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Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

What are the Best Bond Casino Scenes Ever?

By Moss Worth
January 15, 2018

We all know that James Bond enjoys a gamble, and featuring a casino has become a continued facet in the films across the Eon Productions franchise. The casino is always depicted in such a way that fits with 007's stylish and slick persona, and the gambling houses that have featured in the films have been lavish and extravagant.

While other movies like Martin Scorsese's Casino in 1995 have served to give viewers a taste of the bustling nature of a Las Vegas gambling den, it could be argued that the Bond films have portrayed casinos in the most glamorous way. Here we take a look at some of the most notable casino scenes featuring everyone's favourite spy over the years.


Diamonds Are Forever

Guy Hamilton’s 1971 picture, Diamonds are Forever perhaps represents the casino in a way that most viewers would recognise, as Bond finds himself rubbing shoulders with a fairly average demographic of clientele around a busy Las Vegas craps table. The spy, played by Sean Connery in his final performance for Eon, is clearly a class above the rest in his sleek white tuxedo.

Bond displays his gambling prowess in the scene, and in the process manages to woo Plenty O’Toole, played by Lana Wood. Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop for gambling scenes in films, as nearly everyone knows its reputation for being one of the most popular gambling hubs in the world. The famous name is often used by online casino sites as well, to provide players with familiarity. This Vegas Palms casino review notes how the site also attracts players with free spins and deposit match promotions.


Casino Royale

When you think of casino scenes in Bond films, Martin Campbell’s 2006 offering Casino Royale has to be one of the first that springs to mind, seeing as most of the film is set in a casino. Bond, played by Daniel Craig in his debut role as the spy, enters a high-stakes poker tournament in the swanky Casino Royale in Montenegro.

This is one of the most exclusive and grandiose casinos used in the series, which is fitting because the players were competing for $115 million. Most of the film was in fact shot in the Czech Republic, however. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was when 007 managed to win the final hand with a straight flush.




Goldeneye is often considered as one of the best Bond films ever, and Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as the smooth-talking spy in 1995 brought the series back into the mainstream. The film, which marked Campbell’s debut turn as a Bond director, was the first to feature a casino scene for a while. For this reason, the filmmakers chose one of the most elaborate casinos in the world to shoot in.

It was the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco, and is one of the most stunning gambling houses in the world. In the film, Bond has a memorable showdown with Xenia Onatopp, played by Famke Janssen.

Other notable mentions should go to Dr No, in which Bond first used his classic introductory line, and Thunderball, where Bond goes head-to-head with Emilio Largo in a fierce battle of wits.

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