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Sean Connery eats

Not Many Of Us Can Be Bond. But We Can Eat Like Him!

By John W. Pepper
February 14, 2018

Ah, James Bond. 007. Simply "Bond", as we all know and love him. Arguably, no man even comes close to being as iconic, so many simply don't try. However, whether you're a man or a woman, fearless or afraid, that doesn't mean you can't aspire to be like him in other ways - such as the way he eats.

The only Bond characteristic you need is a keen interest in the same cuisine. After all, we love him so much, why wouldn't we want to explore more of what he's all about?


Food Frenzy

A vast array of restaurants feature in the Bond franchise, but there are some clear common patterns that emerge. Let's look at the dishes, shall we? 

A lot of these movies were created in a time where it was thought to be "manly" to eat meat, but it's pretty tasty no matter your gender. For example, Bond is very much a "steak man", favouring this absolute classic.


Of course, many of the meals enjoyed by Bond you'll want to enjoy at home. Sure, it's nice to go out to recreate your favourite movies and visit the actual sets, but if you just want to create the vibe, it's easy enough to rustle up a steak!

Alternatively, takeaway options have expanded in recent years thanks to innovations such as Deliveroo. Steak and other, similar American cuisine can be delivered freshly to your door, but steak isn't all. In The Octopussy Collection, we see Bond enjoying beef Wellington and smoked salmon in a restaurant in Berlin. He's no vegetarian, that's for sure!

Restaurants fit for a Royal (or, you know, Bond)

It just so happens that some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry have had their cameos in the Bond films. They are up there with the UK and Ireland's top dining establishments, along with some other locations across Europe. There's even an Eat Like 007 Guide out there, featuring many of these places. They may not have been frequented by royals, but they've been checked out by Britain's next biggest thing: Bond. Check out the handy list if you fancy going on your travels and eating like a spy.

In the UK, the likes of The Dorchester Hotel, The Ivy, and Scott's Of Mayfair all provide an insight into just how extravagant Bond's lifestyle could be. The Ivy itself is over 100 years old and is the epitome of fine British dining. If you're trying to complete a Bond-inspired trip, Harrod's Food Hall and the Angus Steakhouse chains also provide a somewhat more affordable touch of class (albeit only slightly).

Of course, if you've followed Bond for a while, you'll know that drinking is equally his forte. If you want to wine and dine and then wine some more, be sure to check out some of his favorite bars. You can even make your own Martini, his signature cocktail!


Can you keep up with Bond's palette and tastes? Well, there's only one way to find out...

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