoldenEye blast. And I?m willing to bet you?re the

one who climbed out the dish to get out.

He?s got her attention.

Natalia: Who are you?

Bond: I work for the British government. The more you tell me, the more I can help you.

Natalia: I said I don?t know anything!!

Bond: Then let?s start with what you do know.

She sits on the table in the middle of the room. She might as well tell him.

Natalia: My name is Natalia Siminova. I was a systems programmer at the Severnaya


Bond: Go on...

Natalia: Until they killed everyone.

Bond: Who? Alec Travelyan?

Natalia: No. I don?t know who that is.

Bond: Who?s the insider, who?s the traitor?

Natalia: Boris. Boris Grishenko.

Bond: KGB or military?

Natalia: Computer programmer.

Bond: There was no one else?

Natalia: No. They?re going to kill me, aren?t they?

Bond: Trust me.

Natalia: Trust you. I don?t even know your name.

The door clicks open and the Defense Minister enters, wearing a fedora hat. The following

dialogue is delivered coldly, like two brothers fighting over the remote.

Mishkin: Good morning, Mr. Bond. Sit.

He walks around the table and sits down. James and Natalia do too.

Mishkin: I?m Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin. By what means shall we execute you

Commander Bond?

Bond: What, no small talk? No...chit-chat? That?s the trouble with the world today;

no-one takes the time to do a really sinister interrogation anymore. It?s a lost art.

Mishkin: Your sense of humor doesn?t slay me, Commander, I?m sorry. Where is the


Bond: I assumed you had it.

Mishkin: I have an English spy, a Severnaya programmer, a helicopter stolen...

Bond: At least that?s what some traitor in your government wanted it to look like...

Mishkin: Who was behind your attack on Severnaya...?

Bond: Who had the authorization codes...?

Mishkin: Russia may have...the penalty for terrorists is death...

Bond: And what?s the penalty for treason...?

Natalia: Oh, stop it! Both of you! Stop it. You?re like...boys with toys.


Natalia: It was Ourumov. General Ourumov set off the weapon. I saw him do it.

Bond turns his head slowly toward Natalia. Mishkin is pleased.

Mishkin: Are you certain it was Ourumov?

Natalia: Yes. He killed everyone and stole the GoldenEye.

Mishkin: And why would he do that?

Natalia: There is another satellite.

Mishkin: Another GoldenEye. Thank you, Miss Siminova. You were saying something

about the lost art of interrogation, Mr. Bond?

Ourumov barges in the room, visibly enraged.

Ourumov: Defense Minister! I must protest! This?s my investigation! You?re out of


Mishkin: (Russian)  Idle praddle. (English) From what I?m hearing, it is YOU who is out of order!

Ourumov picks up the PPK...

Ourumov: I?ve seen this gun before...

Mishkin: Put it down General! Put it down!

Ourumov: Do you even know who the enemy is? DO YOU!

Mishkin: Guards!!

Ourumov quickly shoots a guard as well as Mishkin. Bond hits the deck, pulling Natalia

with him. He slides out the clip, takes the bullets, slips the empty clip back into the gun.

He thinks aloud...

Ourumov: Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin murdered by British agent James Bond.

He tosses the gun to 007.

Ourumov: Who was shot while trying to escape...GUARD!

Bond, who?s still on the ground, pushes a chair underneath the General, knocking him

over. Then Bond punches him and runs him into a metal pipe. A soldier comes in the

room, Bond beats him up and grabs his weapon, then pulls Natalia out the door with him.

Bond: Come on!

84 - Int. Hallway - Morning

Both of them run out the door and up some stairs, Bond shooting soldiers as they run,

sliding on the floor, the whole bit. To his right, left, more are coming. They flee through

another door.

85 - Int. Archive Hall - Morning

The pair run through a room on the second floor. Well, it?s not really a floor - it?s just

metal grating. Shelves full of boxes and old paper occupy the room. More soldiers are

coming. Bond pushes a bookcase over, creating a domino effect we?ve seen in cartoons.

Ourumov: They?re in the archives!

The falling bookcases barricade a door shut, cutting off Ourumov and company.

Ourumov: NO!

They take an alternate route. Bond and Natalia look out a window at a lot filled with

trucks and...tanks. They run. Soldiers burst through another door. Natalia is hiding behind

a shelf when a few books fall over. The General knows their location now...The Russians

are on the first floor, and they hear Bond running above them. The soldiers fire, Bond fires

back, running in front of Natalia. Bond and Natalia stop, and he removes the belt Q gave

him. He smirks.

Bond: Trust me.

They stand up and run, but Natalia crashes through some loose grating right into

Ourumov?s arms. He?s got her. It?s too risky to try and save her now. Bond fires the belt.

Hey! It works...He swings across the room, kicks over a soldier and crashes through a

window into the back of a truck.

86 - Ext. Back Lot - Morning

James jumps down from the truck and hides beside a tank.

Bond?s P.O.V. - Natalia being carried off by Ourumov. They get in a car.

