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Are You a James Bond Expert?

By Admin
December 20, 2017

Are You a James Bond Expert? Find a Quantum of Solace in Our Royale Pub Quiz

Sean Connery as James Bond by johanoomen, on Flickr
"Sean Connery as James Bond" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by johanoomen

Over the last 64 years, our favourite secret agent has featured in more than 50 novels and short stories, 26 full-length movies, a couple of dozen comics and several video games. And with the last Bond movie, Spectre, grossing more than $900m at the box office (the second highest ever behind Skyfall), the franchise looks set to continue on the big screen for many more years.

During that time, he has travelled the globe, faced many enemies, encountered numerous beautiful women, and utilised a host of gadgets and vehicles. But how well do you know James Bond? To find out, we have devised a James Bond-themed pub quiz. The quiz covers many aspects of the Bond franchise and should provide a stern test for even the highest-ranking aficionados.

So let’s get started with our 007 quiz:

  1. What is the name of the fictional French Town where the Casino Royale is located in Ian Fleming’s first Bond Novel?
  2. Which actor played Bond in the 1967 spoof adaptation of Casino Royale?
  3. In which movie does 007 get behind the wheel of an AMC Hornet motor vehicle?
  4. What was Bond’s vehicle of choice in the novels penned by author John Gardner?
  5. Which Bond movie has the same name as a well-known British lottery draw?
  6. Which Bond film takes its name from one of Ian Fleming's novels but features a completely different plot?
  7. Bond’s munitions expert Q first appeared in Dr No and has been ever-present in the movies ever since. But what is Q’s real rank and name?
  8. What rank did James Bond hold in the Royal Navy?
  9. What is Bond’s family motto?
  10. What was the name of the boat owned by Largo in Thunderball?

James Bond 007 10 by Themeplus, on Flickr
"James Bond 007 10" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Themeplus


  1. Royale-les-Eaux: The fictional town is located on the north coast of France.
  2. David Niven: It was Niven’s only outing as the secret agent.
  3. The Man with the Golden Gun: Bond steals the car and rives it through the showroom window
  4. Saab 900 turbo: The Classic 80s sports saloon was known as ‘Silver Beast’ and first appeared in Licence Renewed.
  5. Thunderball: The UK lotto drawn known as ‘Thunderball’ is drawn three times a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and offers a top prize of £500,000 to everyone who wins the jackpot.
  6. The Spy Who Loved Me: Ian Fleming loved the title but it was not his favourite book. As a result, a completely original screenplay was written for the movie.
  7. Major Geoffrey Boothroyd: He was named after one of Ian Fleming’s real life weapons advisors.
  8. Commander: After faking his own death in You Only Live Twice, Commander Bond was buried at sea according to Navy tradition.
  9. The World is Not Enough: The motto features on the Bond family crest and also gave rise to the movie of the same name starring Pierce Brosnan.
  10. Disco Volante: Which means ‘flying saucer’ in Italian.

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