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James Bond Theme Song Parodies

What do you get when you give a video camera to a trio of guys who love of James Bond and have a talent for making people laugh? The answer, of course, is oo17 Productions' pair of hilarious Bond theme song spoofs. oo17 Productions Logo

When David was 8 years old, he began learning html. Later on he got Tim into helping him in html. Then David got into advanced html and CSS as well as Tim. Then we started learning Flash Animation Programs. Then began to play around with the camera and try doing special effects with it. Then one day, they both decided to make a james bond spin-off. David realized he was too overweight to be a good james bond. Tim suggested he would be James Bond instead. David said to Tim, "no your too fat." So we thought it would be funny or hilarious to have a fat James Bond. Thus oo17 Productions was born. Later on Tim met Ryan. Ryan was also interested in video making so he wanted to come over and make a video(How to Save a Life.) Since then, Tim and Ryan were and always be oo17 Productions.


The Man With the Golden Gun

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