Ourumov: Go! Now!

It drives away but two more truck-fulls of Russian soldiers enter the lot. Bond eyes a tank. Number 343...here we go, folks. The

next sequence cuts back and forth from the tank to the car to the street etc. so I won?t

break up the action.

87 - Ext. Streets of St. Petersburg - Morning

Ourumov?s car speeds away, but behind it a TANK crashes through a solid brick wall. We

see Bond poke his head out.

Ourumov: Faster!

The tank is close behind the car, cutting turns a little too closely. Ourumov?s car is slowed

by traffic.

Ourumov: Damn! Go down the alley!

The car peels out through a narrow alley. Tight squeeze...007 notices this too and ducks

below. He follows creating a MUCH larger alley. Ourumov takes a swig of his liquor

flask. The two jeeps following the tank fly off into the water, exploding.

Ourumov: Use the bumper! That?s what it?s for!

So the driver continues. Bond takes a corner, but there are two jeeps in his way. He stops

the tank. Do they really want to play chicken with a tank?

Soldier: (Russian) Back up! (?)

They do. Bond moves forward. The soldiers fire and 007 ducks below again. A 13-car

pile-up clogs the road, but not if you?re in a tank. Bond runs right over it. The tank

catches up with the car in a square with a statue in the middle. Both vehicles run over

anything in their path: traffic. Bond crashes through a truck with boxes of Perrier on it.

he?s headed right for the statue now, a winged horse. Yep, he hits it too. The bronze

portion in now riding on top of the tank.

Ourumov: Go left!

They do. An archway looks a little low...the statue gets caught in it for a second, hangs

there, then drops on two persuing police cars, the statue riding between them. Bond

abruptly halts the tank and the cars collide with the backside of the tank. Bond looks back

at the damage, coolly straightens his tie and continues. Meanwhile, Ourumov?s car comes

screeching to a halt near a black armored train, red star on the side.

Ourumov: Get out!

He pulls Natalia out. Xenia jumps down from the train. Ourumov pushes Natalia aboard.

Bond is just pulling up, he?s watching now and we can see in his eyes that he?s got an


The tank continues. The train lurches forward.

88 - Int. Train - Morning

Inside the train, Ourumov brings Natalia into a car with elegant furnishings. Alec is eating

breakfast with an expensive silver tea set. He dabs his mouth with a napkin. Xenia sits

behind him.

Alec: You brought me the perfect gift, General Ourumov. You?ve made me a very

unhappy man.

Ourumov: Mishkin got to him before I could.

Alec: Bond is alive?

Ourumov takes out his flask again.

Ourumov: He escaped.

Alec: Good for Bond. Bad for you.

He eyes Natalia and attempts to be a gentleman.

Alec: Take a seat, my dear.

She does. He walks behind her and kneels down.

Alec: You know, James and I shared everything. Absolutely everything...

He pulls back her hair from her face.

Alec: To the victor go the spoils.

89 - Ext. Tracks - Morning

The train travels down the tracks and Bond?s tank pulls up in a tunnel.

90 - Int. Train - Morning

Alec tries to kiss Natalia, she resists.

Alec: You?ll like it where we?re going...

91 - Ext. Tracks - Morning

Bond?s tank is still sitting there. The driver of the train notices the obstruction.

92 - Int. Train - Morning

Alec kisses Natalia.

Alec: You may even learn to like me...

He kisses her again, full on the lips this time. She squirms...and slaps him

Natalia: (Russian) Bastard!

An alarm sounds.

Alec: (To Ourumov) Stay with her.

Alec and Xenia run to a monitor showing Bond?s tank parked in the tunnel.

Alec: Bond. Only Bond.

Xenia: He?s going to derail us...

Alec talks to the conductor with a radio.

Alec: Full speed!

Conductor: (Russian) What?

Alec: Full speed!! Ram him!

Xenia?s grinning, the conductor sounds a whistle. Alec and Xenia brace themselves for a


93 - Ext. Tracks - Morning

The train speeds forward toward the tank. Bond fires the main gun, making the train into a

speeding fireball. James jumps from the tank crouches in the brush. The train and tank

collide, stopping the train in its tracks.

94 - Int. Train - Morning

It looks like an earthquake hit in here. Natalia recovers from the shock and runs for the

door. Ourumov grabs her.

Xenia and Alec are still on the floor. Alec comes to and tries to pounce on a gun. A foot

pins it to the ground. It?s Bond. Pointing a machine gun at 006. Alec lies on the ground.

Alec: Why can?t you just be a good boy and die?

Bond: You first. (To Xenia) You, second. UP!

Both stand up.

Alec: Situation analysis: hopeless. You have no back-up, no escape route. And I have the

only bargaining chip.

Bond: Where is she?

Alec: Ah, yes. Your fatal weakness. (into a radio) Ourumov, bring her in. (to Bond)

Lovely girl. Tastes like...strawberries.

Bond: I wouldn?t know...

Alec: I would.

