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The James Bond Movies

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Released: December 18, 1969

  George Lazenby as James Bond
  Dianna Rigg as Tracy de Vicenzo
  Telly Savalas as Blofeld
  Gabriele Ferzetti as Draco

Directed by: Peter Hunt

Running Time: 140 minutes

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ultimate Edition DVD

  • The voice of Draco was dubbed by David de Keyser.

  • It was said that Diana Rigg so disliked George Lazenby that she ate garlic before their love scenes. However, this rumor has been vehemently denied by both parties.

  • George Lazenby was the only actor to ever break the "fourth wall" of Bond movies and say he wasn't the same guy with his opening line, "this never happened to the other fella."

  • Early drafts of the script had a subplot of Lazenby getting plastic surgery to explain the change in appearance.

  • Telly Savalas, suffering from a fear of flying, had a "no-flying" provision worked into his contract. Regardless, he still had to take the gondola up 10,000 feet to film some scenes in Switzerland.

  • The actors who were originally supposed to play Bond and Tracy were Sean Connery and Briggite Bardot. They would later star together in Shalako.

  • The scene where Bond breaks into Gumbold's office was missing in early video tape versions of the film.

  • George Lazenby was not allowed to do any of the actual skiing seen in the film due to insurance liabilities.

  • Lazenby was originally offered a seven picture contract but refused.

  • During a screen test, Lazenby broke the nose of the man he was fighting with.

  • When Bond is in the office of Sir Hillary Bray, he is informed that the translation of his family motto is The World Is Not Enough.

  • While playing Sir Hilary (as he does in most the film), George Lazenby is dubbed by the actor who plays the real Sir Hilary earlier in the film.

  • During the ski chase, one of the stunt men was killed.

  • The producers tried to stay as true to the original novel as possible, explaining why Blofled didn't recognize Bond. The literary SPECTRE trilogy was Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and finally You Only Live Twice.

  • Tracy 's murder was supposed to be the opening scene of Diamonds Are Forever.

  • Timothy Dalton was offered the part of Bond, but turned it down because he felt he was to young to realistically play the part.

  • George Lazenby turned down the seven movie contract because he was told that Bond was a "Woodstock Character."

  • Ilse Steppat, who played Irma Bunt, died on December 22, 1969, only four days after the film's release.

  • In the first American TV showing of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, ABC added a tacky narration, and cut up all the scenes and put them in their own order, and practically destroyed the story

  • While being led into Draco's office for their first meeting, Bond passes a janitor who is whistling the theme to Goldfinger.

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