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Say, You Played This Game Before? Just Once.

By Amelia Rose
March 15, 2016

If you are new to any online casino game (either on or offline), it is imperative that you take the time to learn and understand it in great detail before playing competitively. This will optimise your chances of winning, lowering the so-called house edge and making your odds of success marginally more favourable.

This is applies to all casino pastimes, regardless of their prevailing levels of skill and chance. It is not only poker that requires a strategic mind and acute numeracy skills, for example, as even less complex games such as craps and roulette also offer players the opportunity to influence their success.

Diamonds Are Forever Casino Scene

Craps provides a particularly interesting case in point, especially given its largely unheralded status in the UK. While online craps guides for beginners offer a wonderful foundation on which to build, as do bingo games for an example, it is important to consider such information in the context of a live and competitive game. By studying strategy and watching other players in action, you can turn theoretical advice into actionable steps that enable you to succeed over time.

One of the best examples of how to play Craps comes from the 1971 Bond-hit Diamonds are Forever, which saw Sean Connery return to the role and bring his unique sense of ruggedness to Britain's most deadly international spy. While this film is renowned for the introduction of humour into the Bond franchise, it also featured a Craps scene where our hero showcased an excellent strategy for success.

The scene unfolds after Bond pursues a lead in Las Vegas, as he stops off to partake in a game of Craps in Sin City. Competing against the house and some high-rolling rivals, Bond adopts a typically aggressive style that sees him win a staggering £65,000 (while also picking up a truly stunning Bond girl, of course). Bond's unwavering and assertive style of play gave him two key advantages during the game, and this is something that Craps can learn from even if they are a little more risk-averse than Her Majesty's Secret Service prefers.

As Craps itself is a dice game, wagers are made in cash while players must bet on the potential outcomes as laid out on the table layout. Winners are determined by the total amount rolled by players, and the opportunistic nature of this game makes it almost impossible to pre-empt outcomes or determine results. An aggressive and unwavering approach helps you to play the game consistently, however, as it reflects a clearly defined appetite for risk and will help to influence your decisions in every possible scenario.

Secondary to this is the importance of psychology, which can help to assert you as a dominant players and impact on the actions of your rivals. This is something that James Bond uses to his advantage, as his aggressive and risk-hungry approach betrays high levels of confidence that can deter rival players. It can also distract less assertive players from their own strategic paths, offering you an opportunity to succeed when in direct competition with others.

So you may not be able to play like Bond, you can at least begin to understand the importance of a consistent and strong-minded approach to the game.

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