Xenia is licking her leather-clad fingers. Bond hears Ourumov bring Natalia into the room

behind him. With a gun pointed to her head I might add.

Alec: So, we?re back to where we started, James. The friend or the mission? Drop the

gun, I let her live.

Bond: Ourumov, what has this Cossack promised you?

Ourumov is listening...

Bond: You knew, didn?t you? He?s a Lienz Cossack.

Alec: It?s in the past...

Bond: He?ll betray you! Just like everyone else.

Ourumov: Is this true?

Alec: What?s true is that in 48 hours you and I will have more money than God. And Mr.

Bond here will have a small memorial service, with only Moneypenny and a few tearful

restitures in attendance. So, what?s the choice, James? Two targets, time enough for only

one shot. The girl or the mission?

Bond: Kill her. She means nothing to me.

Alec: See you in Hell, James.

Bond makes his move. He spins around and shoots Ourumov, then turns and shoots at

Alec, but he got away. Armor clicks into place around the doors and windows. Bond runs

to every door, plays with the roof looking for a chink in the armor.

Bond: One-inch armor plating.

Natalia: I?m fine, thank you very much.

She sits at a computer. Bond is still fiddling with the roof.

Natalia: Boris! Yes!

Bond brings his arms down.

Bond:What are you doing?

Natalia: Boris is online backing up his files. If I can spike him, I may be able to find out

where they?re going.

Bond has NO idea what all that means.

Bond: Oh.

Natalia: Well, don?t just stand there! Get us out of here!

Bond: Yes, sir.

95 - Ext. Train - Morning

The top of the train retracts to reveal a little Robinson helicopter.

96 - Int. Train - Morning

Bond is pulling up carpet, trying to find a place to cut through.

97 - Int. Robinson - Morning

Alec and Xenia are seated in the chopper.

98 - Int. Train - Morning

We see the screen with Boris? program. An intercom sounds.

Alec (V.O.): Good luck with the floor, James. I set the timers for six minutes. The same

six minutes you gave me.

99 - Int. Robinson - Morning

Alec: It was the least I could do for a friend.

He laughs, really sinister folks...

100 - Int. Train - Morning

Natalia: What does that mean?

Bond: We?ve got three minutes.

He takes off his watch.

101 - Ext. Train - Morning

The little chopper flies away.

102 - Int. Boris? Unknown Location - Who knows???

Boris is seated at a computer, twirling a pen around his fingers.

103 - Int. Train - Morning

Natalia is sending a SPIKE. ?Spike Sent?

104 - Int. Boris? Location - ?????

Boris notices the problem, and he freezes.

105 - Int. Train - Morning

Bond is burning through the floor with the laser from his watch. Natalia is trying to figure

out Boris? password... ?butt?...no. ?Arse?...no. ?Buns?...no. ?Rear?...no!

Natalia: What else do you call your butt?

Bond: What?!

Natalia: It?s Boris? password, he plays word games. It?s what I sit on, but I can?t take it

with me...

Bond: Chair.

Natalia: Like I said...

She tries it...BINGO! ?Starting Search?

Bond (O.S.): Thirty seconds...

A map pops up. A red line etches cities together.

Natalia (O.S.): He?s not in Russia, Germany, Paris, London, Madrid...

Bond (O.S.): Twenty-five seconds...

Natalia (O.S.): New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco...

Bond: Twenty seconds...!

Bond jumps on the floor, trying to break it.

Natalia: Mexico City, Rio, Miami...

106 - Int. Boris? Location - ????

Boris opens a large CPU and rips the circuit boards out, in an attempt to cut the tracer.

107 - Int. Train - Morning

Bond finally kicked the floor in. He grabs her arm.

Bond: Come on!

Natalia: Wait! He?s in Cuba! Havana, no...

?Disconnected Search Program?

Bond: NOW!

He pulls her away and they both jump down the hole in the floor.

108 - Ext. Train - Morning

They roll out from under the train and sprint away from the ticking bomb. The train

explodes and they fall to the ground. They sit up and watch the burning train. Natalia turns

to Bond.

Natalia: Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?

Bond: Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys!

Natalia: Hmmm. Maybe I should take care of our transportation for our trip to Cuba.

Bond puts his watch back on. Wait...

Bond: Our trip...?

Natalia: You know how to disarm the weapon?

Bond: Well, I suppose that depends on what kind of weapon you?re talking about


She smiles and moves in closer...

Natalia: Tell me, are there any other standard operating procedures I should be aware of,


Bond: Thousands...but I only pay them...

They kiss.

Bond: Lip service.

They kiss again. We fade into...

109 - Ext. Tropical Road - Day

A beautiful beach. Obviously somewhere in the Carribean. Some island near Cuba. Palm

trees and all. Sweet! We pan over to the right, as the blue BMW convertible vvrooms

down a dirt road. Bond?s driving...nice sunglasses...Natalia is in a flowered dress. She

grins. He grins back.

