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Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Can Gamblers Look to James Bond for Roulette Tips?

By Moss Worth
January 16, 2018

Roulette players are constantly looking for new and improved ways to get the best of the spinning wheel. There are numerous strategies in existence, such as the Martingale or the Labouchere systems, and by using them players can sometimes put themselves at a slight advantage. Some have even chosen to turn to legendary spy James Bond for tips. 007 is renowned for being an adept gambler, and roulette players could look to emulate him in many ways. Taking some lessons from the man with a licence to kill could be the best way to take your casino game to the next level.

Some roulette players may have heard that there is actually a betting system named after the famous MI6 spy. The James Bond system is a flat betting method which involves placing the same bets on every spin. For this example, imagine you are playing for $20 per spin of the wheel.

With this stake, each time you would place 14 on the numbers 19 to 36, $5 on the line bet of 13- 18, and $1 on zero. This means that each spin allows you to cover around two-thirds of the entire board, giving you a good chance of making returns each time. If the ball lands between 19 and 36 you make $8 profit, if your line bet comes in you make $10 profit, and if the ball lands on zero you make $16 profit.

If the ball lands anywhere else, you lose your $20 stake. Some players may choose to use this method alongside another roulette strategy such as the Martingale system, which means they would double their stake every time they lose in order to recoup their money faster.


The James Bond System

Perhaps the reason why the above strategy is named after Bond is the fact that 007 always comes away from the tables with a win, and this system is hoping to achieve that. In fact, Bond hasn’t actually played that much roulette in films, despite frequently showing up in casinos.

There is one memorable scene in the opening sequence to Diamonds are Forever, though, in which Bond holds a bad guy over a spinning roulette wheel as he interrogates him as to the whereabouts of the supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Bond has also played some roulette in the books by Ian Fleming. The spy likes to place a bet on the number 17 from time to time, something which is believed to be lucky among roulette players.

When Bond plays casino games he is extremely confident and sure of himself. He knows exactly what he is doing. For people wishing to take tips from the super-suave spy on how to enjoy more success at the game, this could be the most important thing to replicate. Knowing the odds and win percentages of any game you are playing is essential, and putting on the same bet every time is the key to giving yourself a better chance of winning.

And who knows, you may even end up impressing some of the ladies around the table, just as Bond usually manages to do.  


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