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The Battle of the Agents: Who would win in a straight fight between James Bond and Hitman

By Charlie Lucy
March 1, 2016

Hypothetical situations are always fun to envisage, primarily because there are absolutely no consequences for those who commit to a specific thought or opinion.

This becomes even more fun when these so-called circumstances feature fictional characters, as you can immerse yourself in a fantasy world and let your imaginations run wild!

In this spirit, let’s create a hypothetical scenario of our own.

Imagine that famous agents James Bond and Hitman (Agent 47) have been instructed to destroy one another without prior knowledge of their target. They are given a code name and the agency that their target works for, and each has been informed of the general threat facing them.

With unlimited preparation time and with the confrontation set to take place in the UK, which of these lethal warriors would defeat the other?


Hitman Agent 47

Who would win in a Battle of the Agents?

You may be tempted to back Agent 47, especially with a moniker like Hitman. Go ahead and play Hitman video slot at Royal Vegas, and you will see a lethal assassin with a deadly arsenal of weapons who is fearless in battle.

In contrast, Bond has often been portrayed as an older, more light-hearted character who is eminently human when stripped of his gadgets. Before you predict a slaughter, however, let’s make an argument for Britain’s most respected secret agent.

To begin with, Bond is an experienced agent with an incredible range of knowledge and skill-sets. Daniel Craig has also revived the spirit of Sean Connery with his gritty portrayal of Bond, creating a younger, all-action character that is more Jason Bourne than a reflection of the icon’s former incarnations.

These impressive hand-to-hand combat skills are priceless, especially when you consider Bond’s ability with a silenced pistol.


Daniel Craig with a silencer

Why Bond can thrive with Home Advantage

If this does not make a compelling enough argument for you to back Bond, perhaps the presence of home advantage will. After all, this confrontation will ultimately take place in the UK, which is Bond’s turf and a nation that he has an intimate knowledge of.

Given that Bond also appears to have a secret room in pretty much every building in the UK, he has a unique opportunity to trap Agent 47 and use the location to his advantage.

As you can probably tell, we are backing Bond to prevail in what is likely to be a long and arduous battle with Agent 47.

While the latter may be younger and have a greater arsenal (once Bond has been stripped of all but his most basic gadgets, of course) the former has invaluable experience, a wide range of skills and the kind of home-field advantage that may prove priceless.

George Lazenby in London

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