Natalia: My whole life I?ve dreamed of coming to the Carribean. It?s so beautiful. Not

another human being in sight.

An alarm sounds in the car. A blue screen - a GPS tracking system - pops up. There?s

something behind them...Natalia looks up. A Cesna touches down on the road, right in

front of the BMW.

Natalia: What is it with you and moving vehicles?!!

The plane stops, and the BMW screeches to a halt. Wade hops out with a loud Hawaiian

shirt on. He?s holding a bag. Bond and Natalia get out of the car.

Wade: Yo! Jimbo! Brought a little gift from ol? whats-his-name - T? Z?

Bond: Q.

Bond looks in the bag.

Bond: What are you doing here, Wade?

Wade is looking at some of the trees.

Wade: Banion trees... Why, I?m not here. The CIA has no knowledge, no involvement.

Absolutely nothin? to do with your insertion into Cuba, if ya catch my drift.

Bond slips his shades into his shirt pocket.

Bond: Yes I do, perfectly.

Wade: Borrowed the plane from a friend o? mine in the DEA. Now the Coast Guard and

the FAA are both in the loop. You?re cleared on our radar til 06.00 hours.

Wade picks up a piece of paper in the plane.

Wade: Here?s the latest SAT CAM from Langley. Stay below 600 feet.

Natalia studies the paper.

Natalia: Five hundred feet.

Wade: Who?s that?

Bond: Natalia Simonova.

He pronounces it wrong.

Natalia: Natalia Siminova.

Bond: Russian Minister of Transportation.

Wade signals with his staw hat for Bond to talk with him ?privately?. They move a few


Wade: Did you check her out?

Bond gets that look in his eye...

Bond: Head-to-toe.

Wade grins.

Wade: Right...So yer lookin? fer a dish the size of a football field, huh? Doesn?t exist. Ya

can?t light a cigar in Cuba without us seein? it!

Natalia: I know it?s there. It?s a duplicate of Severnaya, like you secret transmitters in

New Zealand.

Wade: I?ve never been to New Zealand. (to Bond) How?s she know ?bout that?!

Bond: What if I need back-up?

Wade: Get on the radio. I?ll send in the Marines! Anyway hang a left at the end of the

runway, Cuba?s seven miles on yer right.

Wade walks up to the BMW.

Bond: Yo, Wade.

Bond tosses the keys to Wade. He catches them in his hat.

Bond: Just one thing...

Wade hops in.

Wade: Yeah?

Bond: Don?t push any of the buttons on that car.

Wade: I?m just gonna go bombin? around in it!

Bond: Exactly.

Wade: Yo James. I got faith. But be careful. He knows yer comin?.

Wade speeds away. Bond and Natalia are left with the plane.

110 - Ext. Beach - Evening

James is sitting on a beach outside their beach-house, deep in thought. Natalia approaches

him wearing a white bikini. For once, our 007 doesn?t seem to care... Somethin?s wrong.

She sits beside him.

Natalia: He was your friend...Travelyan?

James glances at her. No answer.

Natalia: And now he?s your enemy and you will kill him. It is that simple.

Bond: In a word...yes.

Natalia: Unless he kills you first.

Bond: Natalia...

Natalia: You think I?m impressed?! All of you! Your guns, your killing, your death...for

what?! So you can be a hero? All the heroes I know are dead.

Bond: Natalia, listen to me...

Natalia: How can you act like this? How can you be so cold?

Bond: It?s what keeps me alive.

Natalia: No. It?s what keeps you alone.

She starts to get up but he pulls her back down to a kiss. She pulls away, but then kisses

him, harder. We fade up on...

111 - Int. Bedroom - Night

A fire burns brightly as we fade up. It?s the bedroom of the place they?re staying. We pan

to the right and reveal James sleeping peacefully on the bed. Shirt off. Probably more, but

we can?t see. A voice...

Natalia (O.S.): James?

His blue eyes open. Barely above a whisper...

Bond: Yes?

Natalia appears from beside him on the bed, wrapped among the sheets. She rolls on top

of him.

Natalia: On the train, when you told them to kill me - and that I meant nothing to

you...did you mean it?

They stroke each other?s hair. He smiles...slowly.

Bond: Yes.

Natalia looks at him weird...

Bond: Basic rule. Always call their bluff.

Natalia takes a pillow and playfully smothers him with it. Bond?s laughing...they grin and

kiss again passionately.

112 - Ext. Cuban sky - Day

The little plane soars over blue water and up a cliff with dense vegetation. Ahhh...Cuba.

113 - Int. Plane - Day

James and Natalia, both dressed in camouflage green, sit in the cockpit. Natalia has a flight

map in front of her, and is telling James where to fly.

Natalia: Turn ten degrees south, bearing 184.

Bond: Yes, sir.

She laughs. They fly over a crystal blue lake.

Natalia: Nothing. There is nothing here.

Bond: Let?s make another pass.

They do. Bond looks out.

Bond: Maybe Wade was right, maybe there is no dish.

He spoke too soon. A ground-to-air missile fires from the water and hits the wing of the

Cesna. They?re going down...Bond tries to land in the water, a little off...they?re gonna

crash into forest! He pulls both their heads down below the windshield, brace yourselves,

folks...make sure your seats and tray-tables are in the upright and locked position...the

little plane skids off the surface of the lake and hits the trees, breaking what?s left of the

wings off. It finally slows to a halt.

114 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

We see Bond?s arm poke out of the broken windshield. They?re alive, a bit shaken...not

stirred -- sorry, I had to! Natalia appears to be knocked out. Bond kicks the door open.

He carries her -- well, more accurately, he drags her -- out into the open. Yep, she?s quite

unconscious. He drops her to the ground and collapses on top of her.

Bond: Natalia...?

No answer. Duh. He rolls off her, lays on his back and passes out. Time passes, we fade

up on Bond?s closed eyes. Come on, open up! Let?s see those beautiful blue eyes! They

open, groggily. Yep, that?s a Scorpion helicopter we see. So does Bond. A rope drops

from the chopper. Bond attempts to get up, still dazed. We see a person slide down the

rope. Bond?s on his feet, still out of it, he stares up at the person. It?s Xenia, who else?

Xenia?s P.O.V. - Knocks Bond to the ground.

She kicks him again, then pulls him by the collar.

Xenia: This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

She licks his face as she crushes his ribs again. Bond struggles, in pain. Natalia has woken

up...She tries to whack Xenia with a big stick, but Xenia?s too quick. She knocks it to the

ground, and grabs Natalia by the face.

Xenia: Wait for your turn!

She bangs Natalia with her forehead, knocking her out. Bond has recovered, and he clips

the rope to Xenia?s harness and uses her machine gun to shoot down the chopper pilot --

bulls-eye! The helicopter goes down, yanking the rope, and Xenia, along with it. She is

pulled through the air, screaming, and slammed against a tree. She struggles for a few

seconds, but falls silent. The chopper explodes in a bright flash, and our heroes duck to the

ground. Bond looks at Xenia, dangling from the tree.

Bond: She always did enjoy a good squeeze.

115 - Int. Control deck - Day

We cut to inside a large control room, its location still unknown. Travelyan walks down

the stairs, dressed in black -- the quintessential eeevil color. He walks through a glass door

to where Boris is sitting at a station of computers.

Alec: Is the satellite in range?

Boris: Six minutes.

He?s waited long enough.

Alec: Prepare the dish.

Boris answers back -- smugly. Bad idea.

Boris: No it is too early! I am not ready.

Alec: Do it!!

Alec walks away. Fine. If he wants it now, he?ll get it now.

116 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

Bond and Natalia push on through a dense jungle. They see a large satellite dish rising

from the water. Like the one in Severnaya. Free pay-per-view...ok I?ll shut up.

Bond: No wonder we couldn?t see it.

The dish is still rising.

Bond: Come on.

We cut to a full view of the dish, then we see James and Natalia running toward it.

117 - Int. Control deck - Day

Alec opens the protective case and pulls the GoldenEye out. He faces Boris.

Alec: The world?s greatest cash card.

Travelyan hands it to an eager Boris, but doesn?t take his hands off the GoldenEye.

Alec: It had better not be rejected.

Boris grabs it and slips it into the slot.

118 - Ext. Dish - Day

The lake water drains now and reveals the ?dish? part of the satellite. Bond glances at


119 - Ext. Outer space

We see the GoldenEye satellite in orbit.

120 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

Bond walks closer to the camera, watching...the water keeps draining.

121 - Ext. Road - Day

Bond and Natalia run along a road, closer to the dish.

122 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris is playing with a pen. He glances at a monitor.

Boris: Mischa is online.

A soldier approaches Alec and hands him a hand-held video screen. Alec looks at it. We

see live footage of Bond and Natalia climbing down closer to the dish.

Soldier: Sir!

Alec: Kill him. The man just won?t take a hint...

Boris: Target coordinates...?

Alec: Target is London.

123 - Int. Engine room - Day

Gears grind inside an engine room, moving the antenna into position.

124 - Ext. Dish - Day

Bond and Natalia notice the movement.

Natalia: He?s getting ready to signal the satellite.

Bond: How do you stop it?

Natalia: The transmitter above the...

She is interrupted by shots fired at them. They duck, then dive into the dish. Travelyan?s

soldiers are still firing at them as they slide faster and faster down into the bottom of the

dish. We notice there?s a drop in the center where all the water must have drained into.

Bond stops himself, bracing his feet at the ledge of the drop, then catches Natalia. He

looks into the hole. We see a circular door in the bottom.

125 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris is still seated at the computers.

Boris: Antenna in position.

Alec hands Boris one of the two operational keys. They slip them into their slots.

Alec: On my count...3...2...1!

They turn them at the same time. The same map we saw in Severnaya appears on the

wall-size screen. A line moves to intercept London.

126 - Outer space

Mischa moves into orbit.

127 - Int. Control deck - Day

Alec twists a red dial. ?Weapon Armed?

Alec: God save the Queen.

128 - Int. Facility - Day

Bond and Natalia climb down a ladder below the dish into the facility. Every soldier is on

alert. The good guys move around stealthily as the soldiers shout out things in Spanish.

Natalia spots a console to the mainframe.

Natalia: The mainframe computer.

Bond: Don?t move!

He takes off. James shoots two guards with the Walther, and hides behind a pillar. He

notices Natalia climbing down a ladder to the mainframe, despite his orders. Since when

do women ever stay still! End up saving his butt, too...Anyway, 007 fires at the soldiers

again. He takes out two funky-looking detonators, no doubt from Q. He arms them.

Soldiers get into better positions, aim at Bond. James realizes he?s outnumbered

drastically. He slides the PPK across the floor and shows himself with his arms raised.

A soldier shoves him against a wall, pats him down, looking for more weapons. Another

soldier grabs him by the collar of his combat vest. We pan to the left showing...the

detonators planted on a tank of a pinkish, probably flammable liquid. We see the substance

pouring out through a few bullet holes.

Meanwhile, the soldiers are bringing Bond down the stairs to the control deck. We see

Natalia poke her head out from behind a tank. She runs back into...

129 - Int. Mainframe - Day

Inside a room that houses a terminal for the mainframe computer, Natalia sits down and

begins to type...

130 - Int. Control deck - Day

The soldiers escort Bond to where Alec is standing near Boris. His former friend notices


Alec: James! What an unpleasant surprise.

Bond: We aim to please.

Alec: Where?s the girl?

No answer from Bond. Like we expected one... Alec turns to his henchmen.

Alec: Find her!!

A few soldiers hurry to find her. On the table are the things that were found in Bond?s

pockets; the Walther, a pen (Q?s pen...), and Bond?s passport. Alec fingers through them.

He picks up the pen. Of course he knows it?s not just a pen...

Alec: So how is ol? Q? Up to his usual tricks? The watch.

Bond sheds his watch. Alec compares it to his own. Slightly different.

Alec: Ah. New model. Still press here, do I?

He presses a button, we cut to see the detonators disarm. The pink liquid is really starting

to flood now...

131 - Int. Mainframe - Day

Natalia is still typing at the computer terminal.

132 - Int. Control deck - Day

We see a screen. Looks to me something similar to PC Banking. LOADS of cash. Bond

knows what?s going on...

Bond: Interesting set-up, Alec. You break into the Bank of England via computer and

transfer the money electronically. Just seconds before you set off the GoldenEye, which

erases any record of the transactions. Ingenious.

Alec: Thank you, James.

Bond: But it still boils down to petty theft. In the end you?re just a bank robber. Nothing

more than a common thief.

Well, that pisses Alec off. He stands up, very annoyed. Bond just has a special way of

getting people mad at him...

133 - Int. Mainframe - Day

The soldiers have located Natalia in the mainframe. She?s almost done... They grab her,

but she manages to click ?ENTER?. ?Encryption in Progress?. Ouch.

134 - Int. Control deck - Day

Alec: You always did have a small mind, James. It?s not just erasing bank records, it?s

everything on every computer in Greater London. Tax records. Stock market. Credit

ratings. Land registries. Criminal records. In sixteen minutes and 43...42 seconds the

United Kingdom will re-enter the Stone Age.

As he speaks, he circles Bond.

Bond: A world-wide financial meltdown. And all so mad little Alec can settle a score with

the world, 50 years old.

Alec: Oh, please James. Spare me the Froud. I might as well ask for all those vodka

martinis that?ll silence the screams of all the men you?ve killed.

Natalia is brought into the room now. Alec glances at her.

Alec: Or if you?ll find forgiveness in the arms of all those willing women. For all the dead

ones you?ve failed to protect. England is about to learn the cost of betrayal. Inflation

adjusted from 1945.

He turns to Natalia.

Alec: Welcome to the party, my dear.

Boris finally looks up to see who has just ?joined the party?.

Boris: Natalia!!

Natalia lunges at him and punches him in the face, he falls to the ground, cowering under

the desk as Natalia continues to beat him up. Soldiers finally pull her away. Alec smirks.

Boris puts his glasses back on. He?s still on the floor, twirling a pen nervously around his

fingers. He gets up, visibly mad. Hey, wait a minute...! That?s Bond?s grenade pen! Boris

faces Natalia.

Boris: Don?t ever do that again!!

Natalia: This is not one of your games, Boris. Real people will die! You pathetic little


Boris goes to hit her, but Alec grabs his arm.

Alec: She was in the mainframe! Check the computer!

Boris yanks his arm free from Alec?s grasp.

Boris: She?s a moron. A second level programmer. She works on the guidance systems.

Natalia looks as if she?d spit in Boris? face.

Boris: She doesn?t even have access to the firing codes.

He spoke too soon. An alarm sounds. Boris runs to a computer. Natalia smirks.

Boris: Retro-Rockets firing!

135 - Space

Rockets fire from the satellite, moving it into the atmosphere.

136 - Int. Control deck - Day

We see a screen. Yep. ?Retro-Rockets Firing?. Boris types away, twirling the pen with his

right hand, clicking it a few times here and there. Bond watches the pen very attentively.

Alec: What the hell?s happening?!

Boris: We?ll have re-entry in...12 minutes!

?Mission Aborted?

Natalia: It?ll burn up somewhere over the Atlantic.

Alec: Deal with it!

Boris: She changed the access codes!

Alec: Then she can fix it...!!

Alec takes out a pistol and shoves it in Bond?s jaw.

Natalia: Go ahead, shoot him. He means nothing to me.

Bond rolls his blue eyes.

Boris: I can do it ! I can break her codes!

Alec: Then get on with it!!

Boris types, twirls the pen. Clicks it two times...looking for three times... Bond

watches...Boris drops the pen...Alec is fed up...he points the gun at Natalia.

Alec: Tell him! Now!

Boris stands up enraged. We hear the pen click three times. Bingo. Four seconds...

Boris: Give me the codes, Natalia! Give them to me!!

Bond knocks the pen from Boris, Bond and Natalia duck. The pen lands in the leaking

pink liquid. KA-BOOM!! Huge explosion. Bond and Natalia break for the elevator.

137 - Int. Elevator - Day

Bond: Can Boris break your codes?

Natalia: Possibly.

Bond: Possibly?! We have to destroy the transmitter.

Natalia: By the way, I?m fine, thank you very much.

Bond gives her a weird look...what?

138 - Int. Control deck - Day

That pink stuff was flammable. People are on fire, equipment is exploding.

139 - Ext. Elevator - Day

The elevator stops at a tower near the antenna. A guard watches the doors

open...revealing Natalia laying on the floor, her back to us. Where?s Bond? The guard

approaches her and...Bond drops down from the ceiling of the elevator. He slams the

guard into the metal walls. Bond hands Natalia the guard?s pistol.

Bond: Do you know how to use one of these?

Natalia slides the mag out, replaces the mag, cocks it. A real pro, folks!

Natalia: Yes.

Bond: Good. Stand aside.

?Stand aside??! She just saved his ass! Some things never change... Bond runs across a

metal bridge leading to the antenna.

141 - Int. Control deck - Day

Whoever?s not dead is controlling the fire with extinguishers now. Alec walks up to Boris.

Alec: How long?

Boris: Two minutes...one minute!

Alec yells to some soldiers.

Alec: Go!

Boris: I?m fixing it!

A soldier steps to Alec?s side.

Alec: If he moves, kill him.

The soldier points a pistol at Boris? head.

142 - Ext. Dish - Day

Natalia spots a helicopter...

143 - Ext. Antenna - Day

Alec runs to a cable car thing leading to the antenna.

144 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris wipes the sweat from his glasses, typing in concentration.

145 - Space

The satellite begins to enter the atmosphere, turning red-hot with friction.

146 - Ext. Bridge - Day

Bond sprints up the narrow bridge, Alec is close behind him on the cable car. Alec fires an

assault rifle at 007. Bond hits the deck, fires his own automatic. Alec runs out of ammo,

so does Bond. Alec re-loads, Bond ditches the gun and runs up the bridge.

147 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris is still typing...

148 - Ext. Bridge - Day

Alec finally takes a handgun and fires at the running 007, but misses him. Alec gets off the

car and runs after Bond. He shoots again, Bond flies forward doing a mid-air somersault

down an incline and continues. Alec re-loads.

149 - Int. Engine room - Day

Bond hops down into the engine room for the transmitter.

150 - Int. Control deck - Day

?Send Command?. Boris cracked the code.

Boris: YES! I am invincible!!

He types away.

151 - Int. Engine room - Day

The gears start to move again. Alec finds Bond. They fight, evenly matched. Bond throws

006 down the stairs and shoots a pistol at him. Just misses. But he has an idea of how to

stop the antenna; the old fashioned way! Bond grabs a metal pole off the wall and shoves

it in the gear belt. He runs down the stairs after Alec.

We see the pole do its work. It?s now stuck between two gears.

152 - Int. Control deck - Day

?Antenna Malfunction?. Boris squeaks.

153 - Ext. Dish - Day

The antenna screeches to a halt. Bond notices some blood on a railing. Still fresh. He

hears a clang of metal-on-metal. Aims at the sound. Nothing. He jumps down into...

154 - Int. Another room - Day

This room looks like it houses the electricity. Bond points the gun around, looking for

Alec. Behind him Alec swings down through the door and kicks 007 in the face. They

fight again, 006 appears to be winning. Both seem to know the other one?s next move.

Both drop their guns, hand-to-hand now. Slamming each other against walls, punch, kick.

James starts to get ahead of things, and blocks Alec?s hits. He slams him into a wall, Bond

goes for a gun...Alec kicks it away, it fires at nothing. They push each other over tables,

block each other?s hits. Whoa, both really know how their opponent fights. Alec gets the

chance to grab a gun. He aims it at Bond who?s clings to a ladder, panting. Both are pretty

beat up. Alec is more bloody, though.

Alec: You know, James. I was always better.

James kicks a lever just before Alec fires. The ladder he?s hanging on to drops down into

the sun, very high above the dish. Bond hangs on for dear life...groaning as the ladder

jerks to a stop.

155 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

Natalia sees Bond on the ladder in obvious trouble.

156 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Alec has run out of bullets. He takes out a radio, calls for the helicopter.

Alec: Alpha one to Gunship!

157 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

The helicopter pilot gets in the chopper.

Alec (V.O.): Alpha one to Gunship!!

158 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Bond starts to climb up the ladder, Alec starts to climb down.

159 - Int. Engine room - Day

The gears and things are catching on fire...

160 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Alec decides to slide down the ladder, definitely quicker. He hits Bond with his feet, who

slips but just grabs on to the last rung. By one arm.

161 - Ext. Rainforest - Day

The chopper takes off.

162 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Bond looks down. Whoa...WAY too far to jump. And live. No way! Alec, the epitamy of

evil, places his boot on Bond?s knuckles. And stomps on it. James has no choice but to let

go...and lands on part of the antenna. Only about six feet in diameter. Held up by wires.

He can barely pull himself up.

168 - Space

The satellite?s burning up now, in re-entry.

169 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris is frantically shaking the monitor.

Boris: SPEAK TO ME!!

170 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Alec jumps down to where Bond is and grabs him by the throat, holding him over the side.

The helicopter flies into view. Alec looks at it for a spit second...

171 - Int. Helicopter cockpit - Day

Natalia appears in the chopper and presses a gun in the pilot?s temple.

172 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Bond uses this window of opportunity. He kicks 006 off of him and flips him over the

side. At the last second he grabs Alec?s foot. Do it in style, James...

Alec: For England, James?

Bond?s icy eyes are that of a ruthless killer, now.

Bond: No. For me.

And with that he drops his ex-friend/neo-enemy. Alec hits the bottom of the disk with a

sickening THUD.

173 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, horror movie style.

174 - Space

The satellite explodes in the Earth?s atmosphere.

175 - Ext. Dish - Day

Alec moves his head a little I think he?s broken his back. Natalia forces the helicopter pilot

to fly closer to 007.

176 - Int. Engine room - Day

...on fire.

177 - Ext. Ladder - Day

Bond leaps and grabs hold of the chopper?s runners. They fly clear of the whole facility,

the antenna?s gonna blow any minute...KA-BOOM! As the whole damn thing blows up

and falls right on top of screaming Alec. Once again, Alec is silenced! Whoo-hoo...

178 - Int. Control deck - Day

Boris pokes his head out of the rubble. In pieces, but he?s still alive. He jumps up


Boris: I am invincible!!!

Spoke too soon, pal. Just as he says that the tanks explode, freezing him into place.


179 - Ext. Field - Day

The chopper lets Bond fall to the ground in a clearing. Natalia jumps out, and it flies away.

She drops on top of him. He flinches in pain. She?s worried, and stokes his black hair from

his forehead.

Natalia: James! James! Are you all right?!

Bond recovers. Flashes a grin. Likes the position she put him in...

Bond: Yes, I?m fine. Thank you.

They kiss, happy to be alive. They roll over so Bond?s on top. Natalia grins.

Natalia: Suppose someone is watching....

He continues to kiss her. They?re in the middle of nowhere, for god?s sake.

Bond: There?s no one in twenty-five miles, believe me.

They kiss again. We hear a familiar voice...

Wade (O.S.): Yo! Jimbo!!

There he goes with the ?Jimbo? again...James is really startled, he flips suddenly to his

knees as soon as he hears that Southern accent. God, it?s Wade. In camo.

Bond: Is this supposed to be your idea of...um...coming through in a clinch?!

Wade: It?s the back-up plan. Hey, I?d said I?d be here, huh? Yo! Marines!

Wade gives the USMC sign to reveal your position. About thirty-five Marines appear from

nowhere, rising from the grass. Nobody like the Marines to scare the crap outta ya!

Helicopters land around. What?s that...Bond?s blushing a little!

Wade: Maybe you two would like to finish de-briefing each other at Guantanamo?

Bond looks at Natalia.

Bond: You ready?

Natalia: I?m not going on that helicopter with you...

Bond flashes her a quizzical look.

Bond: Hmmm?

Natalia: No plane! No plane! (???)

He picks her up. She?s still giggling. He gives us that grin again.

Bond: Darling, what could possibly go wrong, eh?

The helicopters load up and fly out. That?s our story, folks! But don?t be too sad, cause...

James Bond Will Return!!

Oh, yeah! Fade up on the credits